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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 66 - The Chaotic City of Heroes, a Slaughter Party!

Chapter 66: The Chaotic City of Heroes, a Slaughter Party!

At this moment, the entire Hero City was in a state of chaos.

Screams, shouts, and commands reverberated in every corner.

“Quick, there’s God Slayer, chase him!”

“Don’t let God Slayer escape, stop him!”

“F*ck, why is he still undefeatable even when there’s so many people?!”


The Umbrella of Meredith in Mike’s hand had long turned into the Gun of Meredith.

He ran while shooting. At this moment, he no longer cared whether his target was a player or an NPC. As long as it was a living thing that appeared before him, they were all enemies!

However, no one, whether it was an NPC or a player, could block a normal attack from Mike.

They were all killed instantly!

Bullets rained down from the muzzle of the gun.

At the same time, countless long-range attacks hit Mike from all directions. However, Mike’s HP always maintained at above 90%!

The reason was very simple. There was a godly skill in his passive skill pane!

[Blood Absorption (god-tier passive enhancement): absorbs 3,000% HP when dealing damage.]

With this skill, Mike could recover all his HP with a single attack!

This was also the reason why he transformed the Umbrella of Meredith into its gun form.

Using the umbrella form to kill was too time consuming.

The umbrella form was suitable for dealing with extremely powerful mages or fighting at night.

On the other hand, the gun form was suitable for dealing with a large group of people.

Bullets rained down on Hero City, turning everything into a mess and every inch of the city was riddled with holes.

Bullet streaked across the streets, taking the lives of countless players and NPCs.

However, while the NPCs could be killed, the players would never be dead!

After the players died, they would immediately revive in the Hero City’s church and re-enter the battle.

The endless numbers of players seemed to be using their number advantage to fight against Mike.

It was not that they were not afraid of death.

It was actually the opposite, these players were just a bunch of unorganized mobs.

However, they were still able to die repeatedly at the hands of Mike, even to the extent of dropping one or two levels and losing a few pieces of equipment.

The reason was actually very simple. It was because the bounty on Mike was on the rise!

[Heinous crime! Player God Slayer has committed a heinous crime in Hero City. He has killed countless NPCs, the bounty is now 50,000 gold coins!]

[Heinous crime! Player God Slayer has committed a heinous crime in Hero City. He has killed countless NPCs, the bounty is now 50,000 gold coins!]

[Heinous crime! Player God Slayer has committed a heinous crime in Hero City. He has killed countless NPCs, the bounty is now 50,000 gold coins!]

Mike’s bounty had been constantly rising!

Many people had long wanted to quit this hunt.

However, their losses were too great. If they quit now, it would be equivalent to suffering a major loss.

These pieces of equipment?were very valuable in the early stages. To these ordinary players, any random piece of green equipment was more important than their lives!

On one hand, it was Mike’s constantly increasing bounty that fed their greed for money.

On the other hand, it was because they could not afford the losses, so they did not dare to give up.

After several deaths, many people thought things through and stored their assets in the warehouse.

Then, they rushed into the most dangerous battlefield with nothing on their bodies.

Were they going to fight Mike?

Not at all!

They were going to pick up the spoils on the ground!

After everyone was killed, items would be dropped.

Who would the loot belong to?

Of course, it belonged to Mike.

However, Mike had never picked up any of the loot.

The best of these items was just blue equipment. To Mike, they were not even worth his effort to bend over to pick up the equipment.

Therefore, Hero City was covered with equipment.

The streets and alleys were all lit up by the various colors of the equipment.

Moreover, this equipment would become ownerless if they were not picked up within five minutes after it was dropped.

That was why these people rushed into the battlefield to pick up the equipment in such an unguarded state!

“Hahaha, I’m rich, I picked up a green pistol!”

“A green pistol is nothing, I picked up a green shield, a level 15 one!”

“I f*cking picked up a blue breastplate. I’m rich!”

On the battlefield, screams of pain could be heard everywhere.

Some of them had just picked up two or three pieces of equipment before they were killed by Mike’s bullets.

However, they were still very excited!

Because, even if they died, they would only lose 10% of their experience points.

Even with ten deaths, they would only lose one level.

Losing one level did not matter at all. All they needed to do was to fight monsters and level up again.

However, these pieces of equipment were all valuable items.

Even after God Slayer was caught and the battle ended, the equipment on their hands could still be sold for a very high price.

That was due to the many players who had lost their equipment during this battle. They had to repurchase their equipment.

Otherwise, their combat power would greatly decrease, and they might not be able to survive in Second World.

This game was so fascinating. A small incident could bring wealth to many people.

Though at the same time, this game was also cruel.

An accident could turn an ordinary player’s life upside down.

The battle had already lasted for 30 minutes, but it was not over yet.

Many players had realized that God Slayer’s attack power was too strong.

No one knew how he got such attack power.

However, money could make anything possible.

They had to fight even if their lives were on the line.

Even if they had to use a pile of corpses, they would still be determined to kill him.

50,000 gold coins, that was 50,000 gold coins!

If anyone got this bounty, they could buy a small house in the real world.

This wealth was too tempting for ordinary people.

However, if they continued to die like this, the strength of the pursuers would only get weaker and weaker.

The equipment on the ground would not wait for them to pick it up.

The scavengers who sneaked into the battlefield were like a swarm of greedy locusts. They swept across the entire battlefield and were crazily picking up the loot.

Finally, some players reacted.

“Players with blocking skills, gather together and block in front of us!”

Many players came to a realization.

That’s right, since God Slayer’s attack was too powerful, why not just use the Block skill to block it.

After all, no matter how powerful the attack was, as long as it was a physical attack, it could be completely blocked by the Block skill!

When it came to close combat, could he still be as strong?