My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Good at Learning (God-Level Passive Enhancement): Experience Gain Increased by 100%

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In the classroom, while most people were immersed in their own emotions, there were still a few people who paid attention to Mike’s talent test.

Teacher Peter was paying attention.

Blair and his little underlings were paying attention.

Mike’s good friend, little fat Tom, was also paying attention.

The difference was that Blair and his friends hoped that Mike would get a horrible talent.

Teacher Peter and Tom hoped that Mike would get better talent so that he would not have to live a hard life in the future.

Suddenly, the machine made a beep sound.

A line of words appeared on the screen.

[D-grade talent, Slight Passive Enhancement]

When they saw this line of words, a hint of worry appeared on Teacher Peter and little fat Tom’s faces.

Meanwhile, Blair and the others revealed mocking smiles.

“Trash will always be trash. He can only live as rubbish for the rest of his life.”


In the white space, Mike was deeply shocked.

‘Did I hear it wrongly just now?

‘SSS-grade talent? God-level Passive Enhancement???’

However, no one answered his question.

The electronic voice continued sending out notifications.

“Please enter your username and choose your race.”

The so-called username was the ID in the game.

After choosing your username, your identity would be hidden from others. They could only see your username.

Mike pondered in silence for a moment.

In his previous life, when he found out that he had a D-grade talent, he gave himself a self-deprecating username, Inconspicuous Dirt.

His future life was very fitting of his username, completely inconspicuous.

However, in this life, he had obtained an SSS-grade talent, so he naturally would not reuse the name.

“My username is God Slayer. Race: Human Race.”

“Username ‘God Slayer’ can be used. Are you sure you want to use it?”

“I’m sure!”

After confirming the username, Mike became a little excited.

Once he entered his username, he would then have successfully registered.

In this pure white space, he could check his panel of properties to confirm whether he had really obtained an SSS-grade talent.

“Check my stats!” Mike muttered to himself.

Then, a piece of the statistics panel appeared in front of Mike.

[ID: God Slayer]

[Race: Human]

[Attack: 10]

[Mana: 5]

[Agility: 10]

[Defense: 10]

[Spirit: 10]

[Movement Speed: 100]


These stats were common to Level 1 human players. It was the same for everyone.

Something worth mentioning was that each race had different passive skills.

The passive skill of the human race was being good at learning.

[Good at Learning (passive): experience gain increased by 5%]

It was only a 5% increase. It may not have much use in the beginning, but it would be of great importance in the later stages.

The rate of leveling up would be higher than players of other races.

After Mike saw his race’s passive skill, he fell into silence.

[Good at Learning (god-level passive enhancement): experience gained increased by 100%]

At this moment, Mike was ecstatic and was rendered speechless. He just stood there silently.

‘SSS-grade talent, it’s real!

‘God-level Passive Enhancement!!!’

The original increase in experience was only 5%. After being enhanced by Mike’s SSS-grade talent, it actually became 100%!

In other words, Mike’s leveling speed was twice as fast as others!

This was an extremely powerful advantage. Just this skill alone was enough for Mike to attract the federation’s attention!

His achievements would soar and he would also be heavily nurtured!

Thinking of this, Mike took two deep breaths in an attempt to adjust his emotions.

Although this was his first time experiencing such a good thing in life, he still quickly regulated his emotions and calmed down.

After all, he was a man who had completely experienced life.

At the age of 18, he had a mature body and a soul that had experienced life.

Young people laughed when they were happy, cried when they were sad, and would turn red when they were angry.

They did not know how to manage and hide their emotions.

However, Mike’s grief and anger were not written on his face.

Joy was something he definitely would not express.

After adjusting his emotions, his face was as calm as water. No one could tell what he was thinking.

He used his mind to summon the game control board and chose to quit the game.

The next moment, his eyes opened.

Mike woke up from the talent test, sat up slowly, and left the “bed”.

Peter’s face was full of regret.

His good friend, Tom, was looking down, unable to face Mike directly.

On the other hand, Blair and the others were gloating.

Seeing this scene, Mike raised his eyebrows slightly.

‘Why is everyone acting weird? Why is it completely different from what I’ve imagined?’

He turned his head to look at the screen on the talent testing machine.

[D-grade talent – Slight Passive Enhancement]

Seeing this line of words, Mike finally understood.

It turned out that his Mother Earth’s blessing was undetected by the machine.

After knowing this news, a smile appeared on Mike’s face.

To him, this did not seem like a bad thing!