My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 67 - A Fireball Can Destroy an Entire City!

Chapter 67: A Fireball Can Destroy an Entire City!

When players were not united, they really would be scattered all over.

However, if they were united, they would display amazing teamwork.

At the resurrection point, countless knight players gathered together.

The strategy was very simple. All the knight players would stand at the front and activate Block when they were about to be attacked.

As long as they could be in proximity to God Slayer, he would definitely die!

At that time, no matter who got the bounty, they would have to give a share to the knight players present.

Of course, the agreement was in place, though no one could say for sure if the money would be evenly distributed after God Slayer was killed.

However, there were still many idiots.

Gathered here, there were at least 500 knight players.

They were all idiots who believed that they would get the money.

These 500 players gathered together and formed a formation before charging toward God Slayer.

Behind them were countless other players.

As long as they could charge in front of God Slayer, they would definitely win this battle.

At least, that was what these players thought.

At this moment, as Mike was busy running and killing, he had already returned in front of the Temple of the God of Fire once again.

This time, he was not killing randomly. His main goal was to kill all the believers in the Temple of the God of Fire.

Mike would never forget his goal.

After Mike’s appearance, many believers in the Temple of the God of Fire who were still alive immediately rushed over, they all wore a look of deep hatred.

In fact, this group of NPCs had already reached the lowest level of friendship with Mike, they would pursue Mike until he was dead!

As long as they saw Mike, they would attack him regardless of their location.

Even if they were in the middle of ambushing others or doing important things.

Even if they were having sex with their wives at home.

Once they spotted Mike, they would immediately attack him. They would not care about anything else.

This was what Mike wanted to see.

He smiled and fired wildly with the machine gun in his hand.

Countless believers immediately fell to the ground.

Even if they were NPCs, they were still nothing in front of a monster like Mike.

Finally, after the last believer of the god of fire in Hero City fell, the Temple of the God of Fire collapsed and became a pile of ruins.

The most important god of fire altar in the Temple of the God of Fire had been completely extinguished.

Mike smiled when he saw this scene.

The god of fire altar would only be completely extinguished when all the believers of the god of fire were dead.

In other words, Mike no longer had to stay in Hero City anymore.

However, just as he was about to leave, he heard an earth-shattering battle cry from the other end of the street.

“Kill God Slayer and the bounty will be ours!”

“When the time comes, we can split it equally!”

“F*ck, this kid’s bounty has already risen to 180,000. We’ll be rich if we kill him!”

“Kill, kill, kill!!!”

When Mike heard the commotion, he turned around and was slightly stunned.

The ones at the front were all knights?

Mike did not expect these players to cooperate.

However, even if they cooperated, Mike was not afraid at all.

He immediately raised the Gun of Meredith in his hand and started a wave of shooting.

The bullets rained down like a storm, shooting toward the knight player at the front.

However, a scene that surprised Mike appeared.

All the knight players suddenly emitted a red light in unison.

The next moment, the bullets hit their bodies and sounds of bullets ricocheting could be heard.

Not a single player fell!

Seeing this scene, Mike narrowed his eyes.

He was too familiar with this skill.

This was the Block skill!

No wonder they dared to come over.

It seemed that they wanted to use the Block skill to block Mike’s attacks, and only attack Mike at close range.

After understanding their thoughts, Mike revealed a contemptuous smile.

This was the difference between an ant and a strong player.

An ant would always naively think of a battle plan and then assume that their side would have a definite victory.

They did not know how powerful the strong existence they were facing was.

With just a slight adjustment, this kind of tactic could be easily dealt with.

In the next moment, Mike raised the Gun of Meredith in his hand and roared at the thousands of players in front of him,

“You bunch of trash want to kill me too?

“Today, I will let you know what the difference in our strength is!”

Hearing Mike’s words, many players did not take it seriously.

Some people were laughing loudly, thinking that God Slayer was bragging and bluffing.

Some people already had bone-deep hatred toward God Slayer as they had died at the hands of God Slayer countless times.

Some people thought it was ridiculous.

Under such circumstances, could God Slayer have any chance of turning the situation around?

However, what they did not know was that.

Mike could really turn the situation around!

Just as the countless players in front of him were about to rush in front of Mike…

The Gun of Meredith suddenly changed its form and turned into the Staff of Meredith

The next moment, a fireball condensed at the top of the Staff of Meredith.

Mike smiled coldly.

“In front of God, no matter how many mortals are gathered together, they are just ants.”

The next moment, the fireball flew towards the crowd.

“Don’t be afraid, this is just the basic attack of a magic staff weapon. He can’t kill us at all!”

One of them shouted loudly as if he was trying to tell everyone not to retreat.

Many of the knight players in the front row also thought so.

Although their Block skill could not block magic attacks, it was just a small fireball after all. At most, it could only instantly kill one player.

There were thousands of players here. What could a small fireball do?

However, in the next second, the small fireball hit one of the knights.

The moment the fireball hit the knight’s body, an intense heatwave swept through.

The heatwave that was as hot as lava immediately spread in all directions.

The speed of the flame explosion was rapid. In the blink of an eye, the entire street was engulfed by the heatwave.

The sky above Hero City was dyed red.

After five seconds, the flames gradually dissipated.

The entire street was in ruins.

The ground was covered with all kinds of equipment.

All of this was caused by a small fireball.

Countless players stood at the resurrection point and looked at each other. They could see the despair in each other’s eyes.

God Slayer was too powerful!