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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: An SSS-Grade Player’s Fighting Style!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mike stood in the middle of the road and was surrounded by spiders!

The six ferocious spiders that surrounded him continuously attacked him with their front claws.

Meanwhile, another five poisonous spiders sprayed venom continuously.

At this moment, Mike’s entire body had turned green as he had been poisoned several times. He was also losing 5 HP every second.

Each poisonous spider could stack a poison debuff on Mike, but the same spider’s poison debuff would not be stacked regardless of how many times it sprayed poison. Therefore, the poison debuff on Mike’s body could only total up to a maximum of five.

As a consequence, Mike was losing 5 HP per second. However, a casual attack from him would instantly fully recover his HP.

Although the surrounding ferocious spiders looked scary and attacked constantly, each attack was blocked by Mike.

At this moment, a ferocious spider behind Mike suddenly attacked Mike’s back, but Mike seemed to have eyes on his back. He suddenly raised his right hand, and the iron sword stretched from his shoulder to his back, accurately blocking the attack.

In fact, Mike was not aware that there was a spider attacking him from behind. It was all due to his insanely powerful passive skills!

100% blockage of physical attacks, in addition to that, he could counter-attack the enemy!

Soon, the fierce spiders around Mike died one after another. Almost all of them were killed by their own attacks.

However, as soon as they fell, the spiders behind them would swarm in and continue to attack Mike.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely not be able to hold on. However, Mike handled it easily.

The only things that could reduce his HP were the poison debuff on his body and the venom that would be occasionally sprayed toward him. The venom was not a physical attack, so he could not black it. However, Mike was not concerned. After all, he had the three-piece HP recovery set.

After spending a full five minutes, the surrounding ferocious spiders were all dead.

There were only a few green poisonous spiders left. As Mike could not block these spider’s attacks, he could only go forward and personally attack them.

After another three minutes, the poisonous spiders were all dead, and Mike’s HP was still full. Only the poison debuff was still active, but it did not matter. It would disappear in a few seconds.

Looking at the spider corpses on the ground, Mike revealed a satisfied smile.

This was the difficult part of the dungeon. With 30 spiders appearing at the same time, it would be difficult for a five-man party to handle them.

In the memories of his previous life, there were many ways to fight in this dungeon.

One of them was for five people to deal with six spiders and fight them head-on.

Another way was to immediately retreat and turn left at the previous intersection. Using the narrow terrain of the intersection, the spiders would not be able to attack the players at the same time. However, this way of fighting was not easy either.

Mike, on the other hand, had easily completed the most difficult area by himself.

The only thing left was the boss. It was not difficult even for a normal five-man party, Mike could naturally handle it easily.

He continued deeper into the cave. In front of him was a room-like large cave.

Although the space was very wide before, it could only be considered a tunnel at most.

After arriving at the cave, Mike raised his head slightly.

The mother of spiders was lying on the top of the cave. As long as Mike took one more step forward, he would attract the mother of spiders’ hatred and the battle would start.

However, Mike did not walk forward. Instead, he circled around the mother of spiders.

He wanted to do something that ordinary players could never understand, draw out the father of spiders!

After circling around for half a circle, Mike came to the opposite side of the entrance. The walls here looked no different from the surroundings. It could even be said that they were exactly the same, all covered by the spider web.

However, all the players knew that behind the spider web in front of Mike was actually not a wall, but a small cave.

Mike raised his iron sword and forcefully sliced through the spider web in front of him.

Without the spider webs blocking his vision, the cave immediately appeared in front of Mike.

There were three large male spiders inside, staring at Mike with their red compound eyes.

Shua Shua Shua.

The three fathers of spiders rushed at Mike in unison.

Mike smiled slightly and took a few steps back.

In the next moment, a shadow suddenly appeared on the ground under his feet, and the shadow continued to grow.

It was the mother of spiders!

The father of spiders was already considered huge, it was 1 meter tall.

Yet the mother of spiders was actually 2 meters tall, even taller than Mike who was 1.8 meters tall!

Even the students who had never logged into Second World had heard from their teachers that they must not attract the father of spiders’ hatred in the Spider Cave.

The reason being it was impossible for a five-man party to defeat four bosses.

Of course, if the party’s level was already very high, they would definitely be able to defeat them. However, at that level, they would have chosen to go to an advanced dungeon instead. There was no need for them to go to a level 10 dungeon like the Spider Cave.

Therefore, normal people would not fight like this.

However, Mike could!

That was an SSS-grade player’s fighting style!