My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Special Dungeon, Swamp Forest

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This dungeon actually had some specialties.

It did not give players a feeling where they had entered a dungeon at all. They could just walk straight into it.

The scene inside was no different from what one could see from the outside. It was just a forest with purple ground.

Of course, the opposite of this purple ground was not normal ground, but a swamp!

If he walked on this ground, he could fall into a hidden swamp at any time.

Once he fell in, he had to get out as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would die.

However, this posed no threat to Mike.

Before he obtained Swift Steps, Mike did not think that this task would be difficult for him. Now that he had doubled his movement speed, it was even easier.

Mike took a few tentative steps forward and suddenly felt the ground under his feet soften.

Then, he stopped and looked at his feet with an interested smile.

He saw that he was sinking bit by bit. In a short while, the area below his knees had sunk into the ground.

At the same time, Mike looked at his status bar and saw that there was an additional 50% debuff of movement speed.

However, average people would only be half as fast here. However, Mike had double the movement speed, so he was no different from the normal speed.

Mike lifted his feet and walked forward. He felt as if he was walking in water. He could feel resistance, but his speed was still the same as normal speed.

The design of this swamp was that as long as you walked forward, your body would gradually float.

Hence, Mike quickly walked out of the swamp and returned his feet on the ground.

Looking back at the swamp behind him, which was no different from normal ground, Mike actually found this setting pretty interesting.

If it were any other player, they probably would not be smiling right now because movement speed often affected the operation.

Moreover, attacks that were dodgable would become unavoidable.

However, Mike did not have this kind of pressure, so he found it interesting.

As he continued to walk forward, a few monsters that looked like mud suddenly appeared from the ground in front of him.

These monsters all had the same name on their heads, Swamp Monsters.

These were level 20 monsters, and their slow speed and disgusting appearance were their characteristics.

Mike smiled and pulled out his poisonous sword before walking forward.

This mission was very difficult for players.

It was not difficult to deal with these Swamp Monsters, though it was difficult to deal with them in the swamp.

This was because once a player accidentally walked into the swamp, their movement speed would slow down, and they would need to keep walking forward.

If they stopped moving, their entire body would quickly sink, and they would die.

This was already difficult enough, but the most difficult part of the quest was the requirement where players could not receive any damage.

This was also the reason why no one had been able to complete this quest for so many years.

Something worth mentioning was that some people had thought of?increasing their levels prior to completing this quest.

Then, when they encountered the monsters, they could instantly kill them with one move. With that, they would not receive any damage.

However, someone had tried this idea and it did not work.

The Swamp Forest dungeon was actually not a normal dungeon, but a special dungeon.

If the players did not accept the Legend of the Hero quest, then the?Swamp Forest was just a part of the map. The players could enter and leave as they pleased. The monsters here would only be level 20 normal monsters.

However, after the Legend of the Hero quest was accepted, entering the Swamp Forest was equivalent to entering a dungeon.

This was also why it felt as if one had entered a private space after entering the Swamp Forest.

Since this was a special dungeon, the calculation of the game difficulty would definitely be different.

If one were to do the Legend of the Hero mission at level 20, then the difficulty would be calculated at level 20.

Similarly, if one attempted the Legend of the Hero mission at level 200, the difficulty would be calculated at level 200.

Moreover, if one were to do this mission at level 20, the difficulty might even be above a normal level 30 mission.

Then, one could imagine how difficult level 200 would be.

Therefore, the earlier he completed this mission, the better!

Some players who had accidentally exceeded level 20 ended up killing themselves just for the sake of completing this mission.

However, these all applied to other people. To Mike, he was confident that he could complete this mission regardless of how level!


One of the Swamp Monster slowly attacked Mike, but it was blocked by the poisonous sword in Mike’s hand.


The block was successful and did not cause any damage.

This was Mike’s biggest advantage!

He passed the level unscathed, and there was no pressure at all!

In the Swamp Forest, Mike walked around casually, and he did not even bother to take the initiative to attack these monsters.

As long as he took a beating, the monsters would kill themselves, so all Mike needed to do was walk forward.

Soon, Mike saw a figure sitting under a tree.

A smile appeared on Mike’s face. That figure was the key to the mission.