My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: 11 Key Fragments

Mike turned around, and the long passage before him was already filled with statue monsters.

The closest one to him was a level 30 monster, and the furthest one was a level 20 monster.

If an ordinary player came here, the normal method of fighting would be to fight the level 20 monster first, then followed by level 21, 22, 23…

Last would be the level 30 monster, which totaled up to 11 monsters.

This was actually a very difficult challenge for players.

Since the previous quest requirement that allowed no injuries was still applied. In other words, players had to take turns to fight these 11 monsters and they could not be attacked by the monsters throughout the process.

Unless you could defeat them with overwhelming strength, this was a very big test for players’ skills.

Because these 11 monsters’ attacking methods, characteristics, and skills may be different.

Sometimes, there would even be unexpected situations.

The players would need to deal with them perfectly every time, there was no room for trial and error!

Moreover, a variety of skills may be required to deal with these monsters, and the players must prepare sufficient mana potions. If they were lacking, they may end up in an awkward position where they could not use their skills.

However, these problems were nonexistent to Mike!

Mana potions? Mike had no need for them because he would not be using any skills at all.

Skills? Mike did not need them. He only needed to use the most direct and simple method to clear the level perfectly.

As for the skills and attack methods of these monsters?

That was even less important.

From the appearance, it was clear that these monsters used physical attacks. Mike could block all of these attacks!

At this moment, the statue monster closest to Mike had already walked in front of Mike.

It was a Minotaur who held a huge ax in its hand. It gave off a feeling of immense strength.

The Minotaur raised the huge ax in its hand high up. It let out a bellow and smashed the huge ax down heavily.

If it was any other player that was facing such an attack, they would be very worried. This attack could probably directly kill the player!

The difference of 10 levels was not a small challenge for any ordinary player.

However, Mike raised his left hand casually.


The huge ax smashed heavily on the tip of the sword, but only a soft sound was heard.


This Minotaur’s HP suddenly dropped by a large chunk!

At this moment, Mike was not wearing any protective equipment, so his defense was extremely low.

Under such circumstances, the damage that the Minotaur could deal was very high. Therefore, after Mike’s successful block, the recoil damage was equally high.

From its appearance, this Minotaur’s HP should be very high.

If it was any other monster, it would have killed itself with just this attack!

Other monsters had also swarmed over, but Mike did not panic. He raised his hand and slashed at the Minotaur’s body.


Looking at the damage, Mike frowned slightly.

The damage was very low!

He was already level 21, and he was fighting a level 30 monster, but he was still using a level 10 weapon…

No wonder the damage was low.

‘Looks like I have to think of a way to get a new weapon,’ Mike thought.

As he recalled dungeons or parts of the map that were around level 20 and could produce a good weapon, he was also raising his hand to block the attacks of the surrounding mosters.

Every time he blocked, Mike remained calm.

However, the monsters would lose a large amount of HP because of the damage from the rebound.

As the difference grew, the monsters soon fell one by one.

Meanwhile, Mike kept receiving system notifications.

[Obtained key fragment 1/11.]

[Obtained key fragment 2/11.]

[Obtained key fragment 3/11.]


Soon, the last monster died.

The entire tunnel was littered with monster corpses.

Meanwhile, Mike’s backpack was already filled with 11 key fragments.

[Obtained key fragment 11/11, automatically synthesized.]

The next moment, a key appeared in Mike’s backpack.

Mike turned around and looked at the door behind him. There was a keyhole in the middle of the door.

It was evident that he could only obtain this key by killing all the monsters in the passage. Then, he could proceed to the next level after he opened the door.

Mike smiled, took the key out of his bag, and inserted it into the keyhole.

Although the key looked rusty, the process of opening the lock was smooth.

After a slight twist, the door began to tremble.

Then, the door slowly sank into the ground.

The inside of the room was apparent.

A person was tied up in the middle of the room.

There was a huge monster with four hands patrolling, seemingly guarding the “prisoner”.

Mike frowned slightly when he saw this.

That was because the “prisoner” had an NPC ID on his head.

“Adjutant Welsh”.

‘He isn’t Gilgamesh?’