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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Spending Money to Gain Experience

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Super Rich’s expression was extremely unsightly at this moment.

That was because he had lost his breastplate when he was killed by the spider.

Although it was only a level 5 green equipment, he had spent money to buy it. Now, he had actually lost it for nothing!

He swept a glance at the other four people. Each of them had more or less lost some of their equipment.

This time, not only did they not gain anything, they even lost a few pieces of equipment!

It was a huge loss!

Having encountered such a situation, Super Rich’s expression naturally became ugly. The others did not dare to say anything.

Super Rich could not figure out how God Slayer did it. He could actually clear Spider Cave alone.

That was a total of 30 spiders!

Just as he was in a state of confusion, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them.

Mike came out.

The few of them subconsciously looked at the equipment on Mike’s body. He lost nothing!

In other words...

“You cleared the dungeon again?” Super Rich asked.

In fact, his question was complete nonsense.

Because Mike’s level had risen again.

To obtain the dungeon’s reward, one had to clear it. Since Mike had leveled up, it meant that he had cleared the dungeon.

Hearing this, Mike nodded slightly, then looked at the people in front of him, raised his eyebrows and asked,

“You guys... entered the Spider Cave?”

With this question, Super Rich was stunned, unable to say a word.

‘Embarrassing, too embarrassing!’

Others could solo clear the Spider Cave, but all five of them died in it.

Super Rich’s expression was very ugly, but Mike revealed a smile.

He was neither mocking Super Rich nor was he gloating. He was smiling because he had business again.

“I have some ordinary goods here. Are you interested?”

Hearing this, Super Rich’s expression became even uglier.

He had lost a lot of equipment, but God Slayer had gained a lot of loot.

Such a comparison was really infuriating!

However, although he felt uncomfortable, the cooperation still had to continue.

This was beneficial to Super Rich. He needed to buy equipment after all.

This time, Mike only brought out five pieces of green equipment.

There was still some white equipment that Mike did not pick up. He did not like them, and Super Rich probably did not like them either, so there was no need to collect them.

Super Rich looked at the equipment, and the two of them discussed the price. He sold them for 2,000 federation coins.

The last time, Super Rich was able to offer a price as high as 10,000 federation coins was mainly because Mike had a level 10 blue weapon. This time, there was only green equipment, so the price was naturally not as high.

Of course, it was still very profitable for Mike.

After the transaction was completed, Mike smiled lightly and was about to enter the Spider Cave again.

However, Super Rich spoke up,

“God Slayer, I want to pay you to take us to clear dungeons.”

Mike was slightly stunned. He turned around and looked at Super Rich in confusion.

Super Rich explained, “It’s faster to level up from clearing dungeons than completing quests. Moreover, I can see that you’re clearing dungeons faster than ordinary people. I’m just spending money to buy EXP.”

Mike did not answer immediately. He was hesitating.

After all, he himself also needed to level up. If he brought Super Rich Man and the others along, the amount of experience that he could obtain would be reduced to one-fifth.

Super Rich also saw through Mike’s thoughts and continued, “Don’t worry. I will give you a satisfactory price. Moreover, all the loots are yours. I will pay you for what I want.”

His message was clear. He was really spending money to buy experience.

Mike hesitated for a moment and agreed.

“If the price is right, then I don’t mind, but I have a condition...”

Super Rich quickly said, “Just say it.”

Mike nodded slightly and continued, “The condition is that you are not allowed to go anywhere after entering the dungeon. I don’t want others to know how I cleared this dungeon.”

These words sounded a little obscure. It was easy for people to misunderstand and think that he had found a loophole in the game, and hence was able to clear this dungeon alone.

However, Super Rich still agreed.

Being born in a merchant family, he was very clear that everyone had their own secrets. Cooperation meant cooperation, there was no need to be curious.

Moreover, Super Rich was not interested in it. He just wanted to level up.

The two of them hit it off.

Each time, Mike would bring four people into the dungeon and clear the dungeon. Super Rich would pay him 200 federation coins and the loot would be counted separately.

The other person would wait outside and take turns to enter the dungeon. This way, they could ensure that their party’s level would be equal.

This time, it was the priest who waited outside. The other four people entered the Spider Cave with Mike.

As soon as they entered, Mike immediately rushed forward. Super Rich and the others followed their agreement and stayed put. They just stood there and watched quietly.

They wanted to see how the famous God Slayer would deal with this first wave of monsters.

However, an unexpected scene happened.

They saw that Mike did not stop when he reached the first fork in the road. Instead, he continued rushing forward.

The five spiders at the first intersection were attracted by Mike’s hostility and followed immediately.

The few people at the dungeon entrance were dumbfounded.

‘Is God Slayer trying to die?

‘If he continued forward, he will encounter the second wave of monsters. Is it possible for him to deal with ten spiders at the same time?!’