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Chapter 87 - Why Was God Slayer Able to Receive Such Treatment? Was There Such a Huge Difference Between Humans?

Chapter 87: Why Was God Slayer Able to Receive Such Treatment? Was There Such a Huge Difference Between Humans?

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When Sky Splitting Sword heard Mike’s words, his body trembled and he hurriedly waved his hand,

“No, no, no, you’ve got the wrong person.”

This scene was witnessed by the other contestants.

God Slayer seemed to know this fool.

As for why he was called a fool...

His Sky Splitting Sword ID was on his f*cking head, yet he told Mike that he got the wrong person?

Who the f*ck was he trying to fool?

What surprised them even more was that God Slayer actually put on a surprised look and said,

“Ah, so I got the wrong person. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

This made the other players look at them even more strangely.

Could they really be idiots?

The reason why Mike said so was that he found it unnecessary.

Even if Mike insisted that he was Sky Splitting Sword, what could he do?

Last time, the other party chose to go offline and renege on the bet of 10,000 federation coins.

Would he fairly give Mike the money now?

That was impossible.

Rather than that, it was better to pretend not to know him.

In any case, Sky Splitting Sword did not pose any threat to him, and he would not affect Mike from winning the championship.

Oh, no, it was to win second place.

A weapon? Even a dog would not want it.

So what if it was a weapon bestowed by the king? Could it be compared to the Sword of Meredith?

After Mike found a seat to sit down and rest, the lounge fell into a strange silence.

Sky Splitting Sword lowered his head, afraid to make any noise.

Mike was simply resting with his eyes closed.

The others kept darting their eyes back and forth between the two people, wanting to know what had happened between them.

Anyone could tell that it was not a good thing.

Such an atmosphere made the contestants who later entered the waiting room not dare to speak.

The quiet and strange atmosphere continued until ten minutes later.

When all 216 participants had been gathered, the others could no longer register anymore.

Of course, this did not mean that anyone could register.

There were certain requirements to register.

For example, the player’s level had to be above level 20.

If a player below this level wanted to register, the NPC would only say one thing,

“Sorry, you’re not strong enough. Please train a little more.”

Although Mike had reached level 32, there were still very few players who had reached level 20.

Otherwise, it would not have taken so long for the registration process to be completed.

It would only take a short while for 216 players to be gathered.

Then, an NPC appeared in the lounge.

Everyone’s gaze finally shifted away from Mike and turned to the NPC.

[Commander of the Royal Guards, David.]

This title was self-explanatory, not to mention that he was wearing a very handsome set of armor. It was obvious that he was not an ordinary person.

Obviously, this NPC must have a very high status among the human race, at least in the eyes of the players.

This was because it was useless for the players to get in touch with the NPC officials. Those people would not be able to give them many benefits.

However, if the players could build a good relationship with this commander of the Royal Guards and increase their friendliness, they might be able to join the Royal Guards.

When that time came, the player’s status would be different.

Many things could be done easily, and there might even be discounts when purchasing things in shops.

Whoever offended the player would be offending all of the royal guards.

In other words, they would have a backer in the future.

Many people started to get restless, wanting to build a good relationship with David.

However, David did not care about them. He only said coldly,

“Next, the 216 of you will take turns to enter the arena to compete. During the competition, you can spectate in the lounge.

“Each round, the winner will advance and the loser will lose their qualification on the spot.

“You only have one chance, I hope you can make good use of it.”

When the players heard this, they became nervous.

To reach the finals and win the championship...

Oh no, it was the runner-up.

No one had the chance to win the championship here.

If one wanted to reach the finals and win second place, one could not make a single mistake.

If they made a single mistake, they might be eliminated.

They could not be careless at all!

Just as the players were feeling nervous, the commander of the Royal Guards, David, did not leave immediately. Instead, he walked toward Mike.

This scene made the players confused.

What was this NPC doing?

Mike was also confused.

However, this doubt did not last for long.

When the commander of the Royal Guards, David, came in front of Mike, he immediately bowed and said,

“Respected Lord God Slayer, the king invites you to watch the battle with him. You do not have to stay in the same room with these vulgar adventurers.”

Hearing these words, the other players were stunned.

‘What do you mean by vulgar adventurer?

‘Is this game still playable?

‘Are all the NPCs this arrogant?’

Of course, the NPCs were arrogant.

Although the players were unhappy, none of them dared to stand out and say anything.

One could imagine the consequences if someone were to step out at this time.

That person would be stabbed by the commander of the Royal Guards, David, and would be sent to the resurrection point and be stripped of his right to compete.

No one could afford to offend him.

NPCs were all unreasonable hooligans.

When Mike heard this arrangement, he could not help but smile and said,

“But I still need to participate in the competition.”

The commander of the Royal Guards, David, bowed politely and said,

“Don’t worry about this. During the competition, someone will send you to the competition stage.”

Hearing this answer, Mike nodded in satisfaction.

As long as it did not affect his competition.

It would be good to watch with the king. He might even be able to receive a hidden mission or something.

“Alright, lead the way then.”

Following this, Mike followed David out of the lounge.

The other 214 players looked at him with envy.

As for the other player, it was naturally Sky Splitting Sword.

Not having to face God Slayer made him heave a sigh of relief.


The commander of the Royal Guards, David, brought Mike out of the lounge and appeared beside the king.

David bowed and left, leaving the king and Mike in the VIP seats.

This was the best seat in the arena, and it was specially reserved for the big shots to watch the competition.

There were no players or NPC spectators within a five meters range.

The others could only sit in the normal seats that were five meters away.

Soon, the players who could only watch from the audience seats discovered Mike’s figure.

Everyone was stunned.

“What’s going on? Why is God Slayer allowed to watch from there? Is there such a huge difference between us humans?”