My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 92 - The Adventurer Legion, God Slayer Became an Official?

Chapter 92: The Adventurer Legion, God Slayer Became an Official?

“What… why???”

Mike could not comprehend the current situation.

‘Even if his enemy was strong, to the extent where they were undefeatable.

‘Wait, the strength I’ve displayed would indeed make people feel devastated…’


‘Is it really good to directly surrender in the finals?

‘Oh, that was my original plan too…then I guess it’s fine.’

After thinking about it, Mike realized that it was not that big of a deal for the other party to surrender.

Rather, it would be strange if the other party did not surrender.

He looked at Sky Splitting Sword who avoided his gaze, sighed, and said,

“Let’s meet outside the arena later.”

Hearing this, Sky Splitting Sword trembled in fear and almost instantly logged off.

After all, he still owed the other party 10,000 federation coins, so it was expected for him to feel guilty.

However, Mike narrowed his eyes and added.

“You better not think about escaping, or I’ll make it impossible for you to survive in Second World.”

Hearing this, Sky Splitting Sword revealed a despaired expression.

The importance of Second World was almost no different from the real world.

What did it mean to not be able to survive in Second World?

His life would be over.

Sky Splitting Sword believed that what Mike said was definitely not empty talk.

He really had the ability.

As an expert with such power, it was indeed not difficult to do such a thing.

In the new region, God Slayer might only be able to hunt him down or spend money to hire people to hunt him down.

However, things would be different in the big region.

For players at God Slayer’s level, there would definitely be countless large guilds vying for him to sign their contract.

At that time, God Slayer would only need to add one more requirement to the contract.

“Chase after and kill Sky Splitting Sword repeatedly.”

‘Then, I’ll be done for.’

Thinking of this, Sky Splitting Sword gave up struggling.

Thus, a strange scene appeared…

Although the entire arena was dissatisfied with the final match — after all, someone directly surrendered without putting up a fight.

However, everyone’s emotions were still running high.

After all, God Slayer winning the championship was what everyone wanted to see the most.

He deserved it!

At this moment, as the referee, the Deputy Commander of the Royal Guards, Lucious was also very excited.

He saved his own life, so of course, he was excited.

He walked to the stage and announced loudly to everyone,

“This City of Light martial arts competition has officially ended. The final champion is God Slayer!

“Next, let’s welcome the king to give a speech for the champion!”

Applause immediately broke out in the arena.

A moment later, the king stood up, and the applause gradually stopped.

With the amplification spell cast by the palace mage beside him, the king’s voice spread throughout the entire City of Light.

Countless people outside the arena could not help but stop and listen carefully.

“Everyone, I’m very happy to be able to give a speech for the champion of this tournament, Mr. God Slayer.

“His strength has completely conquered everyone. I believe that no one will have any objections to this result.

“If anyone has any objections, please come up to the stage and challenge Mr. God Slayer.”

Upon hearing this, the audience in the arena burst into laughter.

Seeing the audience’s reactions, the king was very satisfied with his humor and continued,

“Alright, since no one has any objections, I’ll continue.

“Since the ranking of this tournament has been decided, then I’ll give out the prizes for the warriors in this tournament.”

“At the same time, I also want to announce an important matter.”

At this point, the king deliberately paused for a few seconds, leaving this time for the audience to discuss.

After a few seconds, the king looked at Mike from afar and continued,

“I have decided to appoint Mr. God Slayer as the Commander of the Adventurer Legion of the City of Light!”


The entire arena was in an uproar.

In the history of the City of Light, there had never been an Adventurer Legion.

Furthermore, there had never been an example of an adventurer becoming a Legion Commander.

This decision was unusual, and it could even be considered a bold move.

That was in the eyes of NPCs, adventurers, or players had always been difficult to control.

They seemed to have their own way of doing things.

No one knew where they came from.

What was scarier was that they could not be truly killed.

Was it really appropriate for such a group of people to form a legion in the City of Light?

However, even if the NPCs were a little worried about this matter, no one would bring it up.

Unless they wanted to suffer the wrath of God Slayer.

Obviously, no one wanted to.

On the contrary, the players’ reactions were completely different from the NPCs.

The players’ reactions were much more excited.

“What, God Slayer can become a Legion Commander?!”

“Oh my god! This news is too shocking!”

“If we successfully join God Slayer’s Legion, can we get our salary from the City of Light?”

“That seems to be the case!”

Very quickly, the excitement in the arena changed.

The players shouted at the top of their lungs.

“Big Boss God Slayer, let me join your legion!”

“Big boss, I’m very strong, and I’m very obedient!”

“Big boss, I’m willing to become your death squad, let me join!”

“Big boss, I can sleep with you!”

“Big boss, I’m a 36E!!”

All sorts of shouts appeared in the arena, causing the surrounding NPCs to look at them with disgust.

As expected, adventurers were all such people.

They were too uncultured.

On the stage, Mike smiled and lifted his hands.

In an instant, the entire arena fell silent.

The silence came even faster than when it was the king.

This made the king a little unhappy.

Everyone was waiting for Mike to speak.

“Thank you for your support, but I do not plan to recruit anyone for this legion. I will discuss the details with the king before starting.”

Hearing this, the players were disappointed but were understanding.

Such a huge matter, it was natural to discuss it with the king.

When the king heard Mike’s words, he smiled with satisfaction.

It seemed that this adventurer respected him a lot.

He did not waste too much time and immediately asked the court magician to teleport him to the arena to hand out the rewards to the first and second place winners.

Sky Splitting Sword was standing beside Mike with a nervous look.

What was given to him was a skill book. As for what kind of skill it was, he did not even have the mood to look at it.

Mike, on the other hand, was lost in thought as he looked at the weapon he had just acquired.