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My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Strange Quest

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In the meantime, all the major platforms on the internet were filled with the same news.

“A mysterious player, God Slayer, has appeared in the new region. On his first day, he has already successfully killed a wild boss!”

“The NPCs in the novice village are especially respectful towards God Slayer. What is the reason behind that?”

“God Slayer has sold 90 excellent pieces of iron ores on the first day of the new region. Where did such a large number of resources come from?”


A variety of events appeared in people’s sights, but every news related to the new region had something to do with Mike!

Usually, people would rarely pay attention to the matters in the new region.

Everyone was very busy. Whether it was in the real world or the Second World, they were occupied.

However, today was December 31st after all. It was the first day of the new region’s opening. There would be a lot of bright new people emerging.

It was almost habitual for everyone to pay attention to the new region at this time of the year.

Though usually, news related to the new region would revolve around a few outstanding players. There would be a variety of blossoming talents.

However, this year, it was all taken over by God Slayer alone.

It was not that there were no other outstanding players, just that compared to Mike’s doings, the others were simply not worth mentioning.

Subconsciously, everyone could not help but wonder if this God Slayer had activated an S-grade mysterious talent.

In any case, other than a powerful talent skill, there was really no way to explain why God Slayer could do such incredible things.


At this moment, Edward, the principal of New York City’s first high school, was sitting in his office.

Naturally, he was aware of the information related to God Slayer that had caused a stir on the internet.

He smiled with satisfaction as he gently stroked his fluffy white beard.

There was no mistake. This God Slayer was definitely Delia from Class A this year!

After all, Delia had activated her S-grade talent!

Although Edward did not know how Delia managed to do these things, it was not important.

Other than an S-grade talent, there was no one else who was capable of doing it. As the principal, Edward had not heard of any news regarding another school producing an outstanding talent.

Therefore, God Slayer must be Delia!

Thinking of this, the smile on Edward’s face widened.

He was already looking forward to the assessment of the new students in three days. When that time came, as long as Delia’s identity as God Slayer was made public, then the reputation of New York City’s number one high school would definitely rise to a higher level!


Second World.

After walking for half an hour, Mike had already arrived at the City of Light.

At this moment, Mike was slightly dissatisfied.

In the big region, transportation between cities was very convenient. To travel to another city, all that was required was a small fee to fly on the Griffin, which was very fast.

These things had already been arranged by the big guilds. It was very convenient for the players, and it was also a considerable income for the big guilds.

For a 30-year-old veteran player like Mike, walking from one place to another was a waste of time.

Despite that, there was nothing he could do. After all, he was in the new region.

As for building transportation routes and fees collection, Mike might do it in the future, but not now.

Right now, he only needed to focus on one thing, and that was to increase his strength.

After entering the City of Light, Mike walked in the direction of the dyeing mill.

If it was in a big region, the City of Light would be a very lively place. Human players could be seen with every glance.

However, this was only the first day of the new region’s opening. Currently, Mike was the only one who was at the City of Light, thus the streets were a little chilly.

Along the way, although Mike was a little emotional, he felt that something was wrong.

His gut feeling told him something wrong with this mission, though he struggled to remember.

If it was a normal mission in the Second World, Mike would roughly know how to complete it.

However, this was a special mission. Mike might even be the first player to receive this mission, so everything was unknown.

Walking from the south gate of the City of Light to the dyeing mill, Mike took a deep breath and walked in.

“Hello, is Ms. Tiffany here?”

Mike pretended to ask naturally.

At this moment, behind the counter, a young woman sat up on a recliner and looked at Mike with a puzzled face.

Instantly, Mike’s eyes widened. He finally knew what was wrong!

The young woman in front of him was called Evelyn. She was the owner of the dyeing mill in the City of Light.

This was the mission sounded fishy!

In the diary of the village chief’s father, it clearly mentioned that Tiffany opened a dyeing workshop in the City of Light, but the owner of the dyeing mill in the City of Light was obviously a young woman named Evelyn!

‘Could the village chief’s father have mistaken due to his old age...’ Mike could not help but mutter in his heart.

If that was really the case, then this mission would be difficult.

To find an NPC named Tiffany in the huge Second World was as difficult as finding a needle in the sea.

Just as Mike was worrying, Evelyn frowned and asked,

“You... know my grandmother?”