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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Most Difficult Mission That No One Had Ever Completed, the Legend of the Hero!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When he arrived at the entrance of the dyeing mill, Mike subconsciously pushed with his hand.

Then, his right hand passed through the gate of the dyeing mill.

At this moment, Mike was slightly stunned.

In fact, his behavior seemed very strange to others.

The entrance design of the dyeing mill was hollow. There was no need to push the door, one could just walk in easily.

However, Mike acted this way because if he walked in directly, he would hit a wall.

He knew that there was an invisible air wall in the dyeing mill, which prevented Mike from entering.

Except for this time, the air wall had disappeared, and Mike got in!

With a smile on his face, Mike stepped into the dyeing mill.

At the sight of Mike, Evelyn still had a disgusted expression as she asked, “What are you doing here!”

It seemed as if there was no room for discussion, but Mike knew that they could hold a proper conversation.

The fact that he was able to enter was the best proof.

Mike smiled and said, “Miss Evelyn, I don’t have any ill intentions. I’m just running errands for someone. Doesn’t it seem appropriate for you to treat me like this?”

Mike used a reasoning method to communicate.

Although the NPCs in Second World would be affected by the system rules, such as relationships and camps.

However, each of them was like a living person and had their own way of thinking.

Therefore, Mike’s words had caused Evelyn to waver.

These words were indeed very reasonable.

Mike was just doing things for others. Even if Evelyn felt disgusted, she should not take it out on Mike.

It was very impolite!

Then, Evelyn’s tone softened a little, and said,

“I’m sorry, Lord God Slayer, my attitude may have been a little extreme...”

Hearing this, Mike smiled again.

‘Very good, we can talk.’

Next, Mike took out the diary from his backpack and handed it to Evelyn,

“This is something that the chief of the novice village’s father wants to give to Lady Tiffany.”

Evelyn glanced at the diary and hesitated for a moment. She did not take it.

Mike raised his eyebrows and smiled. “What’s wrong? Shouldn’t Lady Tiffany be the one who decides whether or not she wants to read this diary?”

Mike’s message was very clear. He wanted Evelyn to take the diary. Once she took it, his mission would be completed.

However, Evelyn still refused to accept the diary. She sighed and said, “You’re right. This should be left to my grandmother’s decision, but...”

At this point, she paced back and forth and hesitated for a moment before saying, “But my grandmother is... not in the City of Light right now.”

“Where is she then?” Mike asked with a smile.

“Victory City.”

Mike nodded and left the dyeing mill.

The next step of this quest was evident. He had to go to Hero City.

However, Victory City was a level 30 main city. That was the main problem.

In other words, Mike could not go there for the time being. Or rather, it was meaningless to go there.

Mike vaguely sorted out his current situation.

He could not complete the Lover mission for the time being. He needed to go to Victory City to continue.

For the time being, the Missing Princess mission could not be done either. he had no clues.

Mike rubbed his hair. He suddenly felt that he had nothing to do.

Level 15, what could he do?

Mike thought for a long time and suddenly thought of an interesting mission.

A mission that no one in the world had completed yet.

Legend of The Hero!

This mission that no one in the world had completed yet did not mean now.

It referred to 30 years into the future before Mike transmigrated.

No one had completed this mission before or in the next 30 years.

Because this mission was too difficult.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was the most difficult mission in the entire Second World.

However, the mission reward was very generous.

Legend had it that the reward given by this mission was enough to shock the entire Second World!

When he thought of this mission, a smile appeared on Mike’s face.

In his previous life, let alone completing this mission, he did not even dare to think about it.

If so many famous big shots could not complete it, how could he, Inconspicuous Dirt, do it?

However, his previous life was in the past and now he had his current life.

The current him was a player with an SSS-grade talent. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was the player with the most potential in the world.

Of course, he was only the player with the most potential.

If Mike were to fight against a high-level wizard in the big region, he would still be instantly killed.

At the moment, he did not have any methods to deal with magic attacks.

However, this was the new region. Everyone had to start from scratch.

So far, it seemed that the strongest player in the new region was Mike.

However, it was only for now. Mike had to make plans for the future.

If he could complete Legend of the Hero, it might bring Mike a huge upgrade.

After thinking about it, Mike made a decision.

‘Let’s go and do the Legend of the Hero mission!’