My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 80 - 200,000 Gold Coins in Half a Day, Was He Really Just an Adventurer?

Chapter 80: 200,000 Gold Coins in Half a Day, Was He Really Just an Adventurer?

Mike naturally would not refuse such a matter.

It just so happened that this was the result he wanted to see.

Equipment was always more valuable than gold coins.

After all, everyone’s gold coins were used to buy equipment.

Therefore, Mike accepted this challenge without a doubt.

“In that case, I’ll let you attack first this time.”

Mike smiled and stood still.

The fans were also very excited when they saw this scene.

He was God Slayer, who was the number one expert in the new region in their hearts!

Taking the initiative to let the opponent attack first, this was the demeanor of an expert!

Unlike these fans, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was a little worried at this moment.

After all, his master did not wear a single piece of equipment, so his defense should be very weak.

On the other hand, Lone Ranger’s weapon seemed pretty decent.

Although his master could kill this expert in one hit, what if he was killed by the other party first?

However, although he was worried, he did not dare to say it out loud. He was afraid that his master would be unhappy.

Helplessly, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero could only watch from the side anxiously.

Lone Ranger was delighted when he heard Mike’s words.

He had wanted to take the initiative to talk about this matter, but he did not expect Mike to bring it up himself.

“Since that’s the case, then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Lone Ranger rushed over with a confident smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Mike remained unprepared as he stood on the spot, waiting for the attack to arrive.

Having looked at Mike’s reaction, Long Ranger was delighted.

‘This is great, he really intends to let me make the first move.’

‘Since that’s the case, then I’ll use my strongest strike to instantly kill you!’

In the next second, the longsword in Lone Ranger’s hand emitted a red glow.

Immediately, the onlookers cried out in surprise.

“This move is Blood Fury Sword !”

Blood Fury Sword was a purple outstanding quality skill!

At the cost of sacrificing his own HP, the damage of the following attack would be greatly increased!

Moreover, the number of HP sacrificed could be decided by the user himself!

The more HP sacrificed, the higher the damage!

In the next second, Lone Ranger’s HP fell to 1.

That was right, he only left himself with 1 HP, converting the remainder of his HP into attack power!

Seeing this, many people became nervous.

Could God Slayer end up being instantly killed this time?

Although God Slayer’s attack power was high, he was not wearing any equipment.

In such a circumstance, facing a swordsman who had sacrificed all his HP to use Blood Fury Sword.

There was no way to survive this!

It was over. God Slayer would die!

A lot of people had this idea in mind.

In the next second, just as Lone Ranger’s sword was about to connect with Mike.

Mike’s left hand moved!

He had no intention of moving his hand, but his passive skill was forcefully triggered.

[Block (god-tier passive enhancement): 100% chance to successfully block a physical attack. Cooldown: 0 seconds.]

A large number appeared above Mike’s head.


That was right, Mike did not receive any damage.

Lone Ranger who launched the attack fell to the ground.

A damage number also appeared above his head.


When Mike saw this number, he was slightly stunned.

This was his strongest attack???

After all, Mike’s Rebound skill reflected double the damage.

In other words, the original damage of this attack was only 3,600.

Although it was sufficient to instantly kill Mike, it was still not as much as the usual amount of damage dealt by him.

Lone Ranger turned into a white light and disappeared, and a blue longsword appeared on the ground.

When Mike saw this weapon, his eyes lit up.

His luck was not bad, he actually got the opponent’s remaining weapon.

He directly picked up the weapon and looked at it, his face full of regret.

Although the weapon was blue, the data on the interface could only be considered decent.

It did not have any special effects at all.

In that case, there was no practical value. Mike threw the weapon to The World’s Greatest Sword Hero and continued “robbing”.

This time, Lone Ranger did not continue to challenge Mike.

After all, his weapon was gone, so what could he fight Mike with?

He could only get some gold coins and buy a green weapon to use for the time being.


Half a day went by, not only did the line of people not shorten, it was getting longer and longer.

However, Mike waved his hand and announced,

“Sorry, this business will not be done from today onwards. Everyone, please return.”

In just half a day, Mike had earned 200,000 gold coins through robbery. It was really ridiculous.

The people waiting in line at the back looked dissatisfied.

“I’ve waited for so long just to be robbed by you. It’s not easy for me to get here, but you’re not going to rob me anymore?!”

“No, you must rob my money!”

“Right, I haven’t touched your hand yet!”

“I haven’t taken a picture yet!”

Mike chose the simplest and most brutal way to deal with these fans’ complaints, which was to use the hearthstone to return to the city.

Seeing Mike directly rub the hearthstone, everyone had helpless looks on their faces.

Attacking God Slayer wasn’t an option, right? Wouldn’t that be equivalent to asking for death?

A few seconds later, a white light flashed, and Mike disappeared.

Everyone looked at each other for a while, but eventually, they dispersed.

Meanwhile, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was stunned on the spot.

For a moment, he was at a loss and did not know what he should do.

‘Forget it, let’s kill monsters and level up.’



Mike once again found the king easily.

Seeing that Mike had left and returned, the king asked with a puzzled look,

“Why, are there still unresolved matters?”

Mike smiled and immediately took out 200,000 gold coins.

If it was only about 100 gold coins, a money bag would automatically appear.

However, with 200,000 gold coins, a box appeared.

Seeing the gold coins piled up in the box, the king was stunned.

What was going on?

This adventurer actually spent such a short amount of time to prepare 200,000 gold coins?


Was he really just an adventurer?

Looking at the chest in front of him, the king was silent for a moment before nodding.

“Alright, I’ll send someone to help you cancel the arrest warrant in Hero City. It will be officially canceled in about an hour.”

The king looked at Mike meaningfully and reminded him,

“I hope you don’t forget about helping me look for the princess.”

Mike casually promised, “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

In fact, he had long forgotten, and he did not plan to do this mission anymore.

What he needed to do now was to continue the mission issued by Death God.

Believers of the god of fire?

Prepare to die!