My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: The Setting of the Game Was Nothing in Front of Mike

After seeing the ID of the person in front of him, Mike frowned.

He thought that the Legend of the Hero mission would end here, but who knew there would be a follow-up.

However, after some careful thinking, it seemed normal.

If it was so easy to complete, it was impossible that no one could complete it once.

The greater the difficulty, the more valuable the reward was.

Mike’s furrowed brows gradually relaxed as he began to observe the structure of the room.

First of all, Welsh was tied up in the middle of the room and had no room for movement.

Meanwhile, the four-handed monster patrolled constantly, moving left and right.

Looking at this, Mike felt that something was not right.

If it was just fighting monsters, there was no need for the four-handed monster to patrol as such.

It just needed to stand in the room and kill whoever came in.

There must be a reason for such a design.

Mike began to carefully observe the room.

Soon, he found that there was a treasure chest hidden on the far right side of the room!

It was golden!

All of a sudden, Mike became excited.

There were many treasure chests in Second World, but from green onwards, the number of treasures was scarce.

As for what could be obtained from the treasure, it was random.

However, one thing was certain, the color of the treasure chest determined what value the treasure chest had.

A golden treasure chest, even if one had bad luck, the rewards were definitely still much better than a purple treasure chest!

Seeing this, Mike understood.

No wonder this monster was patrolling left and right.

In fact, this design was to let the players find an opportunity.

When the monster walked to the leftmost side, players could open the treasure chest.

Then, even if the monster noticed the players and rushed over to attack, there was still a certain distance between them.

The player could successfully get the items in the treasure chest!

After thinking this through, it was not surprising that the monster would patrol.


Mike still walked directly in the direction of the monster.

‘Open the treasure chest?

‘Why not open it after killing the monster?’

Mike had just taken a few steps forward before the monster noticed Mike and immediately came over to him.

From this, it could be seen that the monster’s aggro range was very wide.

If players wanted to get close to the box without being discovered by the monster, they needed to carefully control the aggro range.

This was also a test for the players. In other words, the box was likely to contain an important tool to defeat the monster.

All of these settings were very reasonable and lived up to the Legend of the Hero’s name as the most difficult mission.

Though for Mike, everything was simple.


One of the four-handed monsters raised a long knife and slashed at Mike, but he easily blocked it.

Then, the other three hands took turns attacking Mike.

Knife, key, ax, hammer.

The four weapons attacked differently and had varied attack frequencies.

If normal players wanted to dodge every attack and find an opening to counterattack, it would indeed be very difficult.


If normal players came here but had low attack power, it would be very difficult to fight.

They might even need to fight for an hour or two!

A long and intense battle would exhaust a lot of the players’ mental strength, and they might end up making mistakes.

One mistake could result in the failure of the Legend of the Hero.

However, all of these difficulties were not worth mentioning in front of Mike.


Other than simple, it was only simple!

Because Mike did not have to do anything. He just needed to stand there and let the four-handed monster attack him continuously.

Mike did not even bother to take the initiative to attack. After all, his attack power was too low. The damage dealt was not even as high as the rebound damage, so he just let it be.

After about 3 minutes, the monster used up its last bit of HP and fell to the ground.

Previously, after defeating the statue monsters in the tunnel, Mike had already gained a lot of experience points. This time, the experience points was even more generous.

Because of the large amount of experience points, Mike had directly reached level 23!

After all, the four-handed monster was only a quest monster. Although its strength was definitely at the boss level, it did not drop anything.

Even though Welsh was tied to a pillar and could not move, he still witnessed the entire process. at this moment, he was stunned.

“Lord God Slayer, you actually killed this monster alone?”

The original design of this quest was to let the players find an opportunity to untie the NPC’s ropes and let the NPC fight along with the players.

However, Mike took care of it himself.

Looking at the dumbfounded Welsh, Mike did not pay attention to him. Instead, he turned around and walked to the treasure chest on the right side of the room.

Open the chest first!

Crack crack.

After a jolt, the chest opened.

The items inside the chest shone with a golden light, turning Mike’s face golden.

“Damn, this thing is too awesome!”