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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 246

Tang Siyu cried for a long time. When she calmed down, the time had passed, and the stewardess had prepared breakfast to deliver it. Tang Siyu had no appetite at all. Xing liehan could not help persuading her, "if you don't eat something, you can't keep your strength and take care of your father after you return home."

With that, Xing liehan cuts the lower bag and delivers it to her mouth. Tang Siyu opens his mouth and eats it.

Xing liehan continues to feed her. After eating, he hands the milk in front of him to her mouth. Tang Siyu reaches for it and drinks it on his own initiative.

Indeed, she is too pessimistic. She should think in a good direction. She should keep her strength and go back to take care of her father.

In the hospital.

Qiu Lin predicted that Lao Xu might contact Tang Siyu. However, whether Tang Siyu returns to China or not will change nothing. Everything has become a foregone conclusion. However, Tang Xiong's current situation has no possibility of waking up at all.

Tang Siyu can only send him an end when he comes back.

Qiu Lin goes to Li De to confirm Tang Xiong's condition. Li De is already an expert in this field. Of course, he knows that Tang Xiong is weak now. Even if he is sent to other hospitals, he will never be able to wake up.

He just has one last breath left. I don't know if he is unwilling to swallow it all the time. Therefore, he has been hanging.

In a word, Qiu Lin was very satisfied after she got the answer. She received the news from Chen Feng again and noticed that everything had been finalized. Moreover, Chen Feng, a lawyer, did everything perfectly.

However, in the distribution of the heritage, Qiu Lin gave Tang Siyu all of Tang Xiong's properties at home and abroad. However, the inheritance right of the company was in her hands, including the diamond company she ran, which belonged to her, and Tang Yiyi only got several houses.

This is also fair. Neither daughter got the company, while Qiu Lin owned all the shares of the company. Even Tang Siyu's mother's shares that had passed on to Tang Xiong's have become her.

In order to make sure, Qiu Lin called Lao Xu at 10 o'clock. Sure enough, Lao Xu said to call Tang Siyu at that end.

"I will fight if I fight! I've been busy and didn't expect to call her. What's her reaction? " Qiu Lin pretends to be grateful.

"As soon as the eldest lady heard that the master was seriously ill, she said she would return home immediately."

"Good! Thank you for calling her. Otherwise, she will blame me. " With that, Qiu Lin hung up, but her face changed.

Tang Siyu's coming back is good, so she won't blame her at that time. Now, when she comes back, she just looks at Tang Xiong.

On the plane, Tang Siyu looks out of the window at the clouds that are constantly floating behind her, but still feels that the plane is flying very slowly, because her heart is too anxious.

Xing liehan sits beside her, and her whole heart falls on her. All her emotions are infecting him at the same time. The anxious color of her fundus also makes his fundus a little worried.

The stewardess brewed two cups of coffee, Xing Lihan took one and handed it to her first. "Drink a cup of coffee to refresh your mind. There are eight hours left. You have to learn to calm down. At this time, all you can do is to have a good rest and go back to take care of your father."

"Well! Can you call here? " Tang Siyu suddenly turned to him and asked.

"What's the matter?"

"I think I want to contact Murphy. I want him to see my father first! " Tang Siyu doesn't feel at ease that Qiu Lin is by his father's side. Although she doesn't have any evidence to prove that Qiu Lin has a bad heart, she has a feeling of uneasiness.

Xing liehan's eyes slightly raised. "Are you sure you want to call him?"

"Yes! I want him to go to the hospital first to see my father, otherwise, I'm upset! " At this time, Tang Siyu really hopes that someone can visit her father for her, and mufei is very suitable.

The two Mu Tang families are friends again. When he goes to see his father, Qiu Lin will not stop him. Although she knows that Suxi may be in China, Qiu Lin does not like her friends all the time. What if she does not allow her to see his father?

Just now, she had to worry about mufei once.

Xing liehan was reluctant to let her contact mufei, but at the moment, he put his personal feelings aside first, and asked the stewardess to take a satellite phone, "this phone can be used."

Tang Siyu took over and said, "thank you!"

"Don't be polite to me." Xing liehan immediately frowned and retorted.

Tang Siyu was stunned for a second, then lowered her head. She just thought a little, and then directly pulled through the number of mufei.

Xing liehan looks at the number she memorizes in her heart. His heart is tightly held by an invisible wire. Does she remember the number of mufei clearly?

Did she remember his number?

"Hello!" Murphy's voice came from that end.

"Murphy is me! My father is in hospital. Can you go and see him? I'm on the plane back home now. " Tang Siyu speaks to Mu Fei."Uncle is in hospital? When did it happen? "

"I'll be in the hospital in the afternoon! I don't know much about it. Can you go to the hospital for me first? " Tang Siyu's voice line is full of pleading color.

Then Murphy immediately said, "OK, Siyu, don't worry, I'll go to the hospital now!"

"It should be the one near my father's company. You can go!"

"I'll contact Yiyi to determine which hospital, and I'll go there immediately." There was no hesitation in Murphy's voice.

Tang Siyu is silent on the phone for a few seconds. She says softly, "mufei thank you!"

"Don't be polite to me, you know I'm willing to do anything for you!"

Murphy's voice was loud through the microphone in the quiet cabin. Xing liehan listened directly, and his face was slightly strained.

But at this time, no matter how jealous he is, he can't attack it, because he knows that Tang Siyu's concern for Tang Xiong is absolutely the most important thing.

Tang Siyu hangs up the phone. She gives a little sigh of relief. When she hands the phone to the stewardess, she turns her head and sees Xing liehan sitting on the side with an unpredictable look. She bites her lips and doesn't know what to say.

At this time, Xing liehan's big palm held her hand in a domineering way. He didn't say anything, but his nervous mood made Tang Siyu feel it.

Don Siyu blinked and said to him, "I'm just worried about my father."

"I didn't blame you!" After Xing liehan finished, he gently took her into his arms. "Everything depends on your father's illness."

Then he lowered his head and kissed her hair. "Your business is my business."