My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 84 - One Mission With Two Choices, Should I Join a Cult?

Chapter 84: One Mission With Two Choices, Should I Join a Cult?

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Mike narrowed his eyes and thought to himself,

‘No wonder Victory City can’t deal with this cult. The base of this cult is located in a cemetery. Only a ghost can find it.’

This made Mike a little more interested.

He suddenly became curious. Who was the leader of this cult?

Using a corpse to attract new people into the cult, and the base was set up in such a secluded place.

This kind of person was definitely not an ordinary person!

He smiled slightly and nodded,

“Lead the way.”

The old woman Tiffany laughed sinisterly and directly walked into the stairs.

Mike took the initiative to follow.

When the two of them entered the stairs, the stairs near the entrance rose again, returning to the original appearance.

The cemetery regained its silence as if nothing had happened.



After walking for a while, the two of them finally came to a passage.

It was no longer a downward staircase, but a forward path..

The old woman laughed sinisterly and snapped her fingers.

Suddenly, flames suddenly lit up on both sides of the passage.

Rows of green lights flickered.

The old woman looked back at Mike and walked on without saying anything.

This trick was nothing to Mike.

She did it to make him nervous.

After all, the environment looked scary.

She also wanted to show Mike her power.

It had to be said, this ability looked very strange.

It was the first time that Mike saw such a “skill” that could turn on lights with a snap of the fingers.

Of course, this was not attractive to Mike at all.

This skill was only pretentious and had no practical use.

Mike continued following the old woman.

After a short walk, the two of them came to a roof with a dome-shaped roof.

Mike looked up and saw that the height of the walls was about 10 meters.

What was more surprising was that this hemispherical space did not have any supporting pillars.

Was this cult not afraid of landslides?

“Young man, we’re here.”

After the old woman said this, she turned around and left.

Mike did not say anything.

He knew from the beginning that Tiffany was just a guide.

After bringing Mike here, her mission was completed.

Thinking of this, an idea came to Mike’s mind.

If he did not receive this mission on the bulletin board of Victory City, but immediately came to carry out the Lover mission.

Could he join this cult?

No, no.

Mike frowned slightly.

Not “if’.

It was now.

Mike seemed to be able to join the cult as well.

However, if he joined, he might not be able to complete the mission.

Therefore, Mike could consider not attacking these people for the time being.

If the benefits were great, it would be acceptable if he could not complete the Victory City mission.

The baron title could be obtained in the future.

However, special skills would not come by as easily.

Mike suddenly felt a sense of relief.

If the butler of Victory City was not a dwarf, but a human.

He might have enthusiastically told Mike the clues.

If that happened, Mike would not have encountered Tiffany. Instead, he would directly come and destroy the cult as an intruder.

Mike could not help but sigh again.

Second World had too much variability.

The same mission could be triggered in two different ways and would lead to two totally different outcomes.

It was rare for Mike to connect with both sides at the same time.

As he was thinking, a figure walked out of a tunnel in front of him.

This person wore a robe and a wide hood, perfectly hiding his body.

He slowly walked up to Mike and sized him up. Then, he said in a hoarse voice,

“What a powerful soul. Not bad!”

Mike smiled and nodded,

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

The black-robed man did not answer but walked around Mike.

Then, he teased,

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an adventurer like you.

“Your soul is very strong, but you’re not wearing any valuable equipment.

“I’ve walked into a blind spot out of your field of vision but you don’t feel nervous at all. You are even considered to be completely unguarded.

“An adventurer like you won’t be able to live for long.”

The NPCs of Second World knew that adventurers, in other words, players, could not die.

The black-robed man’s words were just a tactic to lower Mike’s position so that he could take the initiative in the conversation.

Mike did not comment on his words. He just smiled slightly.

Not wearing any equipment was to lower his defense, so that the damage caused by Rebound would be higher.

As for defense...

Did Mike need It?

The answer was no.

Even if Mike laid down to sleep now, he would automatically block when an attack was directed at him.

He would never be hurt.

The black-robed man seemed to be unaware of Mike’s thoughts. Instead, he said to himself,

“Do you want to join our Evil God Cult?

“As long as you are willing to join, the Great Evil God will grant you strength.”

A blue dialog box appeared in front of Mike.

[Would you like to join the Evil God Cult?]

Mike did not give an immediate answer. Instead, he asked,

“Oh? Then what kind of power will the great Evil God give me?”

Facing Mike’s question, the black-robed man did not show any displeasure. Instead, he laughed loudly.

His hoarse laughter sounded particularly unpleasant.

After laughing for a while, he said with great satisfaction,

“An adventurer who will only be sold for benefits. Interesting.

“Your greed will affect many of your judgments, but Lord Evil God likes greedy people the most.

“Because Lord Evil God can satisfy your greed.”

He paused and continued,

“If you join our Evil God Cult, you can obtain the power bestowed by Evil God.

“However, trainee members can only obtain the most insignificant skill...”

In the next moment, the black-robed man waved his hand.

Black gas immediately surrounded Mike.

Mike narrowed his eyes and looked at the skill pane.

Sure enough, there was an additional skill.

[Phantom Clone: a clone that will be controlled by the host’s own will can be created, but the clone will have limited independent movements. Moreover, the clone will take away half of the original body’s attributes. After the clone dies, the attributes would return to the original body.]

After Mike saw this skill, he frowned slightly.

Active skill.

It was not what Mike wanted.

If he used Law to change this skill into a passive skill, Mike was still uncertain as to what kind of skill it would become.

Regardless, this skill was indeed worth acquiring.

After all, any Second World skill related to clones could only be created as an illusion, none of them had any combat ability.

Mike fell into deep thought, while the black-robed man urged him with full confidence,

“How about it? Do you want to join the Evil God Cult ?”