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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 64 - Killing NPCs, the City’s Most Wanted God Slayer!

Chapter 64: Killing NPCs, the City’s Most Wanted God Slayer!

Subsequently, Mike forged another 18 pieces of equipment, each of which was gold in color.

From his initial astonishment, Super Rich gradually shifted to being surprised and was eventually numb.

He was already beginning to doubt life.

‘Can gold equipment be forged so easily?

‘Is this really gold equipment?

‘Am I dreaming?’

Even when Super Rich was fully equipped with gold equipment, he still found everything surreal.

All of this was too magical.

18 pieces of gold equipment, including the two pieces that were forged in the beginning, a total of 20 pieces were made.

Other than the initial price of 100,000 for the shield, the rest was 50,000 for each piece.

The total was 1,150,000 but Super Rich gave him 1,200,000 to express that money would never be a problem, and that Mike could look for him to sell his forged weapons.

1.2 million federation coins. Super Rich did not even blink when he paid. It was clear how rich he was!

If this was just a normal game, no one would be willing to spend so much money to buy some low-level equipment, even if these were top-tier gold equipment.

However, Second World was different!

It was worth it!

Before he left, Super Rich asked the question that had been itching his curiosity,

“Since you can forge so many pieces of gold equipment, why don’t you use them yourself?”

Super Rich looked at Mike with a strange gaze.

Because there was nothing on Mike aside from his weapons. He was clothed in a set of white game clothes, which looked like pajamas.

Mike gave a very unacceptable answer,

“Because I’m too strong. I don’t need to wear any equipment.”

Although it was really unacceptable, Super Rich still accepted it in the end.

After all, he knew that God Slayer had recently done a series of earth-shattering things.

If God Slayer said that he was too strong and did not need to wear any equipment, no one would doubt him.

Mike spent a few hours forging so much equipment and felt a little tired.

Even if Super Rich asked him to forge more, he would not be willing.

There was no need to be in a hurry to earn money. Now that he had 1.2 million federation coins in his account, it was enough for him to buy a better house.

Mike decided to find time to buy a house, preferably a villa.

Since he had the ability to earn money, he must enjoy life and never go back to living in poverty!

With this plan in mind, Mike went to the warehouse and saved the remaining top-grade iron ingots in his backpack for subsequent usage.

It was already four o’clock in the afternoon. Mike planned to play for a little while more before resting.

However, the question was, what should he do now?

He could not complete the Lover mission for the time being. With Mike’s current level, he could not go to Victory City either.

The Legend of the Hero was a more important mission. It was better to reserve some time for the mission to be safe. If he had to do this mission for ten hours, and if he failed halfway, Mike would definitely die of fatigue.

After thinking about it, Mike decided to start off the Kil All the Believers of Fire God mission.

The god of fire was a relatively powerful god in Second World.

Because there were many players and NPCs who used the fire attribute!

Almost every city had believers of the god of fire.

Hero City was no exception.

Mike arrived at the Temple of the God of Fire with ease.

As soon as he approached, the NPC at the door greeted him warmly,

“Dear Lord God Slayer, do you wish to receive the protection of Lord Ragnaros, the God of Fire?”

The translation was, “Do you wish to join our church?”?

Mike had heard this conversation countless times over the past few decades, so he could not be more familiar with it.

He grinned and took out the Sword of Meredith. He changed it into its umbrella form and said,

“The protection of Ragnaros? No, no, no, I don’t need that trash’s protection.”

Hearing this, the NPC’s face froze.

Mike also received a notification.

[You have angered Shaw. Your friendliness has decreased to hostile!]

In the next moment, in Mike’s eyes, the NPC’s name had turned red, which indicated their hostile relationship.

The believer raised the staff in his hand and said angrily,

“How dare you insult Lord Ragnaros, the God of Fire, I will…”

Before he could finish his words, Mike raised the Umbrella of Meredith in his hand and stabbed him.

The weakness of the humanoid monster was the head, eyes, throat, and the position of its internal organs.

Mike chose the simplest position, the throat.

The Umbrella of Meredith directly pierced through the neck of the god of fire believer NPC.

The next moment, Mike received another system notification.

[You have attacked an NPC in Hero City. The bounty is 50 silver coins!]

[You have killed Shaw. Honor -100! The bounty has been increased to 10 gold coins!]

After receiving this notification, Mike frowned.

He had never killed an NPC in his previous life. He had actually forgotten about this important matter!

Killing an NPC in the city would cause him to be wanted by the city!

In other words, as long as he was seen by an NPC in Hero City, the other party would take the initiative to attack him!

Not only that, there might even be brave players who would come and kill him in order to obtain the bounty from Hero City.

Although the bounty on him was only 10 gold coins now, as the number of people that Mike killed increased, the number would be so high that it would be tempting.

At that time, he might become everyone’s target in Second World.

Moreover, he might not be able to come to Hero City in his lifetime!

If he could not come to Hero City, it meant that he could not complete the Legend of the Hero. This was a result that Mike could not accept.

However, he could not surrender now.

If he chose to surrender, he could offset his sins by going to jail.

Killing an NPC and staying in Hero City’s jail for 240 hours was enough. Moreover, he had to be logged in.

If he chose to log off and log in after 10 days, it would be useless.

He would still have 240 hours left.

If it was just jail time, it would still be acceptable for Mike.

In any case, Mike would be able to catch up to everyone else in 10 days and become the strongest player again.

However, there was another punishment that Mike could not accept.

That was that all of his equipment and assets would be confiscated!

In other words, as long as he was caught or killed, the Umbrella of Meredith would become Hero City’s possession.

Mike’s face suddenly turned cold.

This was troublesome!