My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 86 - Successfully Registered for the Tournament, a Familiar Face, Sky Splitting Sword

Chapter 86: Successfully Registered for the Tournament, a Familiar Face, Sky Splitting Sword

Mike, who had Swift Steps, quickly arrived at Hero City.

The main difference between Victory City, Hero City, and the City of Light was that…

The City of Light was crowded with people.

There were f*cking players everywhere!

Many players had already reached level 20, but they were not in a hurry to go to Hero City because they wanted to find reliable teammates in the City of Light.

With teammates, it would be convenient for them to complete missions in Hero City.

This was already considered a tradition of Second World.

The reason for this tradition was actually very simple. It was because of the priest players.

With the priest players’ abilities, they were not strong enough to go to the parts of Second World where there were monsters everywhere.

If they did not have any teammates, it would be difficult for them to travel from the city of Light to Hero City.

Moreover, a priest was an essential member of a team.

Hence, everyone was accustomed to departing together after they had found teammates in the City of Light.


After arriving at the City of Light, Mike glanced at the notice board.

The notice board in Victory City only said that the tournament would be held in the City of Light.

However, the details on the notice board of the City of Light were even clearer.

The registration for the tournament was at the arena.

Mike did not waste any time and immediately headed to the arena.

After all, the tournament was very likely to have a limit on the number of participants. If he was late, there might not be any spots.

After arriving at the arena, Mike’s heart skipped a beat.

If the streets of the City of Light were filled with people…

Then the arena was completely packed with people.

Almost every gap available was filled in by a player.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Mike had the urge to take out his weapon and chop them all to death.

However, he held it in.

He had just paid a large sum of gold coins to eliminate the bounty. He did not want to go around robbing people again.

How should he put it?

Originally, Mike thought that robbing money was an enjoyable thing, but when these guys took the initiative to be robbed by him, the pleasure plummeted.

This feeling was as if you were walking down the stairs and there was a beautiful woman in a short skirt before you.

Her skirt fluttered, and the underwear underneath was faintly discernible.

However, if she turned around and directly lifted up her skirt for you to see…


Wait, it seemed more existing…

Forget it, that was not the point.

Mike sighed and looked up.

He did not know if he could still register with so many people in front of him.

However, just as Mike was extremely worried, there was a commotion in front of him.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I register? F*ck!”

“Why is this NPC in charge of registration ignoring me?!”

“Me too, what happened???”

Hearing this commotion, Mike was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted.

His Human Affinity skill had worked.

Because his friendliness with the human NPCs was all respect.

So as long as he was nearby, those NPCs would give priority to his needs.

Unless the other players’ friendliness had also reached respect.

Although that was obviously impossible. It had only been three days since the regiion opened.

Speaking of three days…

It seemed that Mike had to go to school tomorrow to hand in his grades.

He did not know what kind of evaluation he would receive in this situation.

Mike thought as he squeezed forward.

Many people glared at Mike after he pushed them away. However, when they realized that the person who pushed them away was God Slayer, they did not dare to say anything.

However, some stubborn people spoke up,

“Even if you are the number one expert in the new region, God Slayer, you still can’t cut the queue. Please queue at the back.”

These people had obviously not tasted the cruel society and were still trapped in the ways of a school.

However, Mike did not need to explain too much because others would help him explain.

“This student, you still don’t know, right? As long as God Slayer is nearby, no one else can take over. NPCs will only talk to God Slayer first.”

Hearing this, the player was slightly surprised and could not help but ask,


The player who explained shrugged,

“How would I know? There must be something special about God Slayer. You can ask him yourself. Of course, he won’t tell you.”

At this point, the player stopped talking.

In Second World, no one would reveal their special trump card.

This would always be their secret weapon.

Players could be collaborators, but they could also become competitors in the next moment.

For example, in the current tournament, they were competitors.

Whoever exposed their trump card to their competitors would be the dumbest person in the world.

Gradually, many people noticed God Slayer nearby and stepped aside.

Although it was already crowded here, they could still squeeze a little more. As long as they let God Slayer talk to the NPC, they could continue lining up.

This was good for everyone.

If someone refused to make way, they would probably be scolded by other players.

This was human nature.

Soon, Mike smoothly arrived in front of the NPC.

The civil official NPC in charge of registration looked at Mike with a fawning expression and said,

“Hello, Lord God Slayer. Are you also here to participate in the tournament?

“Honorable sir, you are actually willing to compete with these vulgar adventurers on the same stage. This is really great.”

This flattery made the surrounding players feel a little uncomfortable, but they did not dare to cause trouble for the NPC, so they could only swallow their anger.

Mike smiled and nodded,

“I’m here to participate in the tournament. Quickly sign me up.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Don’t worry.”

The NPC quickly helped Mike sign up. Not only did he have a good attitude, but he was also very efficient.

The treatment was simply incomparable to other players.

However, none of the players dared to complain.

After all, he was God Slayer.

If you had the ability, then you should be as amazing as him.

After signing up, Mike was sent to the players’ waiting area by the civil NPCs.

This was a special area. In Second World, one could not enter as one wished. They could only enter if they were sent by an NPC.

When Mike entered, everyone’s eyes immediately focused on him.

Now, almost 99% of the people in the new region recognized the ID God Slayer.

Many players’ mentality had changed.

Even God Slayer came. It seemed that there was no chance of winning. It would definitely be God Slayer.

They could only fight for the runner-up.

Whoever entered the finals should just admit defeat.

Mike naturally did not know what these people were thinking. He glanced around and found a familiar face.

That person seemed to be avoiding Mike’s gaze, but he was still discovered.

“You are… Sky Splitting Sword?”