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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: How Dare He Insult That Lord! He Must Be Tired of Living

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

All of a sudden, Mike came to his senses.

It turned out that his SSS-grade talent skill had effectively displayed its abilities.

The friendliness level was divided into peace, friendliness, respect, and fanatical faith.

Every human player had a passive skill, Human Affinity.

It had ordinary effects. In fact, it was just a 10 point friendliness with human NPCs.

[Relationship]: Peace.

[Friendship]: 10.

That was all.

The reason why it was such an ordinary effect was that it required 100 friendship points to advance to the next level.

Moreover, this skill was available to every race.

Dwarven players all had Dwarf Affinity.

Elf players all had Elf Affinity.

There was no difference between everyone, thus was very reasonable.

Between the same races, they had no problem with one another’s friendliness.

Therefore, this passive skill was commonly ignored by everyone.

However, now, because of his SSS-grade talent, Mike had directly raised his friendliness from peace to respect!

That was why the village chief called Mike “lord”.

While the other players were only “young adventurers” or “young lads”.

This was a difference visible to everyone.

Meanwhile, a difference that was not visible to everyone was... the difference in the quest level!

Similarly, it was also a beginner Kill the Chicken quest.

Other players received white-colored quests, and the rewards were very ordinary, just a few copper coins.

On the other hand, Mike received blue!

The rewards would definitely be decent!!!

Thinking of this, Mike smiled faintly and chose to accept the quest.

After choosing, the village chief immediately became excited, “Thank you, sir! Thank you for helping our village!”

Seeing this scene, the other players’ expressions became strange.

‘He’s just helping to kill a few chickens, is there a need to be so excited?’

Mike ignored everyone’s gazes and directly walked towards the direction of killing the chickens.

The few players who remained on the spot looked at each other in dismay.

The player called Big Fist who was standing at the front asked the village chief,

“Hello, do you have a mission?”

The village chief turned around and glanced at the player. His respectful expression changed for a calm one.

“Young man, you want to work, right?

“There are a few chickens over there. Help me kill them and send them to the butcher shop. I will give you 10 copper coins for your hard work.”

Big Fist was shocked and was even a little angry.

“Old man, are you looking for trouble?

“Why were you so polite talking to that guy? Why do you look so high and mighty when you talk to me? Aren’t you afraid I’ll beat you up?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the village chief’s expression turned ugly.

Big Fist also received two notifications from the game system.

[You have angered the village chief. Your friendliness has decreased to indifference!]

[You have angered the village chief. Your friendliness has decreased to hostility!]

Seeing these two notifications, Big Fist was slightly stunned. Before he could react, he was sent flying by the village chief’s kick.

At this moment, the village chief did not look like the skinny old man from before.

From the looks of it, he was obviously a super expert!

Seeing Big Fist kicked to death on the spot and turning into white light, the village chief snorted and said to himself, “How dare he insult that lord. He must be tired of living.”

After saying that, the village chief turned to look at the other players and asked, “Guys, you want to work?”

The other players looked at each other, stunned.


On the other hand, Mike had already arrived at the outskirts of the village.

There were many chickens here, which was Mike’s main target. Killing a few chickens was easy.

Mike smiled and took out a wooden sword from his backpack.

This was a beginner weapon, and everyone had it.

After having the weapon, Mike carefully approached one of the chickens. Once he was within a certain distance, he raised and swung his sword.

[You have attacked the chicken, causing 1 damage!]

Although only 1 damage was dealt, the chicken only had 2 HP. Before the chicken could retaliate, Mike swung his wooden sword again.

[You have attacked the chicken, causing 1 damage, the chicken is dead!]

[You have successfully killed the chicken. Obtained 2 EXP!]

The chicken immediately collapsed onto the ground. Mike squatted down and touched the chicken’s corpse. Immediately, a notification appeared.

[Obtained chicken meat * 1]

Mike smiled slightly. Kill the Chicken was a white quest in itself. It was too easy.

After collecting chicken meat, he immediately began to kill the other chickens.

The interesting thing was that these chickens would not run away after seeing their companions being killed.

However, this was nothing. It was just a game. There was no need to pay attention to these details.

Very quickly, Mike successfully killed ten chickens.

It was worth mentioning that after Mike killed five chickens, he had already leveled up.

This was because of his passive skill, Good at Learning (god-level passive enhancement).

Other players could only gain 1 EXP by killing chickens, but Mike could gain 2 EXP by killing chickens.

Other players needed to kill ten chickens to level up, yet Mike only needed to kill five chickens.

With ten chickens, Mike walked towards the butcher.

Before arriving, the butcher started shouting enthusiastically,

“Hello, sir!”

The other players looked at Mike in surprise.

Mike did not know whether to laugh or cry. This was too high-profile.

It seemed that this SSS-grade talent skill was too powerful.