Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 234

The little guy has played several times. He looks back at mom and dad from time to time. This time, he looks more happy.

Tang Siyu's eyes are also doting on his son. Every experience of the little guy, as a parent, will be very happy.

"Daddy, Mommy, hurry up!" The little guy can't wait to play in the sea.

Tang Siyu is not a dry duck either. She has some talent in swimming. Looking at the light blue water with clear visible bottom, Tang Siyu didn't go into the water immediately. She led the little guy running after the water. Beside, Xing Yinuo also swam around in the waist water bravely.

Xing Yifan followed his eldest brother to the deeper part of the sea. The two brothers were competing. After a while, they were far away.

Tang Siyu looks at Xing liehan's swimming skill, and she secretly begets an envy. She can't swim that far. She can only play in shallow water.

Ten minutes later, Xing liehan and Xing Yifan came back. Xing Yifan went to xingyinuo and taught her how to swim.

And Xing Lihan goes to Tang Siyu and the little guy. Tang Siyu looks at the setting sun. Xing Lihan is like the king of the sea. His slender body drips with water, his hair is light, and his eyes seem more and more profound.

"Wow! Daddy is so handsome. " Little guy wow, I feel daddy is so handsome!

Tang Siyu's eyes flickered slightly, but he couldn't help but be attracted by the man who came.

Xing liehan goes to Tang Siyu and the little guy. He bends down and picks up the little guy. "Daddy takes you to swim."


"Be careful." Tang Siyu is still nervous. His son is so young.

"Then come along." Xing liehan turns his head and blinks his eyes like a teaser.

Tang Siyu's heart was slightly smothering, but she still took off her blouse and put it on the next chair. She followed Xing liehan into the water. At this moment, even the sea water became a little hot, but she didn't feel cold.

She heard the giggle of the little guy. She saw the little guy standing at the chest level, and Xing liehan was guarding his side, holding his little body and teaching him how to swim.

Tang Siyu looks at Xing liehan. She wants to take the chance to play for a while. She pulls the glasses off her forehead and puts them on. She gets under the water lightly. The water here is so clear that you can see the color of the beach below. You can also see the fish swimming. Under the water, there is another colorful world.

Unconsciously, Tang Siyu and the little guy have been playing for half an hour. At this time, Xing Yinuo and Xing Yifan come here and want to take the little guy to play Sandburg under the next reclining chair. The little guy stops playing when he hears about it. He goes to play with the little aunt and uncle.

Tang Siyu doesn't have enough fun at this time. After the little guy is led away, Xing Lihan doesn't have the right image to teach him. His eyes turn and fall on Tang Siyu.

I saw her long hair turned into a ball on the top of her head. A small face with a palm was more beautiful and pure. It was a beautiful butterfly bone. The lines on the back of her shoulder were fine and perfect. Xing liehan felt that her swimming trunks were a little hard to support.

"Do you want to go deeper?"

"I dare not!"

"I'll take you."

"But the children..." Tang Siyu is also worried about their danger on the beach.

"Nuo My parents are here. " Xing liehan looks at the direction of parking, and Xing Zhengting and Jiang LAN come for a walk.

Tang Siyu is also tired of swimming. Now she won't go into the water. She really wants to go to a deeper place to play. She says to Xing lie, "will you come with me?"

"Of course!" Xing liehan doesn't trust her to go alone.

"Good! Let's go then! I can't swim fast! You have to wait for me. " Tang Siyu says.

Xing liehan chuckles, "don't worry, I won't be too far away from you."

Tang Siyu felt full of security inexplicably. She put her hands together and drilled forward. The light figure like a mermaid went into the sea. Xing Lihan immediately followed behind.

Tang Siyu also tried hard to prove her strength. Within ten minutes, the two of them swam to about 200 meters away from the beach. The beach here was very calm without rising tide. Tang Siyu rowed on the water and stayed on the clear bottom water. She felt very happy.

"How beautiful!" Tang Siyu gave a exclamation.

Xing liehan's eyes fell on her face. In his eyes, the most beautiful scenery was her.

"Er I have some cramps in my leg. It must be that I just tried too hard... " Tang Siyu's face suddenly changed. She rowed nervously. Her feet could not tread the water. She would fall into the sea at any time.

At this time, a strong arm encircles her waist and lifts her up. Xing liehan says, "don't move your legs. Take a rest and put your arms around my neck."

Tang Siyu had to hold his neck tightly, "can you take me back?"

"Kiss me and I'll take you back."

"You..." Tang Siyu is a little annoyed. This man has conditions."Kiss or not?" Xing liehan laughed a little bit, showing his teeth as neat as ice.

Where dare Tang Siyu not kiss? She kissed him on the side of his face. Xing liehan was not satisfied immediately. "Kiss."

Tang Siyu's feet still can't stretch, so she has to stare at his sexy lips, close her eyes and kiss the past actively.

Xing liehan suddenly clasps the back of her head, and the two fall directly into the sea water. Tang Siyu's eyes are wide open with fear, but the man is not in a hurry. In the water, Tang Siyu's kiss becomes intense and warm, because she is trying to breathe oxygen, and the breath of the man makes her hug his neck and kiss him deeply as if she is about to drown.

Xing lie's eyes flashed a smile, and he immediately took her to the surface of the water. Tang Siyu kissed his lips and was breathless. When she came to the surface, she quickly released his sexy lips and made a big red face.

This man is too hateful.

"If you don't take me, I'll swim back." Tang Siyu is angry and wants to break away from him.

At this time, Xing liehan easily took her to swim back. In the sea water, Tang Siyu was hugged by him, tightly touching his body, making both of them have a current strike.

When she got to the shallow water, Tang Siyu stopped pumping her legs. Instead, she swam by herself. Behind her, Xing liehan continued to follow her protectively.

Tang Siyu just swam to the ground for a while. When her feet touched the ground, she looked back at Xing liehan and saw that he was standing in the water and didn't follow him. "What's the matter with you?"

"You go up first! I'll stay a little longer. "

"Why?" Tang Siyu asked.

Xing lie's cold eyes flashed a warm smile. "You make me react. I'm sorry to let my parents see you."

This time, Tang Siyu's face is reddened.