My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Black-Hearted Mysterious Shop

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Upon hearing Mike’s words, Haraus raised his eyelids and said with a frown,

“So it’s the respected God Slayer, sigh...

“Are you looking for the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh?”

Mike nodded with a smile.

The Legend of the Hero mission was very simple. Rescue Gilgamesh, the human hero, was a secret that everyone knew, but no one could accomplish it.

To be able to capture a human hero, one could imagine how difficult this mission was.

Seeing Mike nod his head, Haraus continued,

“Lord God Slayer, you may not know this, but Lord Gilgamesh is... missing...”

Haraus’s words were a little slurred.

This was reasonable. After all, the disappearance of the King of Heroes was something that could not be spread around. He could only say that he was “missing”.

However, this was the process of the mission. Mike was well aware of it, so he patiently talked to Haraus.

Following this, Haraus said a lot of nonsense.

For example.

The King of Heroes used to be so heroic, and he had accomplished many battle achievements before he earned the title of the King of Heroes.

Also, Hero City used to be a happy city. There was a festive atmosphere everywhere, and everyone had smiles on their faces.

After the King of heroes disappeared, Hero City seemed to have been cursed. It was always cloudy, and everyone in the city had lost their smiles.

Of course, Mike only treated these words as a plot requirement.

In his memories, Hero City had always been like this. He had never seen a sunny day, and he had never seen any NPC who had a smile on their face.

At the end of the conversation, Haraus finally said the key sentence, “Sigh, if only the King of Heroes could come back.”

Hearing this, Mike smiled and asked,

“Is there anything I can help you with?”

Hearing this, Haraus said, “If it’s the God Slayer, he should be able to do it...”

This was a little different from Mike’s memory.

In Mike’s memory, when players responded as he did, the answer they would get was, “How can a little adventurer like you help?”

Adventurer was how NPCs addressed players.

Perhaps because of the NPCs’ respectful attitude toward Mike, a small change had occurred, but overall, it did not have much of an impact.

“If you can find the King of Heroes, the entire Hero City will thank you!”

At this moment, a dialog box appeared in front of Mike.

It was golden!

[Do you wish to accept the quest, Legend of the Hero?]

Mike immediately chose “Yes”.

A hint of excitement appeared on Haraus’s face, though he was mostly still frowning,

“That’s great. If you’re willing to look for Lord King of Heroes, I can provide you with a clue.

“I heard that someone once saw Lord King of Heroes go to the Swamp Forest!”

Mike smiled and nodded, then left directly.

There was no need to continue the conversation.

The next step was obvious to everyone in Second World.

That was to go to the Swamp Forest dungeon.

The requirements were very strict. The player could not suffer any damage throughout the entire journey!

For other players, this was a huge challenge.

However, for Mike, it was not difficult at all.

If one had to compare, going to the kindergarten three streets away to pick up his aunt’s child was probably more difficult.

However, after leaving the Hall of Heroes, Mike did not directly head toward the Swamp Forest.

He wanted to go to a special place first, the mysterious shop.

The mysterious shop often sold some unusual things.

However, this was not a place that ordinary people could go. If someone were to enter the shop and took a look at the list, a “ticket” would be required.

Payments were necessary regardless of whether they were making a purchase or not!

Hence, if one was not rich, they would rarely visit the shop. It was too expensive!

Although Mike had never been here before, he was still a 30-year-old gamer. Thus, he was familiar with the location of the mysterious shop.

It was a rundown grocery store in the corner of Hero City.

Looking at this rundown grocery store, Mike’s heart was filled with waves of emotions.

In his previous life, he had passed by this place countless times, but he had never thought of going in to take a look.

Such a high consumption place was never something he could afford.

However, in this life, he could!

Mike went forward and knocked on the door, and an old voice came from inside, “Who are you looking for?”

Mike smiled and replied, “I’m here to take a look at the goods.”

This was the secret code of the mysterious shop, and it was also a secret known by everyone in Second World.

Once this was said, you would have to pay for the “ticket” to enter, and then you would be able to see the real goods in the mysterious shop.

If you went in directly without saying the secret code, you would only be able to buy ordinary goods like life potion, and it was of a low level.

It fit the image of a rundown grocery store very well.

After Mike said this, a dialog box immediately appeared in front of him.

[Please pay 1 gold coin for the ticket.]