My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 118 - : Can Humans and the Tree Spirits Be Friends Forever?

Chapter 118: Can Humans and the Tree Spirits Be Friends Forever?

At the sound of this question, the princess was obviously worried.

She even wondered if the question was secretly directed at the two of them.

However, the little tree spirit, Stone, still did not notice. It raised its hand excitedly and was eager to answer the question.

Nevertheless, Mike covered its mouth again.

The little tree spirit, Stone, looked back at Mike. This time, it did not have any doubts. Instead, it showed an expectant look.

Obviously, it had realized that it was about to give the wrong answer again.

‘So close. Fortunately, I have this friend here,’ thought Stone.

However, this time, Mike did not tell it the answer directly.

He was hesitating.

If Mike told it the correct answer, would Stone understand that the two people in front of him who looked completely different from him were two out-and-out liars?

If Stone understood this, what would it think?

Would it be very surprised or very, very sad…

Thinking of this, Mike suddenly felt a little stunned.

His first reaction was not to leave this place but to consider the feelings of the little tree spirit.

He did not like this side of himself, but this was the most sincere reaction from Mike’s heart.

‘Listen, Mike, this is just a game,’ Mike said to himself in his heart.

He took a deep breath and then said to the little tree spirit word by word,

“You shouldn’t trust them so easily, even if they have the Tree Spirit Village pass, because the fact that they look different from you is already a problem.”

When Mike said these words, he was observing the little tree spirit, Stone’s, expression.

He was worried that Stone would be stunned.

However, he thought too much.

Stone did not realize that something was fishy, instead, it quickly handed over the answer provided by Mike.

“I will not easily believe them, because they look different from me!”

Stone said this without the slightest hesitation, which made the princess completely relieved.

The old voice was silent again.

This silence made the little tree spirit, Stone, feel very expectant.

It hoped that it passed the test.

However, in the princess and Mike’s view, this silence was very difficult to endure.

They were a little worried that this mysterious old voice was familiar with their current situation.

They were worried that this old voice would tell Stone that the two guys behind you were scammers.

However, the old voice did not do so.

It slowly said,

“No matter what, you answered correctly. I should give you the right to leave the Tree Spirit Village.

“But, my child, I hope that you can remember today’s questions in your heart. This will allow you to protect yourself well in your future life.”

Little tree spirit, Stone, nodded excitedly. It turned to look at Mike and the princess.

“Did you hear that? We’ve succeeded. We can go and see the outside world!”

The princess was also affected by Stone’s emotions. She was a little excited.

She could finally go home.

However, Mike just smiled and did not seem overjoyed.

These questions made him feel very uncomfortable.

A simple-minded race wanted to leave the village and see the outside world. In order to do that, they had to go through some tests, which was very reasonable in Mike’s perspective.

However, Mike thought that the test would be something like a battle.

After all, these tree spirits would definitely face a battle when they went outside.

What he did not expect was that.

In the Tree Spirit Village’s test, human lies were more dangerous than fighting, the lies were deadlier, and needed more vigilance.

Mike even felt a little confused.

Could it be that he, or the players’ way of life, was completely wrong?

He could not get an answer to this question for the time being, even though he had lived for so long.

Not only him, but the entire human society would not be able to agree to an answer that would satisfy everyone.

If the players did not improve themselves in Second World, the battle in the future would cause the entire real world to fall into a great crisis.

However, if they chose to improve themselves, they would have to keep killing in Second World.

Mike was even curious.

The first tree spirit to leave the tree spirit village, was it attacked and deceived by the humans or other races, or did the tree spirit hurt the humans first.

Mike might never get an answer.

At this time, a green light from the pearl attracted Mike’s attention, pulling his thoughts back to his eyes.

The green light penetrated Stone’s body. Stone looked at its body curiously. It could feel some changes in its body.

The old voice continued,

“Child, you have obtained the right to leave the village. Go out and take a look.

“If you are tired of the outside world, you can come back at any time. The village will always welcome you.

“I hope you can protect yourself…”

The next moment, the orb emitted a strong light. This strong light prohibited them from having a clear view of their surroundings.

They did not know how much time had passed.

When they opened their eyes again, they had already returned to the ground by the pond.

The little tree spirit looked at Mike and said in disbelief,

“We… passed the test?”

Mike nodded and said,

“I think so.”

“Great!” the little tree spirit, Stone, jumped up excitedly. “Since that’s the case. Let’s go out and take a look!”

With that, it skipped to the edge of the village.

Mike and the princess looked at each other and followed the little tree spirit, Stone’s, footsteps.

Along the way, Stone talked to itself excitedly.

“Great, great, I can finally see the outside world.

“If it weren’t for you guys, I would have failed long ago.

“It’s great to be friends with you guys.

“When I get out, I will definitely visit your home!

“We will be best friends forever!”

The little tree spirit kept talking, but Mike did not say a word.

Obviously, the innocent little tree spirit did not realize that the two people behind it were not its own kind, but humans who had deceived it.

Mike did not know whether to tell Stone the truth nor did he know how to start the conversation.

Soon, they arrived at the edge of the village.

All the adult tree spirits greeted them along the way. They seemed to be able to feel the changes in the body of the little tree spirits, so they did not stop them. Instead, they showed a loving and respectful look.

Although they were all adults, they seemed to have never left the village.

They could do nothing but encourage the behavior of the little tree spirit, Stone.

As they walked further and further away from the village, the surroundings gradually became foggy, just as the princess had said.

However, the little tree spirit, Stone’s, body emitted a faint light.

This light dispersed the fog around them, allowing them to see the road ahead clearly.

Finally, they walked out of the thick fog and arrived at the Elwyn Forest.

Looking at the sky outside, Stone cried out in surprise.

“Is this the outside world? Everything is so… unbelievable!”

It turned its head, wanting to share its joy with Mike.

However, Mike showed a hesitant expression.

He thought for a moment and finally said,

“Stone, I think it’s time to tell you something.”