My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Difficulty of the Legends of Heroes!

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Mike smiled as he walked toward the person on the ground.

In order to increase his speed, Mike no longer waited for these monsters to attack him. He attacked as he walked.




Numbers appeared above the heads of the surrounding monsters. None of the monsters could even withstand a normal attack from Mike.

Very quickly, the surrounding monsters had been cleared out. Meanwhile, Mike’s HP was still full.

He was unharmed!

Mike quickly stepped forward and came to the tree in front of him.

When he got closer, he realized that this person was already dead. It was a corpse.

Mike pursed his lips and remained silent.

In his previous life, Mike had also attempted the Legend of the Hero quest, but he had never progressed this far. He had failed at the first batch of Swamp Monsters that appeared in the outermost area of the Swamp Forest. A large number of people were directly eliminated as the quest’s requirement was to not receive any damages.

Of course, there were also experts who had made it this far, so Mike knew that he would meet a person here. Moreover, he also knew that this was where the clue for the second half of the mission would be.

However, he only knew the facts, he did not know the specific details. Therefore, he could only bend down and search the corpse in front of him.

Although the corpse was not rotten, it still felt really strange to do such a thing.

Soon, Mike found a letter in the corpse’s arms.

This was obviously a mission clue.

Without any hesitation, Mike opened the letter.

A sentence was clearly written on the letter:

“I’m tied up in the Swamp Cave, please send someone to help me!”

It was a simple sentence, and the paper even had some bloodstains. It showed how critical the situation was.

In that case, it made sense why the body would appear here.

It was likely that the soldier who came out to deliver the letter had died on the way, but it was strange that the body had not rotted.

However, Mike was not bothered by it.

He only wanted to complete the mission.

Looking around, Mike noticed that there was an area in front that was completely different from other places.

Although this place was a swamp, its name was Swamp Forest.

Since it was called a forest, trees should be present. However, the area in front of him was actually a completely empty space without any trees!

There must be a special reason for it. Mike immediately walked toward the empty space.

As soon as he stepped on it, his entire body sank at an abnormal speed.

Moreover, even if Mike wanted to move forward, he could not move at all.

Soon, his whole body sank into the swamp.

Silence was once again returned to the Swamp Forest.


When he opened his eyes, Mike found himself lying in a dimly lit cave. He had no memory of how he ended up lying here.

The reason why he could still vaguely see his surroundings was because of the dimly lit mushrooms on the surrounding stone walls.

Mike pulled up the game system and checked the time. He was not unconscious.

It seemed that the loss of consciousness was just a plot of the mission.

Mike stood up and looked at his surroundings. In a direction far away from him, there seemed to be some light.

This light was different from the dim light emitted by the surrounding mushrooms. It was an obvious flame.

It seemed that Mike had to go in that direction.

After confirming the direction, Mike lifted his foot and walked forward.

However, in the next second, he subconsciously raised his hand.


Mike was slightly stunned. He was actually attacked at this time!

If not for his Block skill, he would have failed the quest!

Thinking of this, Mike was once again shocked. This quest was indeed very difficult. No wonder everyone said that this was the most difficult quest in Second World!

As Mike walked forward, his left hand kept rising, making clanking sounds. However, his HP had never been damaged in the slightest.

Mike figured that the normal way to play this quest was to hold the torch in one hand and the weapon in the other. He had to be careful throughout his walk.

From the looks of it, it was almost impossible for a two-handed weapon player to complete this quest.

This kind of quest was simply too abnormal.

With a face full of concern, Mike easily passed through the long tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, which was where the light shone, was a brick tunnel.

Torches were hung at equal distance from each other along the sides of the tunnel, so there was absolutely no problem with the lighting.

Looking at the tunnel in front of him, Mike narrowed his eyes and revealed a playful smile.

There were rows of sculptures on both sides of the tunnel, and from the looks of it, it felt quite oppressive.

This design was very obvious, as long as the player was within a certain range, these sculptures would suddenly come to life and attack the player.

According to the design of this mission, ordinary players would probably need to defeat these sculptures one by one.

However, was Mike an ordinary player?

The answer was obvious, no!

He actually charged straight forward!

Every time he passed by a statue, the statue would tremble slightly and then stand up.

When Mike came to the end of the tunnel, the tunnel behind him was already filled with monsters.

Mike smiled slightly.

“It’s too slow to fight one by one. It’ll be easier if you attack together!”