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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Strongest Unprofessional Player in History Was Born!

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Under Mike’s lead, they cleared the dungeon several more times. They only stopped when Mike had reached level 15.

It was worth mentioning that amongst the several clearances, one of them even dropped a level 10 blue pistol.

Super Rich was very excited. He immediately spent 10,000 federation coins to buy this pistol.

At this time, although Super Rich and his members had not reached level 15, almost all of them were already wearing green equipment.

To them, there was actually no need to continue clearing the dungeon.

At least they no longer needed Mike’s help to clear the dungeon anymore.

Moreover, Mike also did not want to continue clearing the dungeon. He had other things to do now.

Therefore, Mike took the initiative and said,

“It’s almost time for dinner, let’s stop here. If there’s a chance for cooperation in the future, let’s contact each other then.”

Super Rich was naturally very willing.

At first, he still regarded Mike as his competitor, but now he regarded Mike as an important network and ally.

After all, their positions had changed. Now, Mike and he had a mutually beneficial relationship. The two had common interests, so of course, they could be considered allies.

The two of them said their goodbyes in a friendly manner. After Mike posted a post on the forum, he left Second World.

Returning to his room, Mike checked his account.

There was a total of more than 40,000 federation coins in his account now.

Compared to his previous self, this was a huge sum of money. It was an astronomical figure!

After all, in Mike’s former life, when he was 18 years old, his monthly living expenses were only about 150 federation coins.

A cheap meal might not even cost one federation coin.

Except now, he made such a large sum of money in just half a day.

If it were anyone else, they would be screaming with excitement and would have gone out to spend lavishly.

However, Mike did not.

He knew he would make more money in the future, and that this sum of money was just a small figure to the current Mike.

Moreover, he had something to use this money for, so he could not spend it recklessly.

He simply ordered a decent take-out, and about half an hour later, Mike returned to Second World.

At this time, he already had 12 gold coins in his backpack.

100 copper coins equaled 1 silver coin and 100 silver coins equaled 1 gold coin.

Mike could only earn 5 to 6 silver coins at most by clearing the Spider Cave.

So where did he get these 12 gold coins?

The answer was simple.

Mike bought them!

He posted a trading post before he went offline, but this time, instead of selling things, he was purchasing instead.

Using federation coins to buy silver coins!

1 federation coin to buy 1 silver coin. In just half an hour, he had already spent more than 1,000 federation coins!

This price was actually higher than the current market price for game coins, but Mike did not care at all.

Because he needed the game coins now, and it was a waste of time to earn the game coins himself.

He could still earn money, and he even had many ways to earn it.

However, time was very precious.

With the gold coins, Mike immediately set off for the City of Light.

He was going to use these gold coins!


The City of Light, in the corner of a shabby bar, sat a middle-aged man who looked very down and out.

At this moment, Mike had already arrived in front of this middle-aged man.

“Hello, I want to learn a skill.” Mike smiled.

The middle-aged man raised his eyelids to look at Mike, and he nodded somewhat excitedly,

“Respected Lord God Slayer, what do you want to learn?”

Then, a list appeared in front of Mike.

That’s right, this middle-aged man named Allen was an NPC, a sharpshooter class instructor.

Mike familiarly pulled the skill list to the bottom and found the skill he wanted.

[Gun mastery: learn how to use a firearm weapon and increase 1% firearm damage.]

[Learning fee: 50 silver coins.]

Mike paid without hesitation and turned to leave.

Allen took the initiative to ask, “Lord God Slayer, don’t you plan to change your class to sharpshooter? If you succeed in changing your class, you can learn a lot of powerful skills!”

Mike smiled and waved his hand, “No thanks.”

After saying that, Mike immediately left the bar. Vaguely, Allen could be heard shouting to the bartender in the bar behind him, “Another glass of rum!”


The City of Light training field.

A man who was carrying a large sword stood by the roadside. Mike walked toward him.

“Hello, I want to learn a skill,” Mike said with a smile.

Similarly, Mike skillfully pulled the skill list to the bottom and learned a passive skill. He rejected the class change invitation and left.

After that, Mike went to many places and learned many skills.

20 minutes later, Mike’s skill list had undergone an earth-shattering change.

[Gun mastery (god-tier passive enhancement) could be used skillfully with firearm weapons and increase firearm damage by 100%.]

[Tachi mastery (god-tier passive enhancement) could be used skillfully with tachi weapons and increase the damage of tachi weapons by 100%.]

[Boxing mastery (god-tier passive enhancement) could be used skillfully with boxing weapons and increase the damage of the boxing weapons by 100%.]

[Magic mastery (god-tier passive enhancement) could be used skillfully with all kinds of magic and increase the damage of magic by 100%.]

Other than that, there were many other things...

In other words, Mike had already learned how to use all classes of weapons!

The strongest unprofessional player in history was born!