My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 90 - The Confident Silver Shield, Cheers in the Arena!

Chapter 90: The Confident Silver Shield, Cheers in the Arena!

Mike himself did not know about this.

Only the player who had forfeited and the player who had been killed by Mike in the previous round knew about it.

Under normal circumstances, death would only result in a loss of 10% of EXP.

Moreover, death in the arena should not lead to the loss of EXP at all.

However, he had lost EXP.

Furthermore, he decreased by one level.

Just this reason was enough to make him forfeit.

He knew that he could not win, but if he died, he would lose one level. Who would want to bear such a loss?

The player left the arena dejectedly and heaved a sigh of relief.

Mike, on the other hand, was not affected.

He felt that it was normal for anyone to forfeit.

The next moment, Mike was teleported back to the special seats to continue watching the match.

“It seems that your opponent is afraid.”

The king commented with a hint of disdain in his tone.

In his opinion, even if it was a situation where he was bound to lose, since there was no loss, he should still give it a try.

Mike, on the other hand, answered very calmly,

“I can be considered somewhat famous among the adventurers.”

The king did not speak, his gaze remained on the arena.

However, he could understand some things from this sentence.

It seemed that all the adventurers knew what he had done.

The king narrowed his eyes as if he had a plan in mind.

Meanwhile, Mike continued to eat grapes leisurely.

The second round of the competition soon ended.

It only took 20 minutes.

Only 54 people were left from the original 216 people.

It seemed that Mike’s opponent’s behavior in the second round had affected everyone.

In the next few rounds, Mike’s opponents all forfeited.

Mike himself was also willing to see this.

He did not want to waste time teleporting to and fro the stage.

Since he was going to win anyway, it would be better to win effortlessly.

Soon, there were only four contestants left.

Each match was extended to 30 minutes.

After all, including the finals, there were only three matches left.

It could be said that these three matches would be the three most valuable matches in this tournament.

The longer the time, the more strategies the participants could consider.

This could also increase the enjoyment of the spectators.

Mike was drawn to be in the first round of the competition.

After being teleported to the stage, Mike did not even take out his weapon.

After all, the opponent would most likely forfeit.

However, this time, it was not like before.

Mike’s opponent this time was a knight.

His ID was Silver Shield.

Unlike the other players, Silver Shield did not surrender.

He looked at Mike up and down, and his eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

Obviously, he wanted to fight.

Mike naturally saw it and immediately took out his weapon.

Similarly, Mike still chose the staff form.

In a place like the arena, the Staff of Meredith was definitely the best choice.

Because the small fireballs in the staff form and the wind blow could create an area of effect attack.

Looking at the range of the fireballs that Mike fired…

Not to mention this stage.

Even this arena could be completely covered.

In other words, the opponent had no room for dodging.

Mike had previously used this move.

So logically speaking, there was no reason for this knight called Silver Shield to now know of his move.

Moreover, the reason why he had not surrendered was probably because he had some kind of skill that could counter this move.

For example, invincibility or a shield that resisted spells.

In truth, that was indeed the case.

Silver Shield only dared to challenge Mike because he had a skill that resisted spells.

In his opinion, Mike only had a skill with a large area of effect and high damage.

This kind of ridiculous skill usually had a long cooldown.

After using it once, it would take a long time to cast it again.

Moreover, the shield in his hand was not an ordinary one.

It was a purple excellent quality shield.

It had a special skill.

[Magic Shield: creates a magic shield that can block the next magic attack. Lasts for 3 seconds. Cooldown time: 60 seconds.]

This was what he relied on!

As long as he had this shield, he would definitely win.

The cooldown time of God Slayer’s wide-range magic attack was definitely more than 1 minute.

No, it might even be more than 10 minutes!

As long as he activated Magic Shield the moment God Slayer cast his skill, and then take this opportunity to close the distance to fight in close combat, victory would be his!

Thinking of this, Silver Shield revealed a confident smile.

At this moment, the referee, who was the deputy commander of the Royal Guards, Lucious, saw that Silver Shield did not intend to surrender and immediately revealed an unhappy look.

‘You adventurers are not afraid of death, but please don’t harm me, okay?

‘If I’m not careful, I might very well die on the spot!

Although he was a thousand times unwilling, the king was still watching the match.

If he retreated, he might not be able to keep his position as the deputy commander.

He had no choice but to bite the bullet and act as the referee.

He immediately retreated to the edge of the arena and used the tip of his feet to step on the arena to maintain his posture. His heels were directly suspended outside the arena.

The moment he shouted “Let the match begin”, he would immediately retreat to avoid being affected by Mike’s terrifying move.

After making all the necessary preparations, the deputy commander of the Royal Guards, Lucious, took a deep breath, his body tensed up as he shouted,

“Let the match begin!”

As soon as those words left his mouth, he immediately retreated.

Sure enough, the next moment, a huge and hot wave of heat assaulted his face.

The moment he announced the start of the match, Mike instantly released a small fireball.

Looking at the raging flames on the arena, Lucious had no doubt that if he was even 0.1 seconds slower, he would probably be cooked by the flames.

At least 90% cooked.


At this moment, everyone in the arena was fully focused on the situation on the stage. They did not even dare to blink their eyes, afraid that they would miss this scene.

The flames gradually dissipated.

When everyone thought that Silver Shield should have been killed by the move.

A shocking scene appeared.

Silver Shield was unharmed!

Moreover, he was running madly toward God Slayer!

In an instant, the entire arena was boiling!

Everyone was cheering excitedly for Silver Shield.

People worshiped the strong, but they liked to see a weak person defeat the strong.

In their opinion, Silver Shield was a very weak person.

However, he was about to kill God Slayer and become a real “god slayer”.

Silver Shield looked at God Slayer who was getting closer and closer to him, and could not help but laughed wildly,

“You can’t use that attack just now, right? I’m sorry, God Slayer!”

Though in the next moment, the “god” was angered.

Mike smiled slightly, raised the Staff of Meredith in his hand, and shot out a fireball.

The heat swept through the crowd again.

The cheering stopped abruptly.