My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 85 - The Mission of the Evil God Cult, Participating in the City of Light’s

Chapter 85: The Mission of the Evil God Cult, Participating in the City of Light’s Tournament.

Facing the black-robed man’s question, Mike still did not immediately answer. Instead, he raised another question.

“This power definitely has a limit, right? What price do I have to pay to join the Evil God Cult?”

The black-robed man laughed sinisterly and slowly said,

“Not bad, you’re a smart soul. I admire you very much.

“There are many greedy people in the world.

“However, there aren’t many souls like you who are both greedy and cautious.”

Facing the black-robed man’s praise, Mike’s heart did not waver and he continued to ask.

“You still haven’t told me the price I have to pay.”

The black-robed man laughed sinisterly and said in a low voice,

“To tell you the truth, Lord Evil God’s current situation… isn’t very optimistic.”

The black-robed man used a subtle word, but it did not bother Mike.

It was most likely that he had fought with a god and was seriously injured and needed nourishment.

The black-robed man continued,

“Lord Evil God won’t attack his followers, so you don’t actually have any price to pay.

“But… the souls of the creatures you kill will be taken away by Lord Evil God as nutrients for him.

“This isn’t bad for you, is it?”

Mike narrowed his eyes again. He needed to confirm one last question.

“Then does it mean that the monsters I kill won’t yield any loot?”

Mike knew that NPCs understood the equipment dropped monsters that were killed by players as loot.

He originally thought that joining the Evil God Cult would result in no loot even when he killed monsters in the future.

Mike could not accept this.

Killing monsters and looting equipment were some of the important sources of income for players. Of course, he could not accept it.

However, to his surprise, the black-robed man’s answer was no.

“No, no, no. Of course, you can continue to obtain your spoils of war.

“Lord Evil God doesn’t need the cheap equipment. He only wants souls. hehehehe…”

This low laugh felt very evil, but it sounded like a heavenly voice to Mike.

To Mike, this was no different from not paying any price at all.

Of course, he chose to accept such a good thing!

“In that case, I’ll join.”

The dialog box disappeared, and Mike chose YES.

In the next moment, a line of words appeared in Mike’s profile.

[Member of the Evil God Cult]

The black-robed man smiled in satisfaction,

“Welcome to the Evil God Cult. If you want to raise your status in the Evil God Cult, you can come here to find me at any time. I’ll give you some missions.

“Of course, the higher your status is, the stronger the ability given to you by Lord Evil God will be.”

Mike nodded slightly but did not answer immediately.

He secretly glanced at his mission panel.

What surprised him was that the mission to destroy the Evil God Cult was still there.

In other words, he could find a chance to fall out and destroy the Evil God Cult and obtain the title as a baron.

However, now was not the time.

He still wanted to see what new abilities he could get after raising his status in the Evil God Cult.

He smiled slightly and said,

“Then, is there anything you need me to do for you?”

The black-robed man was very satisfied with Mike’s attitude.

“Very good, as expected of a greedy soul. You’re willing to work hard to satisfy your greed.

“Now, you need to go and extract nutrients for Lord Evil God, killing 100 creatures will do.

“This small matter shouldn’t be difficult for you.

“As long as you listen, Lord Evil God will satisfy your greed.”

An additional item appeared in Mike’s quest panel.

[Evil God’s Nutrients: kill 100 creatures.]

[Mission reward: 20 contribution points.]

Generally, it required 100 contribution points to level up in a cult.

In other words, Mike only needed to do five of such missions to obtain a new ability.

This was very easy for Mike.

“Okay, I’ll go now.”

After leaving this sentence, Mike turned around and left.

Of course, he would not specifically go and kill monsters.

Since he could complete this Evil God Cult’s mission while doing other missions, why would he go out of his way to kill monsters?

There was no need for that.

This was a player’s train of thought.

After leaving the underground room, Mike stepped into the tunnel and climbed up the stairs.

Just as he was about to reach the ground, the floor automatically sank and turned into the stairs.

This was quite convenient for the player.

After walking out of the tunnel, the stairs rose up again and returned to the original floor appearance.

Mike could not help but nod slightly.

This was indeed a good design. At least Mike would not have to worry about the Evil God Cult being wiped out by the NPCs before he could even obtain more abilities.

After wiping away this layer of worry, Mike thought for a moment and decided to find another quest to accept.

That was right, Mike had no other quests to do.

The Love quest had been completed now.

There were no clues for the Missing Princess mission at the moment.

He needed to reach level 40 before he could go to other races’ territories and proceed with the Kill All the Believers of Fire God mission.

As for the Legend of the Hero mission, it was best to do it after obtaining divine sense.

In other words, now that Mike had nothing to do, he could only do the Evil God Cult’s mission.

However, it was a bit of a loss to just do this one mission.

It was most reasonable to do two missions simultaneously.

After thinking for a while, Mike walked to the East Gate of Victory City.

He wanted to see if there were other good missions on the bulletin board.

After arriving at Victory City, Mike walked directly to the bulletin board.

Victory City was still very quiet. Not a single player was here, so there was no need to pay attention to anything else.

When he came to the notice board, Mike wanted to take a look at the mission, but he saw a very eye-catching notice.

[The martial arts competition in the City of Light.]

[The king held a martial arts competition in the City of Light. Only adventurers are allowed to participate.]

[The first place in the martial arts competition will receive a weapon from the king.]

[The second place will receive a skill book.]

[The third and fourth place will receive gold coins as a reward.]

[All adventurers are welcome to participate.]

After seeing this notice, Mike was slightly stunned.

The king’s daughter had gone missing, yet he was still in the mood to hold a tournament?

Mike could not help but feel sorry for the princess.

Of course, one second later, Mike walked out of his sad mood.

The Missing Princess matter was not important. What was important was that with Mike’s strength, he would definitely not have any problem with getting the first place.

However, Mike’s goal was not first place, but second place.

He wanted that skill book!

After all, a weapon would not necessarily have special skills. It might just be a weapon with good stats.

However, a skill book could definitely bring Mike some benefits.

Even if it was not a passive skill, Mike could use Law to modify it into a passive skill.

In that case…

Let’s go to the tournament!