The Attack of the Wastrel

Chapter 63 - Going Home

Chapter 63 - Going Home

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From the recording, it was clear to them that Gu Lingzhi had risked her life to fight the Carmine Python and managed to seize the right opportunity to kill it.

Even though it were her memories that were projected through a crystal, the audience could feel Gu Lingzhi’s determination to kill the beast.

Upon witnessing the scene for themselves, no one dared to suspect Gu Lingzhi anymore. Fan Xiang, however, was in disbelief. She could not understand how Gu Lingzhi could have improved so much in a month and how she could be so firm and unwavering in front of such a beast.

Though Gu Lingzhi’s strength and power seemed to match that of the Carmine Python, it was difficult and rare for someone to be so firm even in the face of possible death.

In another corner of the classroom, Mu Yang smiled at Rong Zhisheng and said, “So, do you still not trust my judgement?”

Rong Zhisheng stared back blankly, “This only proves that Gu Lingzhi has willpower, it does not explain everything else.”

Mu Yang could not help but laugh, “I know you still hold a grudge towards her because she did not pick you back then, but you should not vent your anger on someone else. Furthermore, she had already made up for her wrong decisions in the past.”

Rong Zhisheng kept quiet. His feelings were too complicated to put in words, and after a long while did he quietly say, “I have never held a grudge towards her...”

Gu Lingzhi was abouT to receive her Alchemy test results after receiving her Martial Skills test results. She had scored full marks again, which attracted everyone’s attention.

When the Weapons test results were also released, it was time for the school to start expelling students.

Students who scored below an average of 60 points across all their test results would leave the school after the holidays.

The list with everyone’s final results were pasted on the wall. People who went to check the list were shocked to find out that Gu Lingzhi had scored way above the passing mark even though she had only been enrolled for two months. She scored 313 points, which was higher than most of the students who had been enrolled for an entire semester.

Amidst the commotion in the crowd, Ye Fei stepped up to put in a good word for Gu Lingzhi.

She reminded the crowd that just a month ago, over 200 students shamelessly tried to challenge Gu Lingzhi, thinking that she was a pushover, so that they could easily win and earn points. A few of these students were in fact going to be expelled because they did not have enough points.

Gu Lingzhi was unbothered by this entire commotion; her head was hurting when she thought about how she had to return home soon. She saw a few Martial Practitioners that had been specially sent by Gu Rong to send her home. Her original plan to fake an excuse so that she would not have to return home went down the drain.

“Big Mistress, let’s set out tomorrow morning. The Clan Leader has been thinking of you this whole time,” Gu Yuan, who was Gu Rong’s confidante, said.

Ever since he overheard Gu Lingzhi’s conversation with Gu Chengze in the courtyard, he had a good impression of her. He was even more pleased when he heard that she had enrolled into the Royal School.

“Will tomorrow be too rushed?” Gu Lingzhi furrowed her brows. “I still have to say goodbye to some of my friends.”

Gu Yuan smiled, “Big Mistress, you don’t have to say goodbye to them, you are going to see them again in two months when school reopens.”

“That’s not the same,” Gu Lingzhi tried to sound as sincere as she could, “When I was in school, they really took care of me, I have to say goodbye to them properly to show my sincerity.”

Gu Yuan thought about it for a while before he smiled, pleased. He did not think that the Big Mistress would be so down-to-earth, unlike the Second Mistress.

“Alright, we’ll leave after two days then.”

Although Gu Lingzhi was disappointed that she could only have delayed the trip back home by one day, it was a good thing that she had delayed going home at all.

She did not think that in these two days, she would receive a piece of shocking news from Ye Fei.

“Lingzhi, because you were able to kill the Carmine Python, there’s a rumor going around that you are keeping some sort of secret treasure that helps boost your powers and that if someone killed you, he could take it for himself,” Ye Fei continued, her voice filled with disdain. “I don’t know who spread this news, but only fools would believe this. We all saw your memories through the crystal, you didn’t use anything that would act as a source of external power. How could someone even come up with such a rumor?”

“It doesn’t matter if anyone believes it, the person who came up with the rumor has already achieved his goal,” Tianfeng Jin said.

The rumor would definitely affect Gu Lingzhi to a certain extent. For people who wished to gain fortune overnight, the rumor implied that it was a great opportunity to get rid of Gu Lingzhi as the students were busy packing up to leave the school. The gains from robbing Gu Lingzhi were better than that of any other students.

It seemed that Gu Yuan had also heard the rumor. When he was preparing to send Gu Lingzhi home, he looked as if he wanted to say something but refrained.

He decided to strengthen his forces so that he could bring her home safely. Before he left, he even hired some mercenaries to protect them. This small squad of mercenaries helped Gu Yuan feel at ease.

When they left the capital, they did not go too far before a Hoofed Beast charged towards them from the city gates.

At the speed the beast was going, they would not be able to avoid it even if they sped up. Gu Yuan and the mercenaries got into position, ready to fight the beast.

Gu Yuan pulled Gu Lingzhi behind him. Though he was slightly annoyed at this situation, he knew that Gu Lingzhi was now an important figurehead of the Gu Clan. There was no one in her generation that was as good as she is.

As the beast got nearer and nearer, a group of soldiers wearing grey armour appeared to protect them.

Was this mere coincidence that the soldiers had just been patrolling around?

Gu Yuan let out a sigh, knowing that these soldiers would never have plotted this.

Before Gu Yuan could catch his breath, the man who was leading the rest of the soldiers approached them. Sitting on an Eclipse Horse, he gave off a cold aura. “Is this Gu Lingzhi, the First Mistress of the Gu Clan?”