My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: This Disciple Is a Fool, Right?

Hearing Mike’s words, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was slightly stunned, obviously unable to react.

Meanwhile, Cold Shot, who was hiding in the corner, was startled.

‘How on earth am I discovered?!’

‘This is impossible!!!’

The previous assassination attempt on God Slayer had failed, but it did not mean that he would give up.

After all, the price offered by the employer was too high.

So this time, he changed his tactics.

Because he discovered a problem. The God Slayer seemed to have a skill that could block physical attacks.

Since that was the case, he spent a sum of money to hire 15 mages to help him assassinate the God Slayer.

This time, he would definitely succeed!

At first, Cold Shot had received a message from the informant arranged in the city, saying that the God Slayer had gone to the South gate.

He immediately brought his men to ambush them.

The moment he saw the God Slayer appear, Cold Shot was overjoyed.

That was because the God Slayer was not wearing any equipment!

This way, their chances of assassinating him would increase by another point!

However, now, they had been discovered!

Cold Shot’s face immediately turned ugly.

Since he could not assassinate them, he could only fight them head-on!

Anyway, he had 15 mages with him, so he was not afraid of him at all!

After Cold Shot cheered himself up, he jumped out and laughed arrogantly.

“Hahahaha, God Slayer, today is the day you die!

“Brothers, kill him!”

Mike did not say anything. He silently took out the Umbrella of Meredith.

With this weapon, he was immune to all magic damage. Easy!

After he took out the Umbrella of Meredith, he turned his head to look at The World’s Greatest Sword Hero.

After all, there were more than a dozen people on the enemy side. This idiot should know when to retreat.

Who knew…

“Damn it! If you want to touch my master, over my dead body!”

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero did not hesitate at all. He directly rushed forward with a level 5 white longsword in his hand.

Seeing this scene, Mike was speechless.

‘Is this kid really a fool?’

‘Isn’t he afraid of death?’

His roar had indeed attracted Cold Shot’s attention.

Cold Shot raised his head and glanced at him. He disdainfully raised his hand and fired two shots.

“What kind of trash dares to interfere with my work?”

These two shots hit The World’s Greatest Sword Hero without any suspense and killed him on the spot.

When Mike saw this scene, he was even more speechless.

‘This kid is a fool!’

‘Did he not plan to dodge at all???’

After The World’s Greatest Sword Hero’s corpse turned into a white light, Cold Shot seemed to have regained a trace of confidence.

He looked at Mike and sneered, “Kid, I know you are very strong, but this time you must die here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a roar came from the city gate of Hero City.

“Let go of my master, come at me if you have the ability!”

Mike and Cold Shot looked over at the same time. It was actually that fool from before.

He rushed over immediately after resurrecting!

This time, Cold Shot said nothing and immediately fired two shots.

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero died again.

And this time, even his weapon dropped.

However, because it was a white level 5 weapon, it was invaluable. No one was willing to pick it up.

Cold Shot sneered and said, “The world is finally peaceful. Brothers, get ready…”

Before he could finish his words, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero charged out again.

“Don’t touch my master!!!”

Mike, “…”

Cold Shot, “…”

This kid had died twice in a row. He had already decreased by one level and was now level 11.

Moreover, he had lost all his weapons. Now, he was completely unarmed. He actually ran over here in that form!

This kid was a true idiot!!!

Cold Shot seemed to be a little annoyed. He directly used a skilled headshot and killed The World’s Greatest Sword Hero with one shot.

Without a doubt, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero died once again.

Mike’s heart did not waver.

Anyway, he was not related to this fool. If he died, so be it. It had nothing to do with him.

Though in the next second, Cold Shot’s death-seeking words angered him.

“I don’t think you’re that great, kid. I’ve killed your disciple several times, but you’re still indifferent. Are you afraid?”

Hearing this, Mike narrowed his eyes and looked at Cold Shot coldly. “You said… I’m afraid?”

Cold Shot was originally a little arrogant, but after being looked at by Mike, he actually trembled.

He suddenly remembered the scene where he led more than a dozen people to besiege Mike and was easily killed.

After all, the other party was the God Slayer!

However, he had already come this far, and there was no turning back. With so many subordinates watching, he definitely could not back down.

Cold Shot gritted his teeth and roared, “If you’re not afraid, why did you let your disciple die in vain and not fight back?”

At this moment, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero had resurrected and once again arrived at the scene.

He heard Cold Shot’s words.

In the next second, his eyes widened.

“I’m sorry, you seem to have misunderstood something.” Mike held the Umbrella of Meredith in his left hand and slowly walked forward.

“When did I say that I won’t be fighting back?”