Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 - Compromise

Tang Siyu really knew what it meant to be shameless. Inexplicably, the anger in her heart flared up again, but when she wanted to say something, she fell into a rage, and could only snort, "Give my son back to me."

"Follow me." He spoke coldly, his tall figure leading the way out of the lounge.

Behind him, Tang Siyu suppressed her emotions. Now she only wanted to see her son.

She clenched her fists tightly, and angrily glared at the man's back as she followed behind him to a luxurious reception room. Xing Liehan lightly pushed open the door, and Tang Siyu impatiently rushed in first from his side.

She saw her precious son standing in the spacious hall, holding onto a small sports car and waving it around as he ran around the room.

Hearing activity at the door, he turned his head to look, and immediately saw Tang Siyu. He ran over excitedly with the controls held in her arms, "Mummy, you're here."

Tang Siyu immediately hugged his son, and her heart, which had been hanging in the air all this time, calmed down. She lowered his head, and gently caressed his little head, and in the next second, the little guy raised his head from her embrace, and looked at the man who walked in from the side.

At this moment, Tang Siyu's usually cold face was overflowing with a strong sense of fatherly love. When she raised her head and saw his smile, she immediately grabbed hold of her son, "Xiao Xi, it's time for us to return."

"Mummy, are you coming home with us?" The little guy looked up at his father, looking forward to his return with him.

Although Tang Siyu really wanted to tell her son that she shouldn't recognise him as her father, she couldn't bear to give her son's little heart the dark color, so she forced out a smile. "He's very busy.

Xing Liehan said towards the little fellow, "Xiao Xi, go back first, Daddy will look for you soon."

"Daddy, you have to come find me!" Tang Yixi smiled at him in anticipation.

"Definitely." Xing Liehan promised his son. He picked up the small sportscar on the ground and passed it to the little guy, "Take this home to play."

"Yes, thank you, Daddy." The little guy happily hugged the small sports car. Without even looking at this man, Tang Siyu went out while holding his son's hand.

Xing Liehan walked out after him. The little fellow turned its head and waved goodbye to him a few times, while Tang Siyu's slim figure walked out with obvious signs of running away.

When the elevator door closed, a hint of disappointment immediately appeared in Xing Liehan's eyes. He did not expect his reunion with his son to end so quickly.

Xing Liehan's sword-like eyebrows could not help but tighten. Five years ago, he actually messed with the wrong person, and this kind of unexpected thing happened.

However, what happened five years ago had happened no matter how upset he was. Now, what he was concerned about was how to obtain the son's love and trust, and how to prepare for the future struggle for his right to take care of him.

"Director Xing, you allowed the young master to leave just like that?" Han Yang asked with some surprise.

"Otherwise?" Xing Liehan was very clear now that it was impossible to steal his son's son. His son's intelligence and thoughts had formed, snatching it away using such a barbaric method, not only would he not be able to get his son's favor, it would even harm the fragile feelings that had just arisen within them.

Right now, he wasn't in a hurry to snatch it away. His most important goal was to find an opportunity to have a father-son relationship with his son. That way, his son might grow older and choose to live with him.

Tang Siyu brought her son along on the taxi back to Su Xi's home. Along the way, Tang Siyu had wanted to teach her son a lesson several times, telling him not to go with others, but her heart softened and she endured it.

Before he went to kindergarten, his son was fine by his side. However, when he arrived at school, he could only watch the images of his father picking up the children every single day, and couldn't let go of the little guy even after a few times. His big eyes flickered with desire and envy.

A son without a father, this would make him feel inferior in school!