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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 213

A delicious candlelight dinner, coupled with the provocative eyes of the man opposite from time to time, Tang Siyu's heart beat faster. Tonight's Moonlight did not hide in the clouds, illuminating the whole city, all shrouded in a light silver light. Such a night, it seems that people do not want to sleep.

"How about going for a ride after dinner?" Xing lie asked Tang Siyu in the opposite direction.

Tang Siyu looked out of the window at the beautiful moonlight. She nodded, "OK! Where can I go for a ride? "

"I know a good place to go. It's the best place to see the moonlight." Xing liehan tasted the wine gracefully.

"How do you know? Have you ever taken another woman? " Tang Siyu looked at him, inexplicably, there is so little stuffy in his heart.

Xing lie's eyes flashed with a smile. He hooked his lips and smiled, "yes, I took a woman to see it. She likes it very much. I believe you will like that place!"

Tang Siyu suddenly lost interest in the ride for a while. She thought for a moment and said, "forget it, I won't go. I have a job tomorrow. I'm going back to recite the music score tonight. That is to say, if you take that woman, you can continue to take her!"

In the tone, a trace of acid.

Xing liehan clearly listened to him, and he suddenly chuckled, "you don't ask who that woman is, so you are jealous. Is that right?"

Tang Siyu could still laugh at him, but her face was a little ugly. "You have so many women, I don't know any of them. What can I know?"

"Jealous?" Xing liehan stared at her and continued to laugh.

"No!" Tang Siyu said, picked up the bag next to him and decided to get up. At this time, the man saw that she was really angry. He hurriedly stood up and grabbed her hand in a domineering way. "Don't be angry, that woman is not someone else, it's my sister's promise."

Tang Siyu's expression was frozen for a few seconds.

Xing liehan explained to himself, "last year, there was a dog eating moon. She told me the best place to watch it. So that night, I took a pair of younger brothers and sisters with me."

Tang Siyu's face was embarrassed, and she coughed softly. "Why did you say that just now?"

"I'm just trying to see if you're jealous." Xing lie's smile at the corner of his mouth was abhorrent.

"I'll ignore you if you make such a joke later." Tang Siyu complained that the man had made such a joke for her.

"Good! No, let's go! Anyway, if the son is not at home, it's OK to go to bed later. " Xing liehan finished, took her hand and went out.

Tang Siyu was led out by him. Her pretty face was still a little red. She knew the most about whether she was jealous just now.

Xing liehan leads her out, arrives at the parking lot, sits in his sports car, and starts the ride tonight.

At the same time, Tang Siyu also needs to relax. Tonight is the tenth five-year plan. The moon is especially bright and bright. Tang Siyu has not enjoyed such a night scene for a long time.

Xing liehan '.

However, due to the night, Xing liehan didn't find the suspicious car behind him, and his mood tonight was very relaxed. Maybe there was a woman on the car that made him yearn. He looked at the lazy and charming girl around him more often.

When the car drove out of a high-speed intersection, Tang Siyu's heart began to tighten. He turned to look at him, "how long is it going to last?"

"About twenty minutes more!" Xing liehan took her to the top of the mountain outside the city, where there was usually no one.

Tang Siyu looks at the man sitting next to him and his resolute face. His eyes are bright and introverted, and his whole body exudes a sense of stability. It seems that as long as he stays by his side, he has the courage to be bold and fearless.

If Tang Siyu is allowed to drive out of the city in the evening, she certainly dare not. But at this moment, sitting beside him, she suddenly has a sense of excitement, and her heart beats slowly.

When the car drives into a two lane forest road, there are no street lights, no vehicles, only two distant lights, and the vast unknown ahead, the mountain road around, Tang Siyu's heart is a little tighter.

"Is this the right way?" Tang Siyu asked curiously.

"You can reach the top of the mountain." Xing liehan chuckled, "don't worry, I'm here. Don't be afraid of anything."

Come to have come, Tang Siyu feel afraid is also redundant, it is better to risk with him.

Suddenly, Xing lie looks in his rearview mirror at the lights following him. His eyebrows are slightly twisted. At this time, does anyone want to go to the top of the mountain?

Tang Siyu also found out. She turned around and looked at the following cars behind her. "Who are these people?"

Xing liehan also recalled these cars behind him on the way. He thought they were just people along the same road. Unexpectedly, these cars even followed into the forest.A kind of dangerous information came to his chest. Xing lie's cold eyes flashed a cold light. Suddenly, he accelerated, and Tang Siyu around him was shocked.

"Hold on, trust me." Xing lie's deep voice sounded in the dark carriage.

Tang Siyu hurriedly grasped the car guard on the top of his head. Xing liehan drove out of the car on the unpredictable mountain road, which really scared Tang Siyu out of his mind.

Xing liehan's car power behind him is insufficient, but he can't give up. Through their acceleration, Xing liehan immediately realizes the intention of these people!

And Tang Siyu also saw it, she gasped and asked, "are those people bad people? Why are they following us? "

"It should have come at me!" After Xing liehan finished, he knew that there was no stopping place in the middle of the road. Only when he rushed to the top of the mountain all the time could he have a huge parking lot.

Tang Siyu's heart mentioned in her throat. She didn't expect that she happened to meet a gangster. What do these people want to do with Xing liehan?

"What to do? They have three cars. They must be a lot of people. " Tang Siyu worried about the question, the pupil emerged a touch of fear.

Xing liehan's sculpted and handsome face on the driver's seat was cold. It seemed darker than the night in the forest. He sneered, "don't worry, I can handle them."

"You?" Tang Siyu's fright escalated again, so she shook her head in the next second and said, "no, it's best to get rid of them. Don't touch them hard!"