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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: 1,000 Damage per Slash!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just as everyone thought that Mike was going to attack the priest, Mike charged at the ice mage.

Hands raised, slash!


A huge number appeared above the ice mage’s head.

The ice mage turned into white light instantly and resurrected.

At this moment, the other 14 people stopped moving.

‘1000 damage?’

‘What happened?’

However, although they stopped, Mike did not.

He slashed again at the fire mage next to him.


The same damage, the same attack, the same ending.

The fire mage turned into white light and resurrected.

At this moment, the remaining people looked at Mike as if they were looking at a monster.

Mike turned his head and looked at the knight, smiling.

“Why are you protecting the priest?

“Do you think that after I attack, the priest will still have a chance to heal?”

Hearing this, the knight was stunned.


In a normal team battle, the priest would be prioritized for protection, because as long as the priest was alive, he could heal the fighters continuously.

However, would this be of any use to Mike?


Because, no matter who it was, they would not be able to withstand Mike’s left hand attack.

Instant kill with a slash, how could they heal?

Mike held the knife in his left hand and slowly picked up the equipment dropped by the two mages.

A pair of cloth shoes and a staff.

Then, he looked at Cold Shot with a smile.

Facing Mike’s smile, Cold Shot shivered.

In his eyes, Mike was like a demon!

Fear appeared in Cold Shot’s heart. He finally understood that God Slayer was not an existence that they could deal with!

They were not on the same level!

The thought of retreating appeared in Cold Shot’s mind.

However, it was too late.


Another slash.

Cold Shot’s head and body were split into two. His entire head flew up high, and a large amount of blood spurted out from the broken part of his neck.

In the next moment, Cold Shot’s corpse turned into white light and disappeared.

Meanwhile, the others had finally woken up from their shock.

“Run!” The knight suddenly shouted, and the others immediately ran in all directions.

Mike did chase after them. These people were just small characters, he did not care about them at all.

He picked up the equipment dropped from Cold Shot, it was a revolver.

Only then did Mike reveal a look of surprise.

He did not expect this to be a level 10 blue weapon. Its attack power was 12 points. It was slightly stronger than the iron sword that Mike had obtained previously.

As for the staff, it was a level 5 green weapon. It was not valuable, but he could keep it for now.

After all, Mike could use all kinds of weapons. Before he had a better staff to replace it, Mike would not abandon the staff. He might be able to use it if he kept it.

After dealing with these “assassins”, Mike left the place and continued his journey toward Hero City.


Hero City, a level 20 main city for humans.

This city was a small city and was incomparable to City of Light and Victory City.

The City of Light was the first city that humans entered after leaving the novice village, it was also the king’s base camp.

Victory City was also a big city, and players after level 30 would usually stay there for a long time.

However, Hero City was different.

A level 20 main city was a transitional existence in the eyes of the players.

However, this did not mean that Hero City did not have any special features.

The most special feature of Hero City was the Legend of the Hero quest.

Both the old and new players had heard of this quest.

Even teachers in the school had mentioned it a few times because this quest was too famous.

“The hardest mission in Second World!”

At this time, Mike had already arrived at Hero City, and his level had reached level 20.

He did not do anything on purpose. All he did was head toward the monster piles while he was on the way to Hero City.

He was the exact opposite of other players.

Other players would try their best to avoid monsters when they were on the road.

However, Mike tried his best to find monsters.

Anyway, all he had to do was walk through the monsters, and the monsters would “commit suicide” by attacking Mike.

Moreover, Mike had now taken off all his equipment, leaving only his weapon.

Because the equipment would increase Mike’s defense, it would then reduce the amount of damage that the monsters could deal.

This way, the damage of the rebound skill would also be reduced by a great deal, which would affect the efficiency of the monsters’ “suicide”.

In the future, Mike would only wear the three-piece vampiric set when fighting monsters who dealt magical damage.


After entering Hero City, Mike went straight to the Hall of Heroes.

At the entrance of the Hall of Heroes stood an officer named Haraus.

In his memory, he always had a miserable look on his face.

Mike came in front of Haraus with ease and took the initiative to ask,

“Hello, I would like to ask if the human King of Heroes is here?”

This was the secret code to start the Legend of the Hero mission!