My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 81 - I’ve Accepted Another Mission With Good Rewards, but I’ll Kill the

Chapter 81: I’ve Accepted Another Mission With Good Rewards, but I’ll Kill the Believers of the Fire God First

Mike sent a private message to The World’s Greatest Sword Hero and told him to play by himself first.

After that, Mike set off for Victory City.

Although the Legend of the Hero’s mission priority was always higher than anything else.

Mike still decided to do the mission that Death God had given him first.

It was for nothing else but his divine sense!

After all, the Legend of the Hero’s mission was not a small deal. It was even possible for him to encounter a god.

When he met a god, the existence of his divine sense would put him in two entirely different situations.

If he did not have divine sense, then he would fall into a passive state.

To put it bluntly, he could only obey God and do as he was instructed. Otherwise, he should just get lost and do a different mission.

However, with his divine sense, Mike could launch an attack on God.

This was the only way to maintain the basic “fairness”.

Of course, this fairness was all talk.

In the past, God never paid attention when it came to fairness to humans.

Now, Mike had the strength to kill God.

Hence, he would not be bothered to be fair to God!

‘God will do as I say.

‘If he doesn’t, I will kill him!

‘This is how one should enjoy the game!’

Victory City was actually quite far from Hero City, but it was very close to the City of Light.

This was often complained about by players.

Normal players would start from the City of Light, then go to Hero City, and then straight to Victory City.

Hence, the location of this city was inconvenient.

However, Second World was too realistic and did not have an official website. Hence, no matter how many players complained about it, it was useless.

They could only accept it.

Now, this originally inconvenient place was convenient for Mike.

As he started from the City of Light, along with the buff from Swift Steps, he quickly reached Victory City.

The most frequently used gate of Victory City was the North Gate.

However, Mike entered from the East Gate because the City of Light was on the East side of Victory City.

After entering Victory City, Mike subconsciously glanced at the notice board at the East Gate.

Although Mike already had a mission, if he saw a suitable mission on the notice board, he would still immediately accept it.

As a player, this was his habit.

It did not matter if he did not check out the board, once he checked, Mike actually found a pretty good mission.

[Cult Extermination]

[Recently, many people were caught in Victory City due to their suspicious behavior. After investigation and interrogation, these residents seem to have joined a cult.]

[This matter has already affected the order of Victory City. Hopefully, someone can find the base of the cult and exterminate the cult.

[Hint: You can obtain some clues by looking for the city lord’s butler.]

[Mission requirement: Completely exterminate the cult. ]

[Mission level: 30]

[Reward: Baron of Victory City.]

After he saw this reward, Mike accepted it without hesitation.

Although he had no idea how to complete this mission, he still accepted it.

The reason was simple, the reward was simply too tempting!

Having a title and not having a title would lead to two completely different ways of playing.

With a title, one could buy real estate and buy a shop in Victory City.

One had to know that potions were items needed by players.

Even if the potion sold in the shop was 1 copper coin cheaper than shops owned by NPCs, many players would immediately become loyal customers.

Such a way of earning money was extremely terrifying!

It could be said that as long as he obtained the title as a baron, Mike would no longer have to worry about gold coins in the future.

At least he would not have to go around robbing people like today.

Oh, rather than going around to rob people, it was more like people came over to be robbed by him…

This was not important.

In short, Mike decided to accept the mission.

After accepting the mission, Mike immediately went to look for the butler.

The reason was very simple. After tearing down the notice, he had to start the mission within a certain period of time.

If there was no progress, the mission would reappear on the notice board after a period of time. At that time, the mission might be picked up by someone else.

Therefore, Mike had to talk to the butler first and secure the mission.

The butler of Victory City was almost the most special NPC in the human cities.

Because he was a dwarf.

It was normal to see players of other races in the human cities, but it was rare to see NPCs of other races.

Because of this, Mike had a deep impression of him, so he found him very quickly.

“Hello, I have accepted the mission, Cult Elimination, on the notice board. I want to ask you for some clues.”

The dwarf butler stroked his beard and said coldly,

“I am very busy now. Come and find me tomorrow.”

After saying that, he left on his own.

Mike was slightly stunned when he heard this answer, but he soon realized what was going on.

This butler was a dwarf and not a human, so Mike’s Human Affinity skill had no effect on this butler.

Ever since he started playing Second World again, it was his first time being treated indifferently by an NPC.

However, it was also good. Mike was just here to talk anyway.

Now that the Cult Extermination character had appeared in Mike’s quest panel, he could ignore it for the time being.

He could do it again when he had time. Now, he had to go kill the believers of the god of fire.

He arrived at the Temple of the God of Fire with ease.

As expected, when the followers of the Temple of the God of Fire saw Mike, they immediately shouted and charged over.

This time, Mike had learned his lesson. He switched the Sword of Meredith in his hand into the umbrella form and stood still.

Following this, a very spectacular scene appeared in Victory City.

Countless spells, arrows, and bullets were fired at a player, but the player just stood there without moving.

In addition, a large number of melee NPCs charged at Mike, launching melee attacks.

Mike also did not move.

However, after a round of attacks, the NPCs with physical attacks all died on the spot. The ground was covered with corpses.

As for Mike, he just stood there and let them attack, block and rebound.

That was all.

When all the physical classes of the believers died, Mike finally took the initiative to attack.

After all, magic attacks could not be blocked, nor could they be rebounded.

So, Mike had to do it himself.

Naturally, since it was these NPCs who took the initiative to attack, Mike would not increase his bounty if he acted now.

Three minutes later, the Temple of the God of Fire in Victory City regained its peace.

After Mike turned and left, the streets inside and outside the Temple of the God of Fire were covered with corpses.