My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 61 - The World Is Really Small, First Meeting With Super Rich

Chapter 61: The World Is Really Small, First Meeting With Super Rich

After hearing this, the manager finally could not help but laugh without restraint.

The waiter standing at the side also covered his mouth and tried hard to stifle his laughter.

Mike saw the manager’s reaction and slightly frowned, somewhat dissatisfied.

Little Fat Tom on the other side raised his hand to cover his face.

It was too embarrassing!

Even Little Fat Tom knew that the expenses of this store were definitely not something that they could easily afford, thus he had no intention of coming in at first.

He did not expect things to develop to this extent.

Just as the manager was laughing loudly, a cough came from the private room.

The smile on the manager’s face froze.

He knew what this cough meant. His laughter had disturbed the young master.

The manager walked quickly to the private room with a nervous expression and apologized repeatedly. Then, he carefully exited the private room and gently closed the door.

Following that, he frowned and opened his mouth. His voice was obviously much lower than before.

“The most expensive red wine in our shop is 4,000 federation coins per bottle. Can you afford it? If you can’t afford it, then leave quickly. Don’t hinder our business.”

When he heard the figure of 4,000 federation coins, blood drained from Little Fat Tom’s face.

His monthly living expenses were only 500 federation coins.

He did not expect a bottle of red wine to be so expensive.

Little Fat Tom subconsciously wanted to apologize and was ready to leave, but Mike snorted coldly and said,

“Isn’t it just 4,000 federation coins?”

Hearing this, the manager and the waiter were stunned.

Meanwhile, Little Fat Tom was full of surprise.

‘Isn’t it just 4000 federation coins?

‘Mike actually said such words.

‘Can it be that he really won the lottery?’

The next moment, Mike took out his cell phone and made a call.

This number was left to him by a good friend in the game.

Super Rich!

As long as he made a call to Super Rich now and said that he was willing to take him to dungeons to level up in the afternoon, or promised to give him a batch of high-quality equipment.

For Super Rich, this amount of money was nothing.

Moreover, Mike was sure that Super Rich would be very willing to pay.

After he made the call, the surrounding fell silent.

The manager and the waiter stared at Mike as if they were looking at a joke.

Obviously, Mike must be pretending or calling his parents to ask for money.

Judging from his clothes, his family must be very poor, and his parents would never give him money.

However, the next moment, a heart-stopping sound rang.

It was a very ordinary ringtone, but the reason why it made him so nervous was that the ringtone came from the innermost private room.

Furthermore, only the eldest young master was in the room!

‘Why is the eldest young master’s cell phone ringing when this kid made a call?

‘Can it be a call to the eldest young master?

‘No, impossible, how can the eldest young master know such a person?’

Mike looked at his cell phone and then looked at the innermost room, and he could not help but have a trace of doubt in his heart.

‘Could it really be such a coincidence?’

The next moment, the phone in the private room stopped ringing, and the call from Mike’s phone was picked up.

“Hello, who is this?”

A young man’s voice came from the phone.

The voice was not loud, but the manager heard it.

The manager’s face turned pale.

It really was the young master!

Mike narrowed his eyes slightly and said,

“I didn’t expect Medieval Rose to be your family’s property…

“I’m the one who brought you through Spider’s Lair. Our previous transition was very pleasant.”

Then, the phone call was disconnected.

Mike did not say anything and directly put the phone back into his pocket.

The manager feared to even breathe loudly.

He could tell that the man in front of him definitely knew the young master.

Following that, the door of the innermost room opened.

A handsome young man walked out. He looked the same age as Mike.

The young man came in front of Mike and sized him up. He smiled and reached out his right hand,

“I didn’t expect for us to meet in the real world.”

Mike also extended his hand to shake his hand. He smiled and said,

“I didn’t expect it either.”

The next second, the young man turned to look at the manager. The smile on his face turned cold again. He said,

“You’re fired.”

“Ah?” The manager trembled and immediately knelt on the ground,

“Young master, please forgive me this time. I didn’t know that he was your friend!”

The manager immediately burst into tears.

Seeing this scene, the waiter’s face turned pale.

The manager had been fired. Could he still stay?

The salary of this job was very generous. He really did not want to leave.

So, he also knelt down and begged for mercy.

Little Fat Tom was completely dumbfounded. He could not understand what had happened at all.

How did Mike know the young master of this restaurant?

Why did things turn out like this after he made that phone call?

This was simply too amazing.

Was this Mike in front of him really the good friend that he knew?

The young master said coldly,

“Don’t make me say it again. Both of you are fired. Hurry up and leave.”

The manager still wanted to beg for mercy, but the security guards had already walked over and directly took the two people out.

The restaurant quickly returned to its usual calm.

The young master looked at Mike with a smile. His attitude was completely different compared to how he treated the manager.

“Do you mind eating together?”

Mike smiled and said, “Sure.”

The young master turned his head again, looked at Tom, and asked,

“This is?”

Little Fat Tom was so nervous that he could not say a word, while Mike spoke on his behalf,

“This is my good friend.”

The eldest young master nodded and reached out to shake Tom’s hand. “Hello, my name is Charles.”

Little Fat Tom nervously reached out both hands to hold Charles’s hand and said, “My… my name is Tom.”

Charles smiled slightly and led the two into the box. He then called the waiter and ordered the same food for them.

“The foie gras here is very good. I hope you like it.”

Charles greeted them politely and then looked at Mike.

“Last time, we worked very well together. When will you have time to come again?”

“I’m now above level 20, but the equipment was still the ones you sold to me last time. I intend to change for some better equipment.”

Mike smiled slightly,

“What’s the price?”

Charles said with a smile,

“Now level 10 equipment is not so valuable anymore. I’ll give you the same price for level 20 equipment.”

Mike nodded slightly.

It was normal for the items in the early stages to be priced by the day.

Although the pieces of level 10 equipment were eliminated in a day and seemed wasteful.

However, without that equipment, Charles would not have been able to reach level 20 so quickly.

The price Charles offered was very reasonable. It was even considered generous.

However, Mike remained his smile and said,

“You are talking about equipment produced by the system. Then, what if it is man-made equipment?”