My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 62 - Forging to Make Money, the Value of Top-Grade Iron Ingots

Chapter 62: Forging to Make Money, the Value of Top-Grade Iron Ingots

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Charles’s eyes lit up and he said a little excitedly,

“You can get man-made equipment?”


Mike gently shook the red wine glass in his hand and nodded with a smile,

“Of course, as many as you want.”

Charles thought for a moment and said,

“How about this, if you can help me contact a master who specializes in forging equipment, I will give you 10% as the referral fee.”

This condition sounded very tempting. Even Little Fat Tom was a little excited.

However, Mike shook his head slightly and said,

“No, you’ve misunderstood. What I mean is that I’ll help you forge.”

Charles was slightly stunned,

“You know how to forge?”

“Of course.”

Looking at Mike’s confident look, Charles had no doubt.

He immediately nodded and said,

“Alright, I’ll provide the materials. You can help me forge it. Of course, I have requirements for the quality.

“If it’s junk equipment, I don’t want it even if it’s man-made. As long as you can forge good equipment, I won’t mind the cost of the materials.”

For a rich man like Charles, he did not care about such a small amount of money at all.

Mike smiled and said,

“Don’t worry, things I create will always be of top quality. Then, happy cooperation.”

Mike took the initiative to clink glasses with Charles.

Charles also wore a smile on his face. He was very satisfied with this cooperation.

A master often had his own methods. Charles would not pry too much into it.

A lower-ranked laborer, a middle-ranked laborer, and an upper-ranked laborer.

For Charles, he only needed to find someone who could do a good job. He was not interested in anything else.

Although the price was not very specific, Mike was not worried.

He knew that Charles would not be stingy.

After a meal in a happy atmosphere, Little Fat Tom gradually relaxed but was mostly silent.

After all, he was not familiar with Charles, and he did not know if he would offend the young master in front of him if he said anything.

At least the food in front of him was very good, and Tom ate happily.

Before he left, Charles said,

“In the future, you are welcome to dine at Medieval Rose anytime. You can also bring your friends. The bill is all on me.

“I promise that the unpleasant situation today will never happen again.”

Mike nodded with a smile and said nothing else.

This bit of money was nothing to Charles, but Charles would definitely attempt to rope him in.

Sure enough, Charles’s next sentence was,

“I plan to create a guild. By then, if you’re willing to join, I will definitely not mistreat you.”

Facing this invitation, Mike just smiled and nodded.

For the time being, he had not made a decision to join a guild, but he would not refuse.

Charles understood Mike’s thoughts, so he did not continue on this matter. Instead, he said,

“Later, I will log into the game and send you 80 pieces of excellent iron ore. You can use this batch of materials to forge a weapon first.”

“What did you say just now?”

Mike’s expression was a little strange.

Charles was slightly stunned.

“80 pieces of excellent iron ores. Is there a problem? Wait, could it be...”

Mike finally could not help but laugh,

“When you bought the iron ores, were there 90 pieces?”

Charles instantly understood,

“You actually sold that batch of iron ore?!”

The two looked at each other and then laughed loudly.

They had unexpectedly completed their first cooperation long ago. It was just that they did not know each other.

On the other hand, Little Fat Tom was listening to their conversation in bewilderment.

’90 excellent iron ores?

‘Where did Mike get these good things?’

At this time, he suddenly remembered something Mike said.

“The God Slayer you mentioned is me.”

Thinking of this sentence, Tom’s eyes widened.

‘Can this sentence be true?’

Before he could react, Mike bade farewell to Charles, and Tom had to leave the shop with him.

Mike stopped a taxi and got into the car with Little Tom.

Along the way, Little Tom found it difficult to initiate the conversation.

He felt that such matter was not something easy to say.

After all, God Slayer was so famous now that practically everyone knew of him.

He decided to go to the game and ask Mike what happened.

The taxi sent Tom home first, and then took Mike back to his place.

After paying, Mike immediately logged into the game.

After entering Second World, Mike went to the mailbox.

There was a post office in every city, and the letters that players received needed to be taken out of the mailbox.

Opening the mailbox, he saw that he had indeed received a letter from Super Rich.

The content was very simple.

“I’ll leave the equipment to you. The price will definitely satisfy you!”

The attachment was 80 pieces of excellent iron ores.

Ten of them had been submitted to the quest by Super Rich.

Although players like Super Rich would definitely not forge their own iron ores, they could still obtain some experience from the quest.

It was very normal for rich people to spend money to buy experience.

It was very reasonable.

Mike smiled and took out 80 pieces of iron ores before heading to the blacksmith shop.

Every city had a blacksmith shop, and Hero City was no exception.

After arriving at the blacksmith shop, Mike smiled at the blacksmith shop owner,

“Can I borrow your equipment? I want to forge some equipment.”

The blacksmith shop owner immediately bowed enthusiastically,

“It’s our honor that Lord God Slayer is willing to use our equipment!”

The surrounding players were all shocked at the sight of this scene.

‘An NPC is actually so polite to a player?’

However, when they saw the ID God Slayer on Mike’s head, all the surprise disappeared.

So it was God Slayer. Then, nothing was strange, in fact, it was very reasonable.

Almost everyone knew that NPCs were very friendly to Mike.

After getting the permission of the blacksmith shop owner, Mike immediately began his work.

First, he put the iron ores into the furnace to be smelted.

The three skills for forging were mining, smelting, and forging.

After mining the ore, the ore had to be smelted into metal ingots before it could be forged.

Naturally, Mike had the Smelting skill.

[Smelting (god-tier passive enhancement): when smelting, there is a 100% chance of obtaining two excellent metal ingots.]

Mike placed a portion of iron ores into the furnace.

One minute later, two portions of metal ingots were out of the furnace.

[Top-grade iron ingots * 2]

Mike looked at the two portions of top-grade iron ingots in his hands and smiled slightly.

He did not stop. He proceeded to put in another piece of iron ore and began to smelt it.

It took a total of 80 minutes for all 80 pieces of iron ores to be smelted.

At this moment, there were 160 pieces of top-grade iron ingots in Mike’s bag.

Normal iron ingots could only produce white to green equipment at most.

On the other hand, excellent iron ingots could produce green to blue equipment.

Top-grade iron ingots can create blue to gold equipment!