Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 279

Wenlichen quickly stepped down with the medicine box, and walked to Sushi's side. He quickly took out the hemostatic cotton ball to stop the blood for her. At the same time, he took out the gauze and wrapped it around her fingers for two times.

"If you break something, it will be broken. What do you pick it up for? Just wait for me to deal with it. " There was a smell of reproach in Wen lichen's tone.

Sushi looked at him apologetically. "I'm sorry, I was trying to help you with the dishes But I'm all thumbs. "

Wen lichen looked up at her and chuckled, "I will be satisfied if you have this intention. Next time, I will do this kind of thing."

"But I can't do nothing! It makes me look useless. " Said sushi, somewhat ironically.

Wen lichen put his hand around the tip of her nose. "Don't think about it. I won't let you live without food."

Susie blinked at once, and a feeling of being spoiled came up. She bit her lip and said, "then I'll sweep away those pieces."

"Just sit down. I'll deal with it next."

"You must be very expensive! How much is it? I'll compensate you. "

Wen lichen immediately twisted his eyebrows and gasped, "what are you doing so clearly with me? It's just a set of chopsticks. How much is it worth? "

Sushi looked at his back, she breathed, picked up her cell phone to see if there was such a plate order on the Internet. She really wanted to buy a replacement set.

She heard the sound of scraping in the kitchen. She sighed and looked down at her hands. She didn't wash the bowl and hurt herself. How stupid!

After sweeping the dishes and chopsticks, Wen lichen came out and looked at the woman who was sitting on the sofa complaining about herself. He came to her and locked her gently. "Don't blame yourself. I don't blame you or abandon you."

Susie nodded softly. "Don't worry, I won't disturb you for a long time. I'll leave in a week at most."

Wen lichen's handsome face immediately looked ugly for a few minutes, and some were unhappy. "Who said you could go after a week?"

Susie was immediately stunned. "How long do I have to live?"

"You can live as long as you want! If you can, stay with me all the time. " Wen lichen's last words, his arms on the sofa at both ends of her body, close to her, "let's cultivate our feelings."

Su Xi immediately stunned and swallowed his saliva nervously, "Pei What feelings are cultivated? "

"What do you say about feelings?" Wen lichen's deep eyes locked her in seclusion.

Sushi's mind was a little blank, and he said deliberately, "the feeling of a friend?"

Wen lichen snorted, "I won't be friends with people like you!"

"Er! Am I not qualified to be your friend? " Susie frowned gloomily.

"I will only have one feeling with you, that is the feeling of men and women." Wen lichen finished, and his body was gently pressed down.

Suzy blushed immediately, reached out and pushed him, "Hey, you're not allowed to mess around."

Wen lichen's body immediately stood up neatly, looking at the girl with red face. He was not in a hurry, nor wanted to scare her away.

"In the future, you can't enter the kitchen except I can. You can't touch anything dangerous in the future. You can only stay obediently."

"Then I have become a lazy man." Susie didn't like it.

Wen lichen chuckled, "I'll be very happy if you don't make trouble for me."

"You..." Sushton was a little angry. "I'm not so useless!"

"Your only use in my family is to make me happy. If you can be a qualified girlfriend, it's the best! I would like to do what my girlfriend has to do. "

Susie said goodbye with a good face after listening. "I won't!"

"It doesn't matter. We still have a lot of time. I can teach you." Wen lichen's last voice line is very long and warm.

This made Susie immediately pretend to be sleepy and hit a haha, "I'm so tired, I'm back to my room to rest."

With that, she hurriedly walked by his side and quickly slipped upstairs. Behind her, Wen lichen sighed softly. He didn't know why. He had a feeling that it was not easy to catch up with this woman.

Of course, he had another way to tell his identity and let her cling to him tightly, and let her, a little artist, hold his thick thigh, but he didn't want to do so.

When sushi returned to the room, her heart beat a little bit disorderly. To be honest, she was really not able to deal with the relationship between men and women. She was at a loss because of her gentle and direct manner.

At the other end of the villa.

Tang Siyu and Xing liehan have also returned to the villa. Xing liehan's mood is particularly good. His eyes are directly staring at Tang Siyu. Tang Siyu also feels his eyes are unusually hot. However, she is in a good mood today, because she can pick up her baby tomorrow.

Tang Siyu picked up a pajama to take a bath in the bathroom. She had to go to bed early today. She picked up her son in the morning tomorrow, so that she could play with him. She had to take a 4-year-old with her. The Xing family must be tired. Even if he had a good meal and slept well, they would be tired. She wanted to take her son back to her side, so that the two old people could not bear the daily tension To make time for a rest.Tang Siyu looked at the man sitting on the sofa, lazily sitting in front of him. She told him, "go to bed early tonight! I have to pick up my son at eight tomorrow. "

"Good! Go to bed early. " Xing lie's eyes were smiling. Then he stood up and said to the woman who was going to enter the bathroom, "how about washing them together?"

Tang Siyu was immediately shocked and shook his head. "No!" he said

Xing lie looked at her sadly and sighed, "sooner or later you have to accept me."

Tang Siyu bit his lip, turned his back to him and said, "I know, but Give me some time. "

"Five years ago that night, did it really leave you that deep shadow?"

Tang Siyu grabs the pajama's hand and suddenly tightens it. She nods! I had nightmares that year Because I didn't know it was you In my dream, I will always become a villain with a vicious appearance... "

Xing liehan was stunned for a few seconds. Indeed, five years ago in the dark, how could his actions make people think that he is a good man? He was under the control of medicine that time. He may not remember all the rude things he did.

Maybe he thinks it's just what a man normally does, but for a girl who doesn't know, it's undoubtedly a nightmare.

"I'm sorry..." Xing liehan wants to say these three words inexplicably.

Tang Siyu didn't want him to apologize again, because she forgives him in the bottom of her heart, but she can't do it in a positive way.

"Don't apologize, I forgive you." With Tang Siyu finished, she pushed the door into the bathroom.

On the sofa behind him, Xing liehan breathed softly. If time could go back, he would not let himself become such a jerk five years ago.