Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 158

Because Tang Siyu is young, the assistant didn't pull her hair, but braided her long hair, fastened it with a simple diamond hair clasp at the back of her head, and arranged her hair tail into a beautiful arc. In terms of diamonds, the assistant also selected simple and expensive diamond necklaces, earrings and bracelets for her, because they all know the relationship between the girl and Xing liehan.

And Xing liehan is Jiang Shan's favorite nephew. His girlfriend may become her in the future.

Therefore, she became the hostess here, and was respected by these waiters.

But Tang Siyu doesn't know what these waiters think. She just wants to accompany Xing liehan to the party tonight, and then get a favor from him. It will be easier to get along with this man in the future.

At this moment, she is remembering her son! I don't know how he is at Wen's.

Little guy is sitting on the ground with him in Wen Liangyao's study now, playing video games. I don't know how excited he is!

Tang Siyu came out of the dressing room. She had some light make-up on her face and a little lipstick on her red lips, which seemed more gorgeous.

Xing liehan, like a prince, stood at the door waiting for her. When Tang Siyu came to wait, he subconsciously extended his hand.

It's like a perfect hand between a princess and a prince.


Tang Siyu glanced at him strangely, looked down at his group and walked past him. He was afraid that he stepped on it and totally ignored the man's hand.

Xing lie's face is slightly stiff, and he takes back the embarrassed clenched fist.

Fortunately, no one noticed, otherwise, Xing liehan would be embarrassed.

Tang Siyu seldom stands in this kind of evening dress, which is just barefoot, so she has been worried that she will step on the back skirt.

She doesn't have to worry at all.

The dinner party entered at half past six. Xing and Tang Siyu said to Jiang Shan in the hall. When they went out, Xing also ignored Tang Siyu's refusal. He took her hand and went out.

Tang Siyu didn't shake off because she didn't wear high-heeled shoes. With him, she seemed to have a protector.

And in the Tang house.

Tang Yiyi has never been so eager to go to a party, because in the past five years, all her thoughts have been on mufei. She is lazy to look at other men more than once, but now, she has a hatred and wants to revenge him.

Captivating Xing liehan is her best means of revenge.

Today, Tang Yiyi is wearing a white high order evening dress, which is specially airlifted back from abroad. It is of great value. With a complete set of famous brand jewelry, her own beauty and exquisite and perfect makeup, she is very confident tonight.

"Mom, it's almost six o'clock. Let's ask dad to start!" Tang went downstairs with his exquisite pearl bag.

Qiu Lin is also dressed as a lady, looking at the perfect daughter downstairs. She seems to see her daughter's bright future.

"Well, I'll hurry him up!" Qiu Lin went to her husband's study with a smile. Tang Xiong was dressed in a medium mountain suit, mature and dignified, but he showed some dignity.

"Honey, hurry up. We're going. We can't be late."

"Good! That's it. " Tang Xiong answered and picked up his mobile phone.

Tang Xiong looked at Tang Yiyi dressed in costumes and was also satisfied. He also hoped that his second daughter would step out of the emotional shadow of mufei and start a new emotional life.

Tang Yiyi goes out with her parents, and her lips are full of smiles. She thinks of Tang Siyu. She is very happy. Her father takes her into the upper class society and introduces her to his partners and friends in the business circle. Tang Siyu has no treatment!

Isn't this just a reflection of her unique identity in the Tang family?

Tang Siyu has not appeared in front of his father and friends for a long time, so everyone will think of her when they mention Miss Tang.

Tang Yiyi also thought that when she appeared in front of her as Xing liehan's girlfriend, her identity was as high as the clouds, and Tang Siyu led an ordinary life with her illegitimate son. At that time, she could step on her as she wanted.

But before that slap of hatred, she still remember!

Sooner or later she'll give her double.

Sitting in the car, Tang Yiyi asked his father, "Dad, will mufei go to the party?"

"He should be on the invitation list. I don't know whether he will go or not. What's the matter? Don't you want to see him? "

"It doesn't matter whether he's here or not. Anyway, I didn't go to the party for him." Tang Yiyi said with a thin face.

Qiu Lin comforted, "you can do well yourself. Mufei has nothing to do with you."

"Of course." Tang Yiyi picked up Xiumei and turned a white eye.

Tang Xiong also didn't say much. His children's feelings are also a headache to him. Now he has business relations with Mojia. If he gets stiff, it's not good. So, he only hopes that his children's feelings will not affect their company's interests.At this moment, Murphy is still in his office. His assistant comes to inform him, "Murphy, do you really want to send Mr. Liu to attend?"

Murphy was a little annoyed, but he turned the pen in his hand. Finally, he decided, "I'll go myself!"

"Do you need to invite your last female partner?"

"No! I'm just looking for a few clients to chat with, and I won't stay for long. " Murphy shook his head, got up, took his suit from the hanger, and walked straight out of the office door.

The banquet venue is held in a very large hotel. The guests are all domestic tycoons, business and political tycoons. In order to develop the city's business circle, the government department specially held this grand dinner.

As the city's dignitaries, they all showed up.

Xing liehan's car is caught in the car group at the moment. The road ahead is blocked. He is leisurely and calm, and doesn't show the anxious breath. He looks at the girls around him from time to time, as if he can't see enough.

Tang Siyu touched his unique eyes several times, but her heart became more and more dry. She took out her mobile phone and looked through some friends' circles and news. In a word, she tried to ignore the men around her.

Xing liehan presses to open the music channel. A love song upgrades the atmosphere at the moment in a timely manner. In the love song, the voice of a man is affectionate, expressing his thoughts on love very strongly. The voice line is lingering, which is very pleasant to listen to.

If it's normal, Tang Siyu will surely fall in love with this song, but the atmosphere at the moment, listening to this song, will only make her scalp numb.

Xing liehan wants to find something to talk about, but he is not good at active chat, especially flirting with women. In general, he doesn't need to flirt, and women automatically throw themselves into arms. He is busy refusing.