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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 68 - From Now On, the ID God Slayer Would Make Everyone Tremble in

Chapter 68: From Now On, the ID God Slayer Would Make Everyone Tremble in Fear

Looking at the ruined street in front of him, Mike let out a sigh of relief.

It was finally over.

At this moment, Second World once again made a full-service announcement.

[Heinous crime! Player God Slayer has committed heinous crimes in Hero City, killing countless NPCs. The new bounty issued will be 20,000 gold coins!]

[Heinous crime! Player God Slayer has committed heinous crimes in Hero City, killing countless NPCs. The new bounty issued will be 20,000 gold coins!]

[Heinous crime! Player God Slayer has committed heinous crimes in Hero City, killing countless NPCs. The new bounty issued will be 20,000 gold coins!]

Mike smiled helplessly.

He had never thought that there would be such a day where he would be hunted down by the whole world.

It was not that he was afraid.

The current Mike was not afraid of anyone.

Even if a god came, he could still kill him in one hit.


The bounty was too low!

He had been on a killing spree until now, but the bounty was only 200,000 gold coins?

It should be at least 1,000,000 gold coins, right?

However, this was merely a thought.

The higher the bounty, the more disadvantageous it was for Mike.

He still had to think of a way to get rid of this bounty.

The game Second World was actually very similar to the real world. There were many ways to bypass it.

It was just at a high ost.

The simplest and most crude way was to go to the Palace of Light, help the king complete a quest and pay a penalty ten times the bounty. With that, he could completely eliminate the bounty.

In other words, Mike would need to spend 200,000 gold coins.

This was not a small amount for Mike.

Although he only needed to forge a piece of gold equipment to earn 50,000 federation coins.

However, federation coins were gold coins.

Second World was only so big, and there were only so many players in the new region.

Gold coins were not unlimited!

It was almost impossible to buy 2,000,000 gold coins on the second day of the server opening.

If he really did that, the price of gold coins would rise to a ridiculous price.

It would probably cost 100 federation coins to buy 1 gold coin.

It might even be more expensive.

This was not necessary for Mike.

He could just eliminate the bounty after some time had passed.

As for now, the biggest impact on Mike might be that he could not do the Legend of the Hero quest for the time being.

However, it did not matter.

At least in the new region, the first stage of the Legend of the Hero quest had been completed by Mike.

Now Adjutant Welsh had returned to the entrance of the Hall of Heroes, and no other players could receive this quest.

Therefore, Mike still had a year to complete this quest.

There was no need to rush!

As for the problem of the bounty being on the rise, he did not need to worry about it.

As long as Mike did not kill people randomly like today, it would not continue increasing.

Moreover, he had already formed a blood feud with the Ragnaros Cult.

In the future, any NPC of the Ragnaros Cult would take the initiative to attack Mike when they saw him.

As long as he let the NPC attack first, there would not be any increase in the bounty.

The reason why Mike went on a massacre today was partly due to him being unhappy.

It was not like Mike to be beaten passively, but it was not enough to make him so impulsive.

Most importantly, it was because there were players who wanted to take advantage of him. This was something that Mike could not tolerate.

He had to use today’s incident to let all the players in Second World know.

He was not someone to be messed with!

Obviously, his goal had been achieved.

Several minutes had passed, but still, no players dared to approach him.

They did not want to die anymore.

To die once, they would lose 10% of their experience points.

They would also drop a lot of equipment.

These could be exchanged for real valuable items!

Not everyone was as generous as Super Rich.

Normal green equipment was not that expensive, but it was definitely not cheap.

A green piece of equipment that matched the level of most players in the new region could only be sold for 100 federation coins at most. It could not be at a higher price than that.

Super Rich would give a few times the price, mainly to rope in Mike.

If Super Rich bought equipment from others, he might give a little more, but it would not be too much.

After all, Super Rich came from a merchant family. He would not make stupid decisions.

The value of green equipment was only so much to normal players, but it was enough to make their hearts ache.


After waiting for 10 minutes, there were still no players who came after Mike. He proceeded to walk out of Hero City.

After leaving the city, Mike even noticed that many players seemed to have snuck out from the other city gates.

When they saw Mike, they immediately used all their strength to escape as if they had seen a demon.

This was the effect that Mike wanted to see.

Today’s battle had already made the name of God Slayer known.

In the past, when other players heard the ID of God Slayer, they would only recall that he was an expert.

However, from now on.

The ID God Slayer would make all the players tremble in fear!

Mike did not chase after those players, but let them escape in various directions.

If he wanted to chase after them, no one could escape Mike’s pursuit.

Because Mike had the Swift Steps skill.

In addition to the god-tier passive enhancement, his speed was two times faster.

One step from others was equivalent to two steps from Mike.

Wanting to escape from Mike’s hands was a joke.

However, Mike did not want to increase the bounty on him, it was unnecessary.

After leaving Hero City, Mike went offline in a deserted place.

He was tired from playing today, and it was inconvenient for him to do other things in his current condition.

He might as well log off and rest.

After Mike went offline, he took a shower and went to bed.

What he did not know was that his case had caused a lot of discussions online.

Almost everyone in the world knew what God Slayer had done today.

Killing NPCs in a frenzy and fighting back when he was besieged by countless players.

He remained unharmed!

All of a sudden, countless posts appeared on the forums of Second World as well as the various platforms on the internet.

Everyone was divided into two camps.

On one side, there were people who thought that God Slayer was indeed powerful and regarded him as their idol.

In their eyes, God Slayer who was able to fight against tens of thousands of players was simply too awesome.

On the other side, it was the polar opposite.

A post received the approval of countless people.

[God Slayer is a different species. All the players must unite to deal with him!]