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Unassailable CEO Daddy

Chapter 123

"Xiaoxi, go to bed quickly." Tang Siyu felt that his son had to sleep.

The little guy immediately climbed to the bed with a smile. His hair had dried. Xing Lihan suddenly shut the door. Tang Siyu squinted at him. Xing Lihan knew that her memory was not very good when he saw her defensive eyes.

Just negotiated the terms in the morning, she can't remember in the evening. Is she pretending to lose memory?

"A good month, you will not regret it!" Xing liehan doesn't mind reminding her.

Tang Siyu's head thumped for a while, and then remembered that when he asked him to help lift the ban on praying for coolness in the morning, she promised to sleep with him for a month, and her pretty face immediately turned red.

The little guy immediately heard it. He asked happily, "Daddy, can you sleep here, too?"

"Yes, I can sleep with your mommy for a month. Xiaoxi, if I sleep with three people, it seems to be a bit crowded." Xing liehan hinted to his son.

"No crowding, no crowding. I can sleep a little bit. My son will sleep here. You can sleep in the middle!" Tang Siyu immediately refuted.

"Mommy, it's a bit crowded! Don't push you to the bed. I'd better go back to my own room! You sleep with Daddy. " Little guy also has some eyesight and can't disturb mom and dad to cultivate feelings.

"No, Mommy hasn't slept with you for some time. Mommy wants to sleep with you." Of course, Tang Siyu won't let her son leave. Her son is her umbrella.

"All right!" The little guy immediately lay down happily, and then snuggled into mommy's arms.

"Daddy, you can sleep next to me! There are still a lot of places! "

Xing liehan squints her eyes. Does this woman intentionally leave her son here? However, he has a month, he does not believe that she can hold her son to sleep for a month! He will send his son to his parents' house for two days tomorrow, and see what she can do!

Xing liehan lies down at the other end. Tang Siyu immediately presses the light switch beside him and turns off the light in the room, leaving the room in darkness.

On Tang Siyu's face, the little guy's hand touched it. His son used to touch her face when he was a child. Now when he sleeps with her, he will have such a habit automatically. Tang Siyu is also used to giving his son a sense of security.

The little guy suddenly thought of daddy, so he was sleeping in the middle, touching mommy's face with one hand, touching daddy's face with one hand, and he felt so happy!

Xing liehan leaned sideways. His long palm came to him. It was meant to hug his son. However, the little guy was close to Tang Siyu, and his big palm was immediately placed on the woman's slender waist.

Tang Siyu immediately warned softly, "sleep well!" At the same time, she slapped his claws away with some impoliteness in her hand.

Xing lie is cold in the dark, two twinkling eyes, obviously have a smile in them.

But neither of them did any more actions, which would affect the little guy's sleep.

In the quiet, the breathing of the two people is clear and audible. The little guy in the middle side touches Tang Siyu's face again, and he falls asleep after a while.

It's been quiet for about ten minutes.

"Asleep?" Xing liehan asked softly.

Tang Siyu snorted softly, "can you stop fighting?"

Xing liehan reaches over and grabs the little guy who was in Tang Siyu's arms. The little guy immediately turns over to Xing liehan's side.

Tang Siyu was surprised to see that the man took over his son and thought, is he going to take his son to sleep?

At present, Tang Siyu is not sleepy at all. Her head is still awake. There is a dangerous man lying on the bed. How can she sleep?

She's a big head at the thought of sleeping with him for another month.

However, the thought of doing so helped to pray for coolness, and she could only bear it.

The room is not all dark. In front of the floor window, the curtains are not pulled up. The light moonlight outside the window and the bright night scene in the distance cover the room with a light light.

So, with a little action from the man around her, Tang Siyu can feel that the picture of him sitting in the bathtub just now can't help thinking in her head. Her face is in the dark, becoming hot little by little.

The little guy slept hard enough. Xing liehan suddenly sat up. Tang Siyu watched him in the dark warily. He didn't know what he was going to do.

And just when Tang Siyu thought he was going out or to the bathroom, the man suddenly turned over and came to her side, and his strong chest pressed on her.

Tang Siyu was so scared that he just wanted to open his mouth and shout. With a big palm, he tightly covered her little mouth. The hot breath was spitting in her ear. "Don't make a noise. Do you want my son to see us overlapping?"

Overlapping two words bite very warm.

"What do you want to do?" Tang Siyu pushed his hand angrily and asked in a hoarse voice, didn't he say that he only slept and didn't do anything?

"No! Just want to... " As soon as the man's low words fell and his thin lips were in the dark, he accurately caught her small mouth and sealed it directly."Well..." Don Siyu's eyes widened. How could this man kiss her?

Hateful! She pushed him with her hand, and the man pushed her little hand over his head with both arms.

It's easy.

The man presses the back of her head and forbids her to avoid his kiss!

Forced her to accept his passionate kiss.

Xing liehan thought of her proud expression when she wiped the straw on the car today. At this moment, it's time for him to revenge. Let this woman know that he and she can share a straw. He doesn't dislike her, and she can't dislike him. That's the idea of bullying.

Tang Siyu's brain is blank, only the man's lips are fresh with a breath of mint, which almost makes her breathless.

Fortunately, this man just kisses her, without any more hateful actions. Otherwise, don Siyu really doesn't mind waking up his son.

Because she didn't want to be violated.

Xing liehan kisses for a few minutes, and his breath is low. Tang Siyu is very angry and asks, "is that enough?"

Because she also felt some inexplicable heat in her body. In addition to this, she also felt that she was not firm in her will, and even had some ideas of hoping that this man would have some actions.

However, she asked, and Xing Lihan gave a deep smile, "not yet!"

Next second, kiss on.

Tang Siyu wants to be crazy. Doesn't this man know that the consequences of going on like this are painful?

With a trace of damned gentleness, on such a early summer night, such a kiss is very uncontrollable.

Xing liehan's body is almost on fire, but he knows that this woman will not give him, and of course, he can't do anything in front of his son's face, otherwise, his image will be destroyed.