My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Unexpected Gain! Passive Skill, Swift Steps

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When he saw the dialog box, the corner of Mike’s eyes twitched twice.

‘This is too f*cking evil, isn’t it?

‘It cost 1 gold coin just to go in and take a look???’

This price was indeed expensive, but Mike still paid for it. At the same time, he posted on the forum again, “buying game coins”.

After he entered the mysterious shop, Mike subconsciously took in the surrounding environment. After all, it was his first time entering the shop.

However, after looking at it, Mike found that the mysterious shop gave him an old and shabby feeling.

Dust and spider webs covered the shop. The display shelves beside the wall were pretty much empty. One of the boards was even broken yet the boss was not even bothered to fix it.

At this moment, the stooped black-hearted businessman was standing behind the counter. He smiled sinisterly and said, “You’re here to buy something, right?”

Mike nodded. Then, a list appeared in front of him. The words of the black-hearted businessman rang by his ears,

“Since you want to buy something, then pick something. Maybe you can find something you like?”

Mike ignored him and was focused on looking at the items in front of him.

As he looked at them, Mike frowned.

The items here were indeed much more expensive than the items sold outside.

Take the equipment for example.

A level 20 green equipment here was actually priced at 100 gold coins!

One had to know that the amount paid by Super Rich to buy Mike’s equipment was already very high. Five green equipment should only be priced at 2,000 federation coins.

Moreover, Mike spent 10,000 federation coins to buy 100 gold coins!

It was simply a sky-high price!

However, Mike did not choose to leave immediately.

It cost him a lot of money to enter the shop. He had to look carefully. Perhaps there would be something suitable for him?

Subconsciously, Mike was feeling a little regretful.

He wished he had sold more equipment to Super Rich.

Judging by the amount of money Mike had, he could probably only afford one or two items from the mysterious shop.

Moreover, this was after he had spent all his federation coins to purchase game coins.

As he flipped through the list, Mike could not bear to look at it anymore.

There were no good items. They were all trash and expensive.

Everyone said that the old man in the mysterious shop was a black-hearted businessman. It was indeed true!

Just as he was about to close the list in front of him, Mike suddenly glanced at the corner of his eye and saw an indistinct item.

[Swift steps (passive): movement speed increases by 1%.]

[Price: 50 gold coins!]

When he saw this skill book, Mike’s eyes lit up!

This was something that was suitable for him!!!

“Boss, I want to buy this!” Mike immediately decided.

When the black-hearted merchant saw the skill book that Mike had chosen, he slightly frowned and said, “Lord God Slayer actually wants to buy such a useless skill?”

Hearing this, Mike rolled his eyes.

‘You know this skill is f*cking useless yet you dare to sell it at such an expensive price?’

However, the black-hearted merchant may have said that, but his words meant otherwise as he still immediately agreed to the deal.

This skill book was sold for 50 gold coins, so the black-hearted merchant definitely made a huge profit. The market price was at most 1 gold coin, or even less than 1 gold coin.

However, the market price was the market price. Mike could not just buy passive skills on a large scale as this would cause others to suspect that his innate skill was related to being passive.

He would rather spend more money to hide his trump card. This was common knowledge in Second World.

After the transaction was successful, the gold coins in Mike’s backpack had almost been emptied.

These 50 gold coins were only obtained after he bought them on the forum. Otherwise, how could an ordinary player have so many gold coins on their first day in the new region?

After buying this skill, Mike looked through the entire list of goods. After he confirmed that there were no other skill books, Mike left.

The trip to the mysterious shop cost 51 gold coins, which was equivalent to 5100 federation coins.

This was simply unimaginable for ordinary players.

However, Mike was in a great mood at this moment.

Because his skill list had another passive skill.

[Swift Steps (god-tier passive enhancement), increased movement speed by 100%!]

With this skill, Mike would not have to face the same situation that had happened in the novice village.

Chasing after four players and not being able to catch up because of his movement speed was quite unpleasant.

The fact that he was unable to catch up to the four players he was chasing because of his slow movement speed was rather unpleasant.

In the future, if anyone provoked him again, that person would not be able to escape anymore!

With a happy mood, Mike left Hero City and headed straight for Swamp Forest.

After his movement speed was doubled, Mike’s travel speed was greatly accelerated.

Originally, it would take 40 minutes to get from Hero City to the Swamp Forest, but Mike only took 30 minutes to get there.

As for why it was not 15 minutes, it was because Mike chose a path with monsters along the way. In order to prevent the monsters from falling behind, Mike slowed down his pace.

When he arrived at the entrance of the Swamp Forest dungeon, Mike had already reached level 21. There was probably no other player in the entire Second World who could level up as fast as Mike.

There was also no other player who could fight monsters like Mike. As long as he walked among the monsters and took a beating, the monsters would “commit suicide”.

Looking at the forest in front of him, Mike smiled and walked in.

[Entering the Swamp Forest dungeon.]