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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: The Novice’s Grave, Spider’s Lair

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Hearing this, Mike was slightly stunned at first but then came to a realization.

‘So Tiffany was Evelyn’s grandmother!’

If that was the case, then everything made sense.

In the past, the owner of the dyeing mill was indeed Tiffany, and the information provided by the village chief’s father was correct.

Thinking of this, Mike felt relieved. He smiled and said,

“Yes, I was asked by the village chief of the novice village to deliver something.”

After saying that, he proceeded to take out the diary.

However, Evelyn suddenly displayed a loathful expression and said,

“I’m sorry, please go out. You are not welcome here!”

In the next moment, an irresistible force pushed Mike out of the dyeing mill.

When he tried to enter the dyeing mill again, he could not get in.

It was as if there was an invisible air bar at the entrance of the dyeing mill.

Mike was dumbfounded. ‘Why was this mission so troublesome?

‘Wasn’t it just a delivery?’

Looking at the dyeing mill in front of him, Mike frowned and took his leave.

He was certain that he did not do anything strange, and Evelyn’s reaction was definitely not his fault.

This was most likely the plot of the mission. After all, the mission did not indicate failure, which meant that there was still a chance to turn things around.

In that case, it was unnecessary for Mike to continue focusing on this matter. He just needed to come again next time when he was free.

Now, he had a lot of things to do!

For example, the dungeon that was called the novice’s grave in his previous life, Spider’s Lair!

In Mike’s memories, this dungeon could be described as infamous.

The reason was very simple, because it was too difficult!

Though it was obviously a level 10 dungeon, the benchmark to clear the dungeon was five players that were above level 15.

Wasn’t this kind of difficulty equivalent to bullying a newbie?

In his previous life, Mike had first cleared Spider’s Lair when he was level 20. Since he could not afford good equipment, he could only wait until level 20 to complete the dungeon.

Although the green fine equipment was only slightly better than the white normal equipment, it was still not something Mike could afford.

However, things were all different in this life.

With Block and Rebound, Mike was very confident in himself.

With an SSS-grade talent, Mike neither had to wait till level 15 nor form a team. He could clear Spider’s Lair alone!

Nonetheless, even if he wanted to form a party, he could not find a teammate. After all, the other players were still in the novice village.

The Spider’s Lair dungeon was not far from the City of Light. If he set off from the south gate, it would take him five minutes to arrive.

Immediately, Mike left the City of Light and headed straight for the Spider’s Lair from the south gate.

There were no monsters near the City of Light, so Mike had a smooth journey to the dungeon.

About five minutes later, a cave filled with spider webs appeared in front of Mike.

This was the entrance to the Spider’s Lair.

Mike smiled and was about to enter when a soft shout came from not far away.

“Eh, someone is ahead of us?”

Hearing this, Mike turned around.

It was actually a fully armed level 10 five-man party!

Mike scanned them head to toe. He could see one or two pieces of green equipment on each person.

In an instant, he understood.

It seemed that there were rich people among them...

Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to obtain all these fine equipment by themselves. It was evident that money was spent.

Among the five-man team, the player at the front also sized up Mike. Then, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Because he found that Mike’s equipment were all excellent quality blue equipment.

It was even better than theirs!

One had to know that early-stage blue equipment was extremely rare. It was something that could not be bought with money.

In an instant, this player named Super Rich wanted to take the initiative to talk to Mike.

He wanted to ask Mike if he was willing to sell these equipment!

However, just as he took a step forward, a player beside him pulled him back.

“Young master, look at his ID.”

That player whispered in Super Rich’s ear.

Super Rich heard him and looked up, slightly stunned.

“You are... God Slayer???”

“That’s me.” Mike nodded.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere changed.

In Super Rich’s mind, God Slayer had long been his competitor.

However, he figured he could use money to make up for the gap between himself and the God Slayer.

Super Rich looked Mike up and down, and as if he had made up his mind, he gritted his teeth and asked,

“Would you be willing to sell these equipment to me? I will definitely give you a very satisfactory price.”

Making a trade request to his competitor was the best way to close the gap.

Lowering the other party’s strength while increasing his own. Through this, the gap would not be as evident.

At most, he would just spend more money. After all, he was loaded.

However, Mike waved his hand and said,

“I have something important to do now. Let’s talk about it next time.”

Super Rich was about to say something when he saw Mike directly walk into the hole in front of him.

He was instantly stunned.

‘What was going on?

‘God Slayer actually entered the dungeon alone?!

‘Was he not are that this dungeon was known as a newbies’ grave?’