My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 97 - It’s So Good To Be Rich

Chapter 97: It’s So Good To Be Rich

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Actually, what Mike said was unpersuasive.

It could be seen from the way he dressed.

However, Linda did not serve Mike because she felt that Mike could afford the houses here.

She did it because out of her dedication to her job.

As long as customers were making inquiries, she should try her best to serve them. That was her thought.

Linda only smiled softly and nodded while thanking Mike after she heard what he said.

Mike also noticed that this introverted girl did not pay much attention to what he said.

However, Mike did not pay much attention to this.

After all, what he said was the truth and it did not matter if others did not believe him. They would know the truth later on.

The taxi soon brought them to their destination.

The moment Mike got out of the car, he was satisfied with the house as he laid eyes on it.

There was a small garden in front of the house where the grass looked tidy and clean. It looked as if somebody tidied up the lawn frequently.

The white walls and blue roof made this European style house look very beautiful.

The house was huge and had three floors.

There seemed to be a small attic on the third floor.

Mike already felt satisfied from the outlook of the place.

At this moment, the salesperson, Linda, walked over beside Mike and said. “This is the house you fancied just now and the selling price is 1,000,000 USD. If you wish to purchase the house, I can help apply a discount for you. If you need any loan, I can help you obtain a suitable loan.”

Mike waved his hand when he heard this and said. “I don’t need any discount or loans. Let’s go in and take a look. If the house is suitable, I will directly pay the full amount.”

Linda was slightly stunned at this moment.

He did not need any discounts or loans.

He would pay the full amount?

Was this man such a rich person?

A hint of uncertainty and disbelief appeared in her gaze as she looked at Mike.

After all, the way this young guy dressed just screamed poor.

She was even wondering if Mike was lying to her.

However, Mike did not notice this and directly walked toward the house.

“Go in and have a look. I shall buy the house if it’s suitable. By the way, did you bring the agreement with you?”

Linda only managed to react after she heard this. She quickly took the agreement out from her bag and passed it to Mike.

She then walked to the entrance and took out the key to unlock the door.

Mike roughly went through the agreement and nodded in satisfaction.

There were not any issues with the agreement and he could sign it.

He raised his head and the door to the house had been unlocked at this moment.

Mike could immediately see the style of the interior design.

It was what he liked.

A hint of nobleness could be seen in the minimalistic design but it did not make others feel that the house was a cheap one.

Instead, a hint of costliness could be seen from the minimalistic design.

This met Mike’s requirements perfectly.

He had already decided to sign the purchase agreement now even though he had not walked into the house.

However, he still had to take a look.

Mike followed Linda and entered the house.

Linda led Mike throughout the place and introduced the layout of the house one by one.

There was a huge living room on the first floor. There was also a kitchen, maid’s room, and others.

The second floor consisted of a master bedroom, two bedrooms, a toddler’s room, and a study.

There were also two bedrooms on the third floor, accompanied by a gym and a walk-in closet.

All the facilities were prepared and Mike could directly move in.

Mike felt that spending 1,000,000 to buy this house was not a loss.

Even if there was a slight loss, Mike paid no attention to this small amount of money with his current financial power.

If he wanted to earn money, he was capable of earning a couple of times of that amount a day.

Anyways, he was capable of forging gold equipment in Second World as he pleased, and earning money was only a matter of willingness to Mike.

He nodded in satisfaction as he stretched out his hand and said. “Have you brought a pen?”

Linda was slightly stunned. She took the pen out from her bag and asked carefully. “You mean to say that…”

“I’m buying this place. I will pay by card after signing this agreement.”

“Ah?” Linda was completely stunned.

What was going on? He was buying the house just like that?

Was this young man joking?

She was stunned on the spot but Mike did not pay much attention to her. He took over the pen and wrote his name on the agreement.

He then took out his bank card and passed it to Linda. “There’s no password, just swipe the card for payment.”

Linda was stunned and was unable to react.

Mike turned around and looked at Linda’s surprised reaction before he said jokingly. “Could it be that no payments are needed to buy houses from your company?”

“No. We do need payment…” Only then did Linda discover that she had lost composure and quickly took over the bank card from Mike with a blush on her face. She then took the Pose machine out and completed the payment.

Linda was once again stunned when she saw the Pose machine indicate a successful payment.

The payment had really succeeded?

This young man actually had one million in his account?

Was... Wasn’t he poor?

A surprised expression was written all over Linda’s face but Mike was not angry in the slightest way.

It was normal for others to think that he was a poor person based on the way he was dressed.

On the contrary, it would be weird if somebody thought that Mike was rich after seeing how he was dressed.

Mike proactively took the bank card back from Linda’s hand and said with a soft smile. “I told you that I would definitely let you earn money today.”

The blush on Linda’s face deepened when she heard this.

She did not believe what Mike said previously. Who would have expected him to sign the agreement and make the payment without a hint of hesitation?

This was a truly rich man.

However, Linda was unable to guess why Mike was dressed in such a crude way.

Maybe it was a rich man pretending to be a poor man to experience life.

It was difficult to understand the temperament of a rich person.

Linda put away the agreement and bowed to Mike.

Then, she directly left.

As for Mike, he chose to stay and familiarise himself with the new house. After all, Linda had the keys and she passed them to him after he signed the agreement.

As for the things that were in the small room, Mike decided to throw all of them away.

Mike felt refreshed after he saw the new furniture and wide space.

Surely, it was good to be rich.

Mike secretly added the matter of making money into his life goals.

“Oh yes, I need to go back to school tomorrow. Let me buy some new clothes today.”

Although it was wrong to judge a person based on the way they were dressed, this was something one would do subconsciously and there was nothing one could do about it.

Even though Mike did not pay much attention to this, buying some good quality clothing could avoid many unnecessary troubles.

The meal he had previously and his experience when buying this house were very praxis examples.

Without a hint of hesitation, he immediately walked out of his new house.

After stopping a taxi by the side of the road, he went straight to his next destination.

On the other hand, in the property sales gallery.

Everybody was shocked when they saw Linda coming back with a signed agreement.

How was this possible? That poor man actually bought the house?