My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Strongest Player in the New Region, Strongest Left Fist

The Tower of Challenges was located to the South of Hero City.

It was a special place.

Because the Tower of Challenges had no level requirement, anyone could enter, but only one person could enter.

If you entered at level 20, the tower would have a level 20 monster.

If you entered at level 30, the tower would have a level 30 monster.

It might seem like a suitable place for everyone to level up, but that was not the case.

This was because the Tower of Challenges had a very difficult part.

Players were not allowed to use their own potions!

With this, players had to be extra careful when entering the Tower of Challenges.

If they did not have the skills to recover their HP and mana, they would not go far.

They might as well go to other leveling grounds.

Hence, in everyone’s eyes, the Tower of Challenges was only suitable for two types of players.

One type was an expert with very good skills. Someone that could complete each level’s challenge while suffering as little damage as possible, thus obtaining very high rewards.

The other type was a player with a special recovery skill.

They could use their own skills to recover their HP and mana. In a map like the Tower of Challenges, which restricted potion usage, they would still be at an advantage.

However, no one had expected the third type of person who was also suited to go to the Tower of Challenges.

That was, invincible players.

Although it was very strange, there were indeed such players in the world, such as Mike.

Mike arrived at the Tower of Challenges with ease.

He had tried it once but failed on the fifth floor. The reward was pitifully small, he would have been better off fighting ordinary monsters to level up.

From then on, he never came to the Tower of Challenges again.

However, in this life, he wanted to try and find out how many floors there were in the Tower of Challenges!

In his previous life’s memory, the highest record of the Tower of Challenges was the 58th floor.

The player’s ID was Raven of Hell, and he was an expert!


When he came to the Tower of Challenges, Mike looked at the tower that pierced through the clouds and was unable to see the top of the tower. He sighed with emotion.

After repeating his life, he did not expect to come to this place again.

This time, he wanted to break the record set by Raven of Hell and create a record that no one could break!

Thinking of this, Mike was about to lift his foot and enter.

However, he heard a voice beside him.

“Eh, are you God Slayer?”

Mike was slightly stunned. He turned his head and saw a bald martial artist player.

His ID was Strongest Left Fist.

When he saw this player, Mike revealed a surprised look.

Because Mike knew who Strongest Left Fist was!

In his previous life, Strongest Left Fist was the number one player in this batch of players.

In other words, he was the most powerful player this year!

Not only was Strongest Left Fist a popular player in the new region back then (which was this year), he was also a popular player when he entered the big server the following year and was fought over by various large guilds.

In the end, he was signed by Myth Guild with an annual salary of five million and became the right-hand man of Myth’s Guild leader, Moon Picking.

It could be said that he had soared to the sky with a single step.

Such a high and mighty figure was not someone that Mike could come into contact with in his previous life.

Though in this life, the other party actually took the initiative to come over and greet him.

This feeling was very strange…

Mike pulled back his thoughts and nodded, “It’s me.”

Strongest Left Fist looked mike up and down for a while and said in puzzlement,

“I’ve heard a lot of things about you, and I know that you’re very strong, but I have a question…”

Strongest Left Fist touched his bald head and asked with a completely incomprehensible expression,

“Why don’t you… wear any equipment?”

Mike smiled slightly and said, “Because I don’t need any equipment.”

This sentence could be said to have completely shocked Strongest Left Fist.

In his eyes, he was already arrogant to the extreme and had completely disregarded everyone else.

He did not expect God Slayer to be even more arrogant than him.

At this time, Strongest Left Fist saw the golden weapon in Mike’s hand and understood.

“Looks like your confidence comes from this weapon.”

Mike waved the Umbrella of Meredith in his hand and smiled. “You want to snatch it?”

Strongest Left Fist shook his head. “Snatching other people’s weapons is not my style, but I do want to compete with you and see who is better.”

Mike was not surprised by Strongest Left Fist’s words.

Because in his memories of his previous life, Strongest Left Fist was such a person. He liked to challenge all kinds of experts and prove himself by defeating them.

Mike smiled and looked at the Tower of Challenges,

“In that case, why don’t we compete to see who can reach the higher level?”

Strongest Left Fist smiled.


The two of them walked into the Tower of Challenges at the same time.

After entering, they saw three goblins.

This was the first level of the Tower of Challenges. Many players were confused by the weak monsters on this level and mistaken the Tower of Challenges for being easy.

However, when they reached the fifth level, they would understand how difficult the Tower of Challenges was.

Mike raised his hand and changed the Umbrella of Meredith into its gun form.

He raised his hand and fired a series of shots, instantly killing all three monsters.

On the other side, the Strongest Left Fist had also instantly killed the three goblins on the first level and entered the second level.

The competition between the two new region masters had officially begun!