Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 280

Early morning, International Airport.

Tang Siyu and Xing liehan have been waiting at the exit of a specific channel. Tang Siyu can't stop looking at the time with his mobile phone, staring at the channel, looking forward to the figure of Xing family coming out.

Although Xing liehan is also looking forward to his parents' coming back, he is only in the bottom of his heart. He is not looking forward to Tang Siyu so much. He reaches out his hand and gently covers her side face, "don't worry, he will come out soon."

Don Siyu hurriedly took his hand seriously from his face. "Don't do that. Your family can't see it!"

Xing liehan immediately chuckled, "what's wrong?"

"It doesn't matter to you, but it doesn't affect me well, so that your family won't think I'm a girl who is easy to pick."

"Oh! So concerned about my family's influence on you? " In Xing liehan's smile, there are more warm and ambiguous.

Tang Siyu's pretty face is slightly hot. This man is not good at that. He likes to make some warm words to tease her.

Can't you be serious?

Two people are flirting and swearing, suddenly at the entrance, a small figure ran out, who is not the child of Tang Yixi?

"Xiaoxi!" Tang Siyu cried excitedly.

"Mommy! Daddy... " Young shout, little guy immediately SA Yazi run towards them, little face is all excited color.

Tang Siyu walked quickly to meet him, and directly held him in his arms, breathing the child's breath on him. She felt that the whole heart was warm and caressed his soft little hair, and she couldn't help kissing him.

"Mommy I miss you so much! " The little guy raised his head and immediately kissed Tang Siyu's face. Then, two small arms hugged her and buried a small face in her shoulder.

At the exit, Xing Yinuo, who had just chased out, saw the little guy and the big brother together. She immediately smiled at Mimi and said, "big brother, sister Siyu, you are here."

After that, Xing Yinuo immediately ran to the elder brother, like a little princess asking for credit. "Elder brother, I take good care of your son!"

Xing liehan reached out his hand and stroked her little head. "Yes, the little girl has grown up. She will not only cause trouble, but also take care of others."

"Of course." Xing Yinuo immediately proudly raised his delicate face, very proud.

Xing Yifan didn't come back. After a while, Xing Zhengting and his wife Jiang Lan also came out. Behind them were their servants and drivers pushing the gift box.

"Dad, mom! It's back. " Xing liehan shouted with a smile.

Tang Siyu also picked up his son and said, "uncle, aunt."

Jiang Lan said to her with a smile, "Hey, let's go home together!"

"Mommy, I'm not here. Is daddy nice to you? Did he bully you? " The little guy held Tang Siyu's neck and asked loudly.

Tang Siyu blushes, but a group of people beside him laughs. Xing liehan immediately slaps the little guy on the shoulder angrily, "little guy, don't talk. Be careful I hit your ass."

The little guy immediately got into Tang Siyu's arms and said, "Daddy, you dare to hit me. Be careful that mommy doesn't care about you."

Xing liehan is really afraid of people who have never been threatened by anyone. At this moment, Xing liehan, who was threatened by his son, immediately grabbed the little guy from Tang Siyu's arms and said, "OK, Daddy won't beat you. Daddy will buy you toys."

"Really?" The little guy blinked his big eyes and looked forward.

"Of course." Xing lie's smile at the bottom of his eyes, where is he still angry? He has changed it into a pet. It's just such a child. How can he give up fighting?

Sitting in the car, Tang Siyu and Xing liehan sit, with a little guy in the middle. They haven't seen each other for some time. The little guy really sticks to Tang Siyu. His short hand has been holding Tang Siyu's hand, while his sweet arm is missing her arm, while he stands up again and kisses him with Tang Siyu's face. "Mommy, I miss you so much!"

Tang Siyu holds the little guy's head and kisses him on the forehead! Mommy wants you too. "

This makes a man look a little angry and jealous. As soon as his son comes back, he has no status. Don Siyu doesn't even give him a look. In his heart, he is all his son.

"Mommy, I want to sleep with you tonight. I haven't slept with you for a long time!" Little guy and Tang Siyu have been together for the longest time, so his little heart is full of guilt, so he wants to be close to Mommy!

Tang Siyu looks at her son's fleshy little face, which is becoming more and more lovely. The innocent appearance is the best medicine to cure everything. She strokes his head, "OK."

Xing liehan looks at his son with some resentment in his eyes. He wants to occupy Tang Siyu, so how can he upgrade his relationship with her? Originally, Tang Siyu had a sense of rejection for him. Now, when the little guy comes back, his chances will be less and less.

"Xiaoxi, mommy has a good news for you."

"What good news!" The little guy immediately asked curiously.

Tang Siyu laughed. "Your Godfather and your godmother are together.""Really? That's great. In the future, my parents will get married, and they will have younger brothers and sisters to play with me. " It's amazing.

Tang Siyu chuckled. Her son's innocence and loveliness often made her laugh.

At this time, Xing Lihan took his son to his arms. He approached her and asked, "your father and mother are still in love. Maybe they haven't given birth so soon. If you want younger brothers and sisters, your mother and I can give birth to you."

The little guy immediately blinked his big black eyes, "Daddy, Mommy, when will you give birth to my brother and sister?"

Xing liehan's eyes immediately smiled and stared at Tang Siyu sitting next to him. "They asked your mommy."


"Because Daddy is willing to give birth and she is not willing to, please ask her to give birth to one for you."

Tang Siyu wants to laugh. What does this man have in mind?

"Mommy, you promise daddy to give me a little sister to play with!" Tang Yixi nestles into Tang Siyu's arms and pleads.

In the world of children, it's very simple to have a younger brother or sister.

However, in the world of opening up adults, this is not a simple, even embarrassing thing.

Tang Siyu's face was dark and warm. She stared at the man sitting next to her and warned him not to mention it again, because giving birth to a child is not something to talk about.

Xing liehan smiled innocently and enjoyed her blushing face. He retorted, "is it wrong that my son wants my sister?"

Tang Siyu had to say to his son, "Xiaoxi, Mommy doesn't want to have a baby. When you grow up, I'll think about it."