My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 91 - Even Admitting Defeat Was a Competition?

Chapter 91: Even Admitting Defeat Was a Competition?

As the heatwave swept across the entire arena again, everyone was stunned.

What happened?

Didn’t Silver Shield clearly have the upper hand just now?

Everyone was already cheering for him.

How could there be such a huge reversal in just one second?

How was God Slayer able to launch the same powerful attack again?

How long had it been?

Five seconds?

Four seconds?

How could such a powerful attack have such a short cooldown time?

Obviously, many people were shocked by Mike’s methods.

This was no longer a question of strength.

No one could beat him.

No, let alone people.

No boss or NPC could beat him.

For new players, their impression of bosses and NPCs was very limited.

They did not know how strong a truly powerful boss or NPC was.

If they knew…

They would be even more certain that no NPC or boss could defeat Mike…

Well, at least Mike knew this very well.

Unless the opponent was a god, Mike could basically pass through Second World unhindered.

Not to mention killing a level 25 knight player.

Mike turned around and left the stage.

The next moment, he was teleported to the king’s side.

The king’s eyes were filled with fear, and the other spectators could not help but look in his direction.

No one cared about the next match.


At the church’s resurrection point.

Silver Shield walked out and looked at the chilly street. He could not help but sigh.

Sigh, God Slayer was too strong.

He simply could not understand how he did it.

It was impossible to win against such an opponent, right?

Thinking of this, Silver Shield could not help but comforted himself.

At least the third or fourth place would be rewarded with gold coins.

At least he gained some profit.

As long as he had his shield, it should not be a problem for him to snatch the third place after defeating the loser in the next round.

However, in the next moment, he suddenly realized something off.

Why did he feel as if his left hand was a little… empty?

He looked down and was stunned.

‘Where’s my shield?

‘Dying in the arena should not drop any equipment right?’

His heart almost stopped beating. He quickly opened his backpack.

Seeing his beloved shield lying quietly in his backpack, Silver Shield let out a sigh of relief.

This was his most important treasure. If it really dropped, he might as well not live anymore.

He could just jump off the building.

However, just as he was about to take out the shield and equip it on his left hand, a surprising scene appeared.

[Your level is not high enough to use this equipment.]

Silver Shield was slightly stunned.

‘Isn’t this shield’s level requirement level 25?

‘Didn’t I just use it?

‘Why can’t I use it all of a sudden?’

He subconsciously looked at his level, and then he was completely stunned.

‘How the hell did I become level 24?!

‘We can die in the arena without losing any experience, right?’

Moreover, even if he did lose experience, he should not have directly dropped to level 24.

After all, he only had about 20% of his experience bar left from leveling up. Even if he lost experience, he should still have 70% left!

He looked at his own experience bar and was even more surprised.

Level 24.

There was still 20% left to level 25.

After he saw his experience bar, Silver Shield completely collapsed.

It was not that he had lost 10% of his experience.

He had actually lost 100% of his experience!

He really went from level 25 + 80% of his experience to level 24 + 80% of his experience!

“What the hell happened!!!”

Silver Shield hugged his head with both hands, unable to accept this reality.

If he dropped back to level 24, he would not be able to equip his shield.

In other words, his greatest reliance was no longer useful.

Then, what should he do in the following battle?

Was he confident that he could defeat his opponent?

Why did he suddenly drop in level?

He thought about it for a long time but could not come to a conclusion. In the end, he took a look at the battle record and found a clue.

[You have been killed by player God Slayer. There is no loss if you die in the arena.]

[Affected by Curse Power, your level has decreased by 1 level.]

“Curse Power?”

Looking at the two system messages, Silver Shield regained his composure.

From the first message, he could see that the rules had not changed, and nothing strange had happened.

It seemed that the cause of his losses was due to this Curse Power.

As for where this Curse Power came from…

Silver Shield’s face revealed a hint of fear.

A bold guess emerged in his heart.

Could it be… God Slayer?

The more Silver Shield thought about it, the more he felt that this was precisely the case.

Other than it being related to God Slayer, he could not think of any other answer.

If it was the arena’s problem, this matter would have long spread throughout the new region.

After all, many players had just been killed in the arena.

He did not expect God Slayer to actually have Curse Power, a skill that could force people to drop in levels.

This was simply a huge piece of news!

Silver Shield immediately opened the forum and began to type out a post.

He had to let everyone know about this!

As for the following competition…

Silver Shield was already too lazy to participate.

Anyway, he would most likely not be able to get third place. Even if he directly forfeited, he could still get the fourth place reward.

The most important thing now was to post quickly.

Silver Shield, who was standing on the street, immediately got busy.


On the battle stage.

Two players were currently fighting back and forth.

One of them was a fighter whose ID was Explosive Wave Fist.

As for the other player, it was Sky Splitting Sword.

That was right, it was the player who made a bet with Mike and chose to go offline after he lost.

Although his credibility was a problem, his strength was decent.

At least he could stand out among the ordinary players.

Otherwise, he would not have received the scholarship from the school.

At this moment, the battle was coming to an end.

The two of them were very nervous.

Both of them did not want to make a mistake at such a crucial moment.

After all, this battle could be considered as the battle that decided the second place winner.

Even if one could not obtain a weapon bestowed by the king, one could at least obtain a skill book.

Compared to a skill book, the gold reward was much worse.

Therefore, they had to win!

The two of them fought fiercely and switched between offense and defense.

In the end, Sky Splitting Sword obtained the victory.

It was clearly a very exciting battle, but the audience was not very interested.

After witnessing God Slayer’s overwhelming power, it was hard for them to be interested in such an ordinary battle.

Many people were just interested to see how God Slayer could instantly kill his opponent and win the championship.

Who would care about the others?

After the battle ended, Sky Splitting Sword was teleported out of the arena.

The next second, he was teleported back again.

Opposite him was a yawning God Slayer.

He had waited too long for this stupid skill book and was on the verge of falling asleep.

Fortunately, it was the finals now.

As long as he raised his hand and surrendered, the skill book would be his.

With this thought in mind, Mike revealed a confident smile.

Just as he was about to raise his hand, he heard Sky Splitting Sword say,

“I give up!”

Mike was slightly taken aback.

‘What the f*ck?’