Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - Don't touch

Tang Siyu also planned to ignore the existence of this man and wholeheartedly accompany her son to play. Undoubtedly, her final goal would be to happily accompany her son through this afternoon.

No matter how much of an eyesore this man was, he was not qualified to ruin this beautiful afternoon.

Tang Siyu immediately took his son's eyeglasses, and looked at the clear picture inside, she was very interested, too. By her side, Xing Liehan watched as his son walked to the side and took a step, in front of the intelligent machine that could move a dinosaur on the screen, his little feet started running on the spot.

The dinosaur in the video also began to run. As he slowed down, so did the dinosaur.

Tang Siyu looked at her son's happy expression and her mood improved. She picked up her phone to take a picture of her son, while Xing Liehan looked at his son. From time to time, his gaze turned towards this woman.

After finishing his stroll in the Dinosaur Library, immediately after, he arrived at a forest pavilion, where there was a strange sight of the forest, the lighting had become dim, and Saturday was the peak hour of the human traffic, upon entering the pavilion, Tang Siyu held onto the little guy's hand, not allowing him to run around, it would be bad if he ran away.

Xing Liehan was also paying attention to his son, so he followed right behind Tang Siyu. In front of him suddenly rushed a fat little rascal, he and another companion were chasing and fighting each other, and bumped into a few people, causing Tang Siyu to be hit by his fat body very unceremoniously. She was forced to retreat a little, but suddenly, she felt a strong arm wrapped around her waist.

Tang Siyu immediately sensed who it was and she turned her head around a little angrily: "Don't touch me carelessly."

Xing Liehan's handsome face immediately became more sinister, "Who wants to touch you?"

If he didn't help her, she would fall. He didn't want her son to fall too.

The little guy Tang Yixi at the side secretly shook his little head. No wonder the Mummy didn't like him looking for his father! It turned out that Mummy and Father had quarreled the moment they met.

Sigh! He really didn't know how they could possibly have given birth to him together in the past. The little fellow didn't have enough knowledge now, so he was puzzled as well.

Following that, Tang Siyu was extremely careful not to get hit by others, she did not want to be taken advantage of by the man behind her.

The little guy was in high spirits. Although Tang Siyu was a little tired, he was also walking resolutely with the little guy, who was also feeding him water and wiping his sweat, and with Xing Liehan's vast knowledge, the little guy didn't understand. He would patiently tell him and explain everything to him, and at this moment, Tang Siyu stood at the side.

Finally, he finished swimming. Tang Siyu looked at the time, it was five thirty, and the time to close up.

Walking to the car park, Tang Siyu said to the little fellow, "Xiao Xi, it's time for us to go back."

"Mummy, can we have a meal together with Father? Daddy just said that he wanted to invite me to dinner. " Tang Yixi wanted to bring his father's Mummy to eat together with him.

How could Tang Siyu have the heart to accompany this man to eat at this moment? Even if her son begged her, she would not be willing.

"No, you still have to go back to sleep early tonight. will take you to eat something." Tang Siyu didn't want his son to get too close with this man. What if his son transferred his feelings for her to this man, and when his son could make a decision in the future, he would choose to live with him?