Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 - Obscene Person

Therefore, she had to minimize the amount of time the man spent with her son.

"Oh!" "Alright then!" Tang Yixi turned his head to look at his father, who was beside him, but still waved his hand happily. "Daddy, then we'll meet again next time!"

"Alright, I believe we will meet again soon." Xing Liehan was not in a hurry, because he spent a lot of time with his son.

"Goodbye, Daddy." The little guy waved his hand, and Xing Liehan stood in place without moving. The golden light of the setting sun shone on his body, and the man in a dark shirt was as handsome as a god, it was astonishing.

Tang Siyu brought the little fellow into the car and let him sit in the safe seat, she drove directly past Xing Liehan.

Xing Liehan saw the little guy waving at him through the window, and his gaze also inadvertently swept past the woman who was driving.

Xing Liehan heaved a sigh of relief, and stepped into his car.

Tang Siyu drove while carefully looking at the cars behind her. She had to be on guard against Xing Liehan's subordinates following them.

The little guy wanted to eat the De Chicken, so Tang Siyu took him to eat it. After eating, she returned to her new home to watch some cartoons and Tang Siyu started to familiarize herself with the tracks. She planned to go to her new home to practice after sending her son to school on Monday.

A little later, Su Xi walked in tiredly. With her makeup on, her pure face had become quite a bit sexier.

Su Xi did not like the feeling of makeup, so she immediately went into the bathroom to take a bath. Her pure and clean face made her look even more beautiful.

"Did you have fun with Xiao Xi today?" Su Xi took a bottle of milk from the fridge and handed it over to Tang Siyu who was looking at the list on the sofa.

Tang Siyu took it and drank it, then sighed and said, "Don't mention it, Xiao Xi and I had a good time, but there's someone who is bad to the eye."

"An eyesore? "Who is it!?" Su Xi looked at her curiously.

"That bastard." Tang Siyu unceremoniously gave Xing Liehan this title.

Su Xi immediately opened her eyes wide, "Xing Liehan also went? "Did you make an appointment?"

"Who arranged an appointment with him? He sent someone to follow us and then ran over here on his own. It's so annoying." Tang Siyu had a look of disdain on her face. When she thought about this man's disdainful tone and her current aloof attitude five years ago, she felt that it was because of him that she detested him.

Su Xi then burst out laughing, "This shows that you have some sort of destiny!"

Who wants to be fated with him! It would be best if he disappeared beside Xiao Xi and I. I m just happy! " Tang Siyu was so angry that he sucked the milk pipe angrily.

Su Xi sat beside her with her legs crossed and her chestnut colored curly hair hanging down to her chest. Siyu, do you really not know how charming Xing Liehan is? "All the female celebrities in the industry that I know see him are like wolves that have starved for eight hundred years. They want to pounce on him and climb onto him."

After Tang Siyu heard this, goosebumps rose all over her body, she turned to look at her good friend, "It can't be that you are the same, right?!"

Su Xi almost spat out milk as she stared at Tang Siyu, "What are you doing!? How could I be interested in him? I don't like this kind of cold and heartless man. I like warm men! I wouldn't dare to offend a man like him even if she were to gift it to me! Furthermore, he's Xiao Xi's father now, and is also the man you used to be.