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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 275

Susie immediately made a witty expression, hands spread out a very innocent expression, "because I don't like people ah!"

With that, she smiled smugly.

After hearing this, the man standing at the bottom of the stairs suddenly looked gloomy. As he came up the stairs with long legs, she was shocked by Susie, who was standing on the way. She had a feeling that the man wanted to hit her.

Like a child, she gave birth to the idea of escape. However, just as she turned around, she was directly put on the white railing by the man. Her chin was pinched with some force. Next second, the strong and domineering kiss, with a strong sense of punishment, pressed down.

One side is the railing, the other side is the man's strong chest. Sushi is trapped in the middle. She is shivering and leaning against the railing, afraid of jumping down. Her red lips are strongly sealed by the man, and she kisses very hot.

Susie's going crazy.

However, I can't help it. I can only bear the consequences of this man's anger.

Finally, a man let go of her, put his breath on her forehead and warned, "dare to cheat me again later."

Susie was breathless, too. She was afraid at the moment.

Wenlichen left her on the stairs, and he stepped down gracefully, only when he turned around, where sushi didn't see him, the sexy corner of the man's mouth raised a happy smile.

Susie's legs went downstairs and he found them soft.

I was scared. The man's momentum just now really made her tremble.

She sat on the sofa, a little upset why she wanted to tell him the answer!

There is no harm in continuing to deceive him!

Didn't he say he was going after her? Now! He can go straight! Suzy's pretty face immediately turned red, but she was not ready to fall in love at all!

Although she also played a lot of on-screen lovers, but, that is acting, probably more acting, but in reality, she is a love idiot, emotional intelligence is poor.

Therefore, love and other things often make her feel nervous, because she has cried and laughed in the play, broke up and abandoned in the heavy rain, and has been the most humble person for love. When she plays it out, she really feels the same kind of feeling that she suffered from for love. Therefore, she is afraid of love.

Because once you have it, you will worry a lot.

After a while, a bowl of spaghetti was placed in front of her, and Suzy's eyes brightened immediately, and she sat down and ate like a little slander cat.

Wen lichen stood beside him, his brows twisted. "Eat slowly, no one will rob you."

"You don't know, I'm really hungry today!"

"Are you too poor to eat?"

"Of course not. It's because I'm not in the mood to eat. My parents told me to go home for a blind date. I was so depressed that I didn't even go downstairs for lunch." Susie was eating and telling the truth.

Wen lichen heard the word "blind date", and his face was slightly taut. "Why do you want to blind date?"

"My parents are old-fashioned and traditional people. They don't like me to be an artist all the time. They also hope that I can marry someone with political background. So today, without my consent, I asked a man to come over and have a blind date with me. Of course, I didn't agree. I protested that I didn't eat." Sushi said, and began to eat again.

Wen lichen really wants to laugh at the moment, but he still bears a smile. I'm afraid that this woman is the most self free type in front of him, regardless of the image.

"Then tell your parents that you have someone you like."

"I said! Just when I left home, I told them I had someone I liked and asked them not to date me again. " Suzy said smugly, as if she thought she was smart.

"So who are you going to take your boyfriend home if your parents want you to?" Wen lichen's hands were on the table, and a handsome face looked down at her.

Susie's noodles froze for a few seconds. She looked up at him. "Can you?"

Wen lichen looked at the sauce on the corner of her mouth, put his finger to the corner of her mouth, and wiped it off. "I'm afraid I can't agree."

Susie immediately bent her eyebrows and smiled, "OK, then you can not regret, and do not flinch! I'll take you home. "

"There's nothing I'm afraid of in this world." Wen lichen gave a low smile. However, just a few hours ago, he was afraid of losing the woman.

"How about I lend you a few days? Because my family must be full of reporters downstairs. You are the safest here. "

"I won't stop if I want to live forever." Wen lichen's eyes were bright and locked her.

"No! Just a few days! " Su xihehe smiled, then finished the soup in the bowl, and drank a glass of water contentedly. "So, I can enjoy your cooking in the day when I live here!"

Wen Yan Li today's mood, also with her, together a fall, at this moment, finally calm down.

"Good!" With that, he took her plate and went to the kitchen.On the hillside of the other half of the villa, Tang Siyu received a good news that the Xing family's two old people planned to take their daughter and Xiao Xi back home the day after tomorrow. She really missed her own treasure.

Tang Siyu didn't want to give up the investigation of the cause of his father's death, but there was no way to start. The adultery between Qiu Lin and Li De was well hidden. Even if some clues were found, they would not be enough to prove the reason for their murder of Tang Xiong.

In addition to their classmate relationship, even Qiu Lin's several trips to Lide's office have more appropriate reasons.

This time, Li De's men were all involved in the treatment of his father, and Li De personally operated the knife. On the operating table, even if he missed some operations or the subtle changes in the dosage, there is no evidence for the cremation of his father's body.

Therefore, for the death of his father, Tang Siyu can only accept the fight for Tang's group, and can only take it back step by step in the future.

One thing she absolutely believed was that Qiu Lin had something to do with her father's death.

So, in this life, if she has a chance, she will not let Qiu Lin be better, she will let her pay the price.

In the evening, Tang Siyu receives Sushi's phone call. Because she hasn't touched the Internet for the past two days, she doesn't know about sushi. At the moment, listening to her, she worries.

Fortunately, sushi told her there that her affairs had been settled now, and that she would stay at wenlichen's house for a week and have time to come out together for relaxation.

Tang Siyu is really happy for sushi. Wen lichen is a good man. If sushi can be with him, he will be happy.

Now, his son's prediction has come true, and his father and mother are finally together.