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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 63 - A Shield Worth 100,000 Federation Coins!

Chapter 63: A Shield Worth 100,000 Federation Coins!

Everyone knew what gold equipment meant.

The Sword of Meredith in Mike’s hand was a gold weapon.

However, the Sword of Meredith was an excellent top-tier weapon among gold weapons.

Ordinary gold weapons were incomparable.

Nevertheless, ordinary golden weapons were also very expensive.

It was definitely not a problem to describe it as priceless.

Though the value of low-level weapons was limited.

Even if Mike forged a level 20 golden weapon, Super Rich would not give him hundreds of millions.

Because sooner or later, the weapons would be eliminated.

Although it would not be sold for hundreds of millions, it was still possible to sell it for tens of thousands.

Mike was certain that a tycoon at Super Rich’s level would not be reluctant to pay such a small amount of money.

Take Medieval Rose for example.

If that shop was for sale, it would definitely be priced at tens of millions of federation coins.

Therefore, Mike was not worried that Super Rich would not be able to afford the price.

Mike threw two pieces of the top-grade iron ingots into the forging furnace.

To forge level 20 equipment, two pieces of iron ingots were needed.

For level 30 equipment, three pieces were needed. For level 100 equipment, 10 pieces were needed, and so on.

After throwing them in, the forging furnace began working automatically.

It took 10 minutes to forge a weapon.

This time was neither too long nor too short, but it just so happened that Mike had nothing else on his plate, so he decided to wait here.

When the surrounding players saw that Mike was forging, they all started discussing.

“Do you guys think that God Slayer’s talent skill is related to forging?”

“It’s possible. Otherwise, why is he so powerful? It must be because he can forge top-tier equipment.”

“That’s not right. If God Slayer’s talent is related to forging, then why are the NPCs so respectful to him?”


Many players discussed for a long time, but they still could not come up with a conclusion.

What God Slayer’s talent was, was still a mystery until now.

Time passed bit by bit. When everyone saw Mike standing there with his eyes closed to rest, they gradually felt that there was nothing interesting and so they all dispersed.

Ten minutes passed.

A choice box appeared in front of Mike.

Mike chose the gun.

Because he remembered that Super Rich was a sharpshooter, guns were definitely what he needed the most.

After choosing, a pistol appeared in Mike’s backpack.


Mike smiled slightly. He did not check the attributes of this equipment. Instead, he directly sent a private message to Super Rich.

[God Slayer: “I just made a level 20 gold pistol. Do you want it?”]

The other party replied almost immediately.

[Super Rich: “Gold? Are you sure?”]

[God Slayer: “Of course I’m sure. I’m at the blacksmith’s shop in Hero City.”]

[Super Rich: “I’ll be right there!”]

Three minutes later, Super Rich arrived at the blacksmith’s shop.

He immediately made a deal with Mike.

Although they had yet to discuss the price, Mike knew that Super Rich would not go back on his word, so he agreed to the deal and directly sent the pistol over.

After seeing the pistol in his backpack, Super Rich’s face was full of surprise.

This attribute could definitely be described as “top quality”.

With this pistol, his strength could be elevated to a whole new level!

Previously, when Mike mentioned that all his products were top-quality, he was still doubtful. He thought Mike was just boasting.

However, he was utterly convinced now.

After being excited for a long time, Super Rich finally opened his mouth.

“50,000 federation coins!” Super Rich extended five fingers and said.

“Deal.” Mike smiled slightly.

Then, he threw two top-grade iron ingots into the forging furnace.

He turned around and asked,

“What do you want next?”

His tone was very relaxed as if he was talking about something very ordinary.

However, Super Rich was a little excited and said,

“Shield, next item is a shield. If you can forge a golden shield, I’ll give you 100,000 federation coins!”

Among all the equipment, the shield was the most expensive.

Because the shield determined how much damage the main tank of the party could take.

Mike smiled slightly and his mouth remained shut.

100,000 federation coins was not a small amount of money.

If it was anyone else who said this, Mike would only think that the other party was talking nonsense.

Though he knew that if Super Rich could say this, he would definitely be able to afford it!

Mike waited quietly by the forging furnace, while Super Rich excitedly inspected his new weapon.

He was willing to spend any amount of money to buy such an awesome weapon!

After all, Second World could be said to be a game that had a great impact on the real world.

So what if he was rich in the real world?

The most important thing was his strength in Second World.

Without strength, no matter how rich he was, he would just be an ordinary person.

Once he reached level 60, his abilities in the game could begin to be substituted into the real world.

At that time, he would be welcomed by a new world.

Super Rich also believed that he could make use of these early advantages to quickly become stronger!

Soon, ten minutes passed.

Mike calmly chose the shield.

Then, a very exquisite-looking shield appeared in his backpack.

It was also golden in color!

Before Super Rich could react, Mike took the initiative to ask him for a trade.

“The shield you want is done.”

Super Rich was slightly stunned. Soon, a trade box appeared in front of him.

He looked at the shield that Mike put into the trade box and widened his eyes.

A golden shield!

It really was a level 20 golden shield!

Super Rich swallowed his saliva and excitedly chose to complete the transaction.

The shield appeared in his backpack.

He looked at the attributes of the shield and was rendered speechless. However, Mike wasted no time and threw two top-grade iron ingots into the forging furnace.

160 pieces of iron ingots could be used to forge 80 pieces of equipment.

One piece would take 10 minutes. 80 pieces would take 800 minutes, which was 10 hours.

This time was too long. Mike did not want to waste it.

By the time Super Rich came back to his senses, the third piece of equipment had already been half-forged.

Super Rich quickly said,

“I won’t be short of the money I promised you. Just forge it. I’ll transfer 150,000,000 federation coins into your account now.”

Mike smiled slightly and did not say anything else.

He knew that his income today would not be as simple as 150,000.

Because his third forging skill was clearly written.

[Forging: when forging, there is a 100% chance of producing the highest quality equipment within the range.]

With this skill, as long as he used top-grade iron ingots to forge, the end product would definitely be gold!