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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 69 - The Federal Government Came Forward, God Slayer’s Image Was Damaged

Chapter 69: The Federal Government Came Forward, God Slayer’s Image Was Damaged

The content of this post was very clear. It looked like someone had designed a document to deliberately mess with God Slayer.

In the beginning, it focused on the matter of NPCs helping God Slayer attack other players.

From this matter, it started to stir up the dissatisfaction of other players.

Who could ask an NPC to help in a fight?

No one else could do it, only God Slayer could do it. If he was not a different species, then what was he?

He might have used some despicable means!

Although what he said did not make much sense, he still received many people’s approval.

Following that, the post pointed out the fact that God Slayer managed to reach the 100th floor of the Tower of Challenges.

According to the description of the post, throughout the second half of the tower advancement journey, he triggered a full-service announcement every 30 seconds.

What was the logic behind a full-service announcement every 30 seconds?

After each floor was cleared, there was a 5-second waiting time for players to buff themselves or drink potions to heal themselves.

5 floors were 25 seconds.

In other words, God Slayer only needed 5 seconds to kill all the monsters on each floor.

5 floors, 5 seconds!

He instantly killed all the monsters on each floor!

How was that possible???

This was the Tower of Challenges, not a chicken in the novice village!

After this point was brought up, many players agreed with it.

And the most puzzling thing was the hunting activity of Hero City.

Although it was called hunting, it was actually a one-sided massacre.

From the beginning to the end, never once did God Slayer’s HP dropped below 80%!

Moreover, his HP would recover immediately.

When all these things were added together, wasn’t it strange?

God Slayer did not look like a new region player who was below level 30.

Instead, he looked like a seasoned player from the big region who had come to the new region!

In short, there must be something wrong with this God Slayer!

The post started from these three questions and described God Slayer as a player with problems.

To put it bluntly, they thought that God Slayer must have cheated.

In just one hour, the number of views of this post had exceeded one million.

After three hours, it had reached 20 million!

Many people began to denounce God Slayer.

However, at the fourth hour, the Federation finally noticed this post and issued a statement.

“Second World itself is an extremely mysterious existence. Up till now, the Federation still doesn’t know how the Second World came about.”

“If such a matter was unknown to the Federation, how could a player cheat?”

“If someone thinks that God Slayer cheated, please present with some evidence.”

“Furthermore, even if God Slayer really came from the big region, he must have obtained some method from Second World in the big region to come to the new region.”

“In other words, all of this is reasonable, and can only be considered reasonable!”

The Federation’s response was not long, but their attitude was very clear.

It was impossible for anyone in Second World to cheat.

It was God Slayer’s business for being so strong. In Second World, anything was possible.

After the Federation’s statement, this post immediately lost many supporters.

After all, the Federation’s words were very rational.

Speaking of which, Second World was a game.

However, was it really a game?

It did not require any equipment. One only needed to use their will to log in.

With such a “game”, even if the top 100 hackers in the world worked together, they probably would not be able to cheat, right?

Hence, this matter could only be settled in the end.

However, the Federation had indeed noticed the person God Slayer.

Their internal department had already issued a secret mission.

Find God Slayer and train him well.

The last monster attack in the real world had already caused the Federation to suffer heavy losses. They had to replenish their forces with powerful combat strength!

After the mission was given, many people began to take action nervously.

The first thing they had to pay attention to was the upcoming test results of the students.

By then, whoever had the best results would probably be God Slayer!


A night passed. The morning sunlight shone through the window onto Mike’s face.

Feeling the warmth of the sunlight, Mike revealed a smile.

It was amazing.

He did not expect to be able to go back to the past and live again.

This feeling of coming back from the dead made him very happy every time.

After washing up and eating a simple breakfast, Mike laid back on the bed and logged into the game.

After entering the game, he saw a group of players.

Of course, these players were just passing by, not guarding Mike.

On the contrary, when they saw the sudden appearance of God Slayer, they were all shocked and immediately fled in all directions.

Seeing this scene, Mike smiled helplessly.

He just wanted to prevent others from provoking him. It seemed that he had gone too far.

Now, these players seemed to treat Mike as a homicidal maniac.

Forget it, this is good.

Mike was thinking about what he was going to do next when he suddenly saw his private message window light up.

Mike was slightly stunned.

‘Super Rich is online so early in the morning?’

‘It doesn’t make sense.

‘How would a rich young master get up so early? It’s only six o’clock in the morning.’

Opening his private message window, Mike was slightly stunned.

It was The World’s Greatest Sword Hero!

“This person… who is he?”

Mike had no memory of him at all.

He opened the private message and took a look before he remembered.

This guy was his new disciple.

[The World’s Greatest Sword Hero: Master, you finally logged in. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Good morning.]

[God Slayer: …How long have you been waiting?]

[The World’s Greatest Sword Hero: I’ve been waiting since 4:00 am. It’s been two hours.]

[God Slayer: …]

[God Slayer: Come to the East gate of Hero City.]

Then, the other party did not reply to his message.

According to Mike’s rough understanding of The World’s Greatest Sword Hero, this guy should have departed immediately, which was why he did not respond.

Sure enough, after a while, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero appeared in Mike’s field of vision.

As he walked over, he waved his hand vigorously.

“Master, I’m here!”

Because his actions were too exaggerated and his voice was too loud, many people could not help but look over.

At the same time, the way they looked at Mike became more and more strange.

In everyone’s eyes, God Slayer was a very stylish expert.

However, now it seemed that…

The great master had actually taken in a disciple?

Moreover, his disciple even looked a little stupid.

Obviously, Mike’s image had been damaged.

Mike sighed helplessly.

Forget it, since he had already agreed to take him in as a disciple, there was nothing he could do about it. He could not go back on his word, right?

Furthermore, his image had already suffered some dishonor. A little more damage would do no harm.

Looking at The World’s Greatest Sword Hero’s trash equipment that was too shabby to look at, Mike smiled and said,

“Since I have nothing to do, let’s go get you some equipment.”