My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 117 - The Trials of the Tree Spirit Village, Lies and Innocence

Chapter 117: The Trials of the Tree Spirit Village, Lies and Innocence

Mike, the princess, and Stone walked forward.

This space had a special feeling, it was as if they were walking underwater.

However, there was obviously no water around them, and they could breathe easily.

After walking for a long time in this green environment, they finally saw a special pillar in front of them.

The pillar was not tall, only about 50 centimeters, and there was a light green ball on the pillar.

“Is that a test?” Mike asked.

The princess whispered, “Maybe.”

Stone echoed, “Yeah, yeah, maybe.”

Obviously, they did not have a definite answer, but Mike still decided to give it a try.

They gradually approached the pillar.

After they were at a certain distance, the ball suddenly emitted a green light.

Then, a voice sounded from the ball.

“This is the test of the Tree Spirit Village. Only after passing the test can one leave the Tree Spirit Village.”

The voice sounded very old, like an old wise man.

The little tree spirit, Stone, was a little excited and nervous.

It had finally seen the test it had been dreaming of.

As long as it passed this test, Stone could leave the village and see the outside world.

The old voice continued,

“Now, please put your hand on this green pearl.”

Stone did not find anything odd with this sentence, but Mike and the princess quietly looked at each other.

They were not sure if the old voice was talking about the little tree spirit, Stone, or the three of them.

Therefore, Mike took the initiative to bend down and pick up Stone.

“What are you doing?” Stone was slightly stunned when it saw its feet leave the ground.

Mike smiled and said,

“Since you want to leave this place so much, I’ll let you do the act of touching the pearl. It’ll be more ritualistic.”

The little tree spirit Stone heard this and brightened up again.

“That’s right, that’s right. I’ll do it.”

After saying that, it placed its hands on the green pearl.

The next moment, the green pearl seemed to have sensed the little tree spirit Stone’s hands. The light on the pearl flickered as if it was breathing.

Seeing this scene, the little tree spirit, Stone, was completely attracted to it.

However, Mike and the princess were a little nervous.

Although their pass could fool the simple-minded tree spirits.

It might not necessarily qualify them for the test.

This was also the reason why Mike wanted the little tree spirit to touch the pearl.

Soon, the old voice sounded again.

“You are a simple and kind tree spirit. Tree Spirit Village is proud of you.”

Stone laughed happily when it heard that.

“Yes, yes. We are simple and kind.”

Meanwhile, Mike and the princess could only smile awkwardly.

That was because the old voice should be referring to Stone, and not Mike and the princess.

The old voice continued.

“However, the outside world is still too complicated for you. You will likely encounter a lot of trouble if you leave the Tree Spirit Village, so you need to pass my test first.”

When the little tree spirit Stone heard this, it immediately said,

“Quickly start the test, quickly start the test.”

Obviously, it could not wait to leave the Tree Spirit Village.

Soon, the old voice raised a question.

“May I know, if a human said that he wants to borrow your fruit and promises to return it to you in 200 years, will you agree?”

The little tree spirit Stone did not think much and was about to excitedly say, “I agree.”

However, Mike quickly reached out his right hand and covered the little tree spirit’s mouth.

The little tree spirit was still held in the air by Mike, just that it was held with one hand.

It turned around and looked at Mike in confusion.

It obviously did not understand why Mike would stop it from answering the question.

Mike frowned and whispered into the little tree spirit’s ear,

“You can’t agree. It’s very difficult for a human to live up to 200 years. Obviously, that human is lying to you.”

When the little tree spirit heard this, it was greatly shocked.


It clearly did not expect that it to be a lie.

It had not done anything wrong. Why would that human lie to it?

Mike could feel Stone’s shock and doubt, but it was difficult for him to explain it clearly.

In fact, this was how the world was. Many people would deceive others for their own benefit.

Moreover, this kind of thing was obviously incomprehensible among the tree spirits.

Mike reminded him in a low voice,

“Quickly answer it. Say that you don’t agree.”

The little tree spirit hesitated for a moment and said loudly,

“I don’t agree!”

The old voice was silent for a moment before asking,


The small tree spirit Stone glanced at Mike and answered hesitantly,

“Because… because the lifespan of a human might not be that long. That human might be lying to me.”

The old voice was silent again.

Stone turned around and glanced at Mike. Its gaze showed some traces of uneasiness.

Though Stone still chose to believe Mike.

Because they were friends, Stone did not think that Mike would lie to it.

Soon, the old voice answered.

“I’m very surprised that you actually considered this. I don’t know whether I should be happy or sad, but your answer is right.”

The small tree spirit Stone’s eyes widened, obviously surprised that its answer was correct.

The old voice continued to speak.

“However, this is not the only test. You still need to continue answering.

“If a group of fully armed humans came to you and said that they wanted to make friends with you, what would you do?”

When the small tree spirit Stone heard this, it immediately became happy again.

It wanted to say that it liked making friends.

However, Mike stopped it again.

“You should quickly stay away from these humans,” Mike said calmly, but his heart was very uncomfortable.

He knew that this was very unreasonable, but it was very common.

He knew the answer clearly.

However, for the little tree spirit Stone, it was very strange.

Sure enough, the little tree spirit looked at Mike with confusion.

It did not understand.

Wasn’t it good that the other party wanted to make friends with it?

Why should it quickly escape from them?

Mike did not take the initiative to explain this, but Stone chose to believe Mike.

“I think I should get away from them as soon as possible.”

The old voice was silent again.

After a moment, the old voice said,

“Very good, I think you already know what’s going on outside, but I still have one last question to ask.”

The little tree spirit Stone nodded and said, “Ask, I will definitely answer correctly.”

The reason it was so confident was that Mike was helping it.

Stone believed that Mike would definitely be able to help it complete the test.

The old voice asked for the last time.

The question could not help but made the princess nervous.

“If there is a guy who looks completely different from you holding Tree Spirit Village pass, will you trust them?”