The Attack of the Wastrel

Chapter 62 - Suspicions

Chapter 62 - Suspicions

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Qin Xinran was holding the Yuan Replenishing Pill. Although it was like the Yiyuan Pill, a type of medicine used to replenish energy, it was much more effective. If the medicinal ingredients used to refine the Yuan Replenishing Pill were pure enough, it could even become a Black-Level Spiritual Medicine.

The pill that Qin Xinran gave to Gu Lingzhi had three overlapping fire imprints, indicating that this was a Yuan Replenishing Pill that was a Black-Level Spiritual Medicine.

Legend has it that when nine fire imprints appeared on a pill that was refined, no matter what kind of medicine, it would exceed Heaven-Level Spiritual Medicine.

Such medicine could enable one to rebuild one’s entire body, possessing miraculous uses. It was just that nine-imprint pills only existed in legend, and the highest number of fire imprints recorded in history was seven on a single pill.

“Thank you, but I’ve got my own medicine. You should keep such a valuable medicine for yourself,” Gu Lingzhi tried to reject. Even if Gu Lingzhi sold everything she owned, she might not have enough to buy a middle grade Black-Level pill. She did not want to owe Qin Xinran this favor.

“Is your medicine as good as this?” Qin Xinran retorted, pursing her lips. “Once the examination results are out, everyone will leave the school for their vacation. You don’t want to go back home all beaten up, I heard that your mother doesn’t treat you very well.”

Qin Xinran had hit Gu Lingzhi’s sore spot.

In truth, she had already been thinking about the trouble she would face when she returned to the Gu Clan, and it gave her a headache.

If Lin Yue-er and her daughter found out that she was heavily injured, who knew if they would come up with all sorts of excuses to have her eat nonsensical drugs disguised as medicine. Even though she was no longer afraid of them, she still wanted to avoid entering a direct conflict with Lin Yue-er. As she was right now, she did not have enough power to oppose Lin Yue-er directly.

“Just take it,” Qin Xinran pushed the pill into Gu Lingzhi’s hands despite her reluctance.

“Take it as I’m lending it to you. Once you can refine middle grade Black-Level pills, you can just return one to me then.”

Gu Linghzi’s mouth hung agape, unsure of what to say. Biting her lip, she thanked Qin Xinran for the pill. Her feelings for Qin Xinran became even more complicated, as she was unsure if Qin Xinran truly wanted to be friends, or was just toying with her.

After Qin Xinran finally left, Ye Fei came in. She raised an eyebrow as she saw the Yuan Replenishing Pill that Gu Lingzhi had yet to keep, and said, “I didn’t think she’d bear to give you this. I guess you won’t be needing my medicine then.”

Nonetheless, Ye Fei still threw a bottle of medicine towards Gu Lingzhi, doing the exact opposite of what she said. Inside the bottle was an array of healing medicine, and even though it could not compare with the Yuan Replenishing Pill, they were still worth quite a bit.

“Thanks,” Gu Lingzhi responded, taking a look at the medicine and keeping it without hesitation.

In the past two months, she had grown close to Ye Fei and Tianfeng Jin.

Three days later, the examination results were released.

Sitting in the Martial Skills classroom, Gu Lingzhi was rather surprised to hear that she had obtained full marks.

“Teacher, was there some kind of mistake? I don’t think I scored so high.”

After killing the Carmine Python, Gu Lingzhi had immediately gone to the infirmary, and did not continue the rest of the examination. Killing a beast one grade above her level was only worth five beasts. Adding to that the other four she killed, that was a total of nine beasts that she had killed. How could it be full marks?

Hearing Gu Lingzhi’s query, the rest of the class looked at her in amusement.

How could the school count the students’ scores wrongly? She was probably too ecstatic to think properly.

Hearing Gu Lingzhi’s question, the teacher announcing the results, Jiang San, coughed lightly, as he gave a warning look at the whole class. When those discussing the results finally quietened down, he looked at Gu Lingzhi with a satisfied smile and explained, “That day, the Carmine Python that you took down was many times above your current level. Therefore, the teaching department unanimously agreed to give you full marks. This is what you deserve.”

After hearing this, Gu Lingzhi happily handed her student medallion to Jiang San.

Receiving Gu Lingzhi’s student medallion, Jiang San was about to add in the points, but glancing at the number of points she had made him stunned.

273 points!

Gu Lingzhi had earned 273 points in just two months! That was more than what many students could earn in an entire year.

Thinking back to the challenges that had rocked the entire school in the past two months, Jiang San nodded his head in understanding.

As he pressed his palm against Gu Lingzhi’s student medallion, he circulated his spiritual energy according to a unique method. When he was done, the number of points recorded on Gu Lingzhi’s student medallion had become 303.

After Jiang San was done awarding the points to every student, he said a few encouraging words and was about to announce the end of class. At that moment, a female student suddenly stood up.

“Teacher, I have a question.”

Jiang San turned to look at the student, asking, “Yes, what is it you want to know?”

The girl who had spoken up pointed a finger at Gu Lingzhi, saying, “Teacher, I suspect that she might be cheating. The Carmine Python is a first-order peak grade beast, even the Level Eight and Nine Martial Students might have some difficulty taking it down. How is it possible for Gu Lingzhi to kill it with her own strength? If she used some other weapon to kill the Carmine Python, then isn’t it unfair to the rest of us who killed the beasts with our own strength?”

Gu Lingzhi looked at the student who had spoken up and recognized her as the one who had tried to forcefully snatch the Three-Petal Flower before, during a Student Union Mission. Her name was Fan Xiang.

The moment she stopped speaking, sounds of agreement came from the rest of the classroom. It seemed like other than Fan Xiang, there were many others who were dissatisfied with the results.

Jiang San’s raised an eyebrow, as he asked Gu Lingzhi, “When you fought the Carmine Python, did you use any other high-powered weapon?”

“I didn’t,” Gu Lingzhi replied directly. “I killed the Carmine Python completely using my own personal strength.”

“How’s that possible? One month ago, you could barely even win against me!” Fan Xiang argued, clearly not convinced.

“You said it yourself, that was a month ago. Do you think that everyone’s like yourself, who shows zero improvement after so long?” Gu Lingzhi replied mockingly. Her distaste towards Fan Xiang had already reached a peak.

“Doesn’t the school give every student a Recording Crystal? Once we check what happened when I fought the Carmine Python, everything will become clear,” Gu Lingzhi said, before turning to Jiang San to await his decision.

The Recording Crystals were all collected by the Martial Skills examinations board after the assessment. That day, when she had passed out, the Recording Crystal that was tied to her arm must have also been collected by him.

Jiang San did not tarry, and he immediately retrieved Gu Lingzhi’s Recording Crystal from his Straoge Ring. Using his spiritual energy, he stimulated the Recording Crystal to project its contents for everyone to see.

Immediately, Gu Lingzhi’s battle against the Carmine Python was displayed on the Crystal

In order to let everyone see the recording clearly, Jiang San raised it high above his head, in full view of everyone.

From the start of the recording until the end, when Gu Lingzhi collapsed into Jiang San’s arms, every single student had their attention focused on it. They had only recovered their composure when the recording ended.